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The latest and greatest about all things TV from Maureen Ryan and Ryan McGee.

Talking TV With Ryan and Ryan Maureen Ryan and Ryan McGee

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The latest and greatest about all things TV from Maureen Ryan and Ryan McGee.

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4.5 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

Cjrumsey ,

Great Conversations

Even though Ryan is out on several shows I love, I very much enjoy the discussions. If thought provoking discussion of TV is your wheelhouse definitely check this out. I even enjoy it when they are discussing shows I have never watched and never will watch. Great!

ashblackburn ,

Great content

I really enjoy the content of this podcast, it's informative and insightful. The relationship between the two is a great mix of factual and fun. However Mo sounds like she downs a liter of milk then immediately records this.

rohina ,

Entertainment value varies

I generally like hearing Ryan and Ryan talk, and sometimes they have really awesome guests. However, occasionally they have horribly boring guests, like the last time they had Greenwald on, and Ryan M stopped talking altogether and Mo kind of went "uh huh" every now and again, and eventually I wanted to kill myself it was so dull.

On the other hand, when they had Tom from Tom and Lorenzo, it was champagne podcasting. So, a bit of a crapshoot.

Also, whoever is producing it needs to learn how some basic audio skills like making sure that the volume levels from both podcasters are the same. Often one Ryan is really loud and the other one is really soft, and there's no volume that is satisfactory for both.

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