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A weekly story-based podcast featuring unique and often hilarious moments with musical guests and everyone in between. Join Paula backstage at concerts and music festivals as well as in studio for a collection of stories heard nowhere else.

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A weekly story-based podcast featuring unique and often hilarious moments with musical guests and everyone in between. Join Paula backstage at concerts and music festivals as well as in studio for a collection of stories heard nowhere else.

    Billy Moon @riverfestelora

    Billy Moon @riverfestelora

    Alone, in the relative quiet of the podcast trailer, he too is quiet, thoughtful, reflective and open. This is one of the more powerful interviews I've done and I don't know if it's just indicative as my growth as a podcaster and interviewer or if I purely lucked out getting someone as intelligent and willing as Billy. 

    Either way, I hope you enjoy our talk. 

    Please find Billy's incredible work:



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    Gab Godon and Emma Beko are HeartStreets, and they are a game changer if I've ever been humbled enough to see such a thing live. Hailing from Montreal, where just so much great Canadian music rolls out of, these two make me proud to be a female in the music world. 
    SOCAN invited them to camp. This is a thing. It's a pretty exclusive songwriters camps we've been hearing about for a while now but I have yet to meet anyone who's been lucky enough to go. This place is the stuff of legends ya'll, a huge group of writers, some of the top producers in this country, all gathered and isolated deep in the Canuck woods for a solid week of sequestered writing and performance. Oh to be a fly on those tent walls. Or maybe cabins, yeah, probably cabins cause SOCAN can roll like that :)
    These two women are unassuming, down to earth, you wouldn't know walking through a crowd as they approached the stage they were about to literally blow the minds of everyone there. It's just them and a laptop. That's it. What they have created with this is nothing short of musical genius. This is the band to watch. 
    Great stories, great women, great time. Thank you both. Find them here and basically everwhere and of course Instagram 

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    From Kuwait with Love Wagon

    From Kuwait with Love Wagon

    Battle of the Bands @Ryerson winners Love Wagon

    • 12 min
    Steve Buscemi is a heckler

    Steve Buscemi is a heckler

    Not sure what this guy isn't up to these days but playing live shows again can be added to the incredible mix of managing bands like The National (you read that right). It was such an incredible night of solid Cuff the Duke fans revelling in their sudden return and new fans forged in the foggy, heady goodness of Koop Stage, Riverfest. 
    Then Wayne stepped into my trailer and told me what deems to be his favourite story. One all his friends know but one never shared publically before now. Feeling a little honoured here... no big deal.
    It's about Hayden, coincidentally the first live show I ever saw was Hayden, It was in St. Catharines in the 90's and yes, he did make everyone sit down for his shows then. 14-year-old Paula did so and loved, LOVED the talent that guy brought. So did Wayne. Years later they would work together closely and become friends, then Steve Buscemi became their friend. Kinda a big deal. 
    Hilarity and honestly some good parenting tips came outta this interview. 
    Find Cuff the Duke
    Find The National
    Find The Odd Years
    and then thank me later :)

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    Tattoos and Nancy Boys

    Tattoos and Nancy Boys

    Katrin Sawatzky, Jordan Gabriel and now AJ Johnson are Royal Castles. They sit down with me after their main stage show at Riverfest and get into stories, such great stories you guys. Tattoos in Majorca level good. It's a new level I'm coining here in honour of their storytelling abilities on this very episode. 

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    Magic Balcony Tree House, Motel Raphael

    Magic Balcony Tree House, Motel Raphael

    Motel Raphael: three women, Clara, Emily and Maya have much to say and sing. Please check them out, they are brilliant and talented and make me want to join a band immediately. 



    Twitter: @motelraphael

    One of my favourite quotes from the interview: Hello Kitty Nightmares.

    • 35 min

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4.1 out of 5
19 Ratings

19 Ratings

BCMaier ,

Driven By Stories and Personality

The stories you’ll find here by amazing musicians and comedians are just as fantastic and entertaining as the host! Just a really enjoyable listen!

catastrophe cat ,

So Fun!

I love how the podcast is recorded in a podcast-mobile made by Paula and family...She gives enough personal insights into her life like this one, to make you feel like you could be old friends... 'DJ Itchy' Bahhhaha! 😂 The artists seem relaxed and unguarded while they tell their stories. It works really well as an interview format. It would be a wet dream for fans of the musicians, but a totally fun trip for anyone who's interested in getting to know how others think and what they choose to talk about.

Irnie Irwin ,

Good times!

Paula's Podcasts are funny and whimsical. She has a way of bringing the best out of those she interviews. It's like sitting down for drinks with a good friend and letting the conversation flow. There is laughter and tears behind that kind of reminiscing.

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