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The 738am podcast is an interview based show featuring people from the world of arts, entertainment, literature and media in Ireland – and hopefully beyond. Hosted by Andrew Mangan.

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The 738am podcast is an interview based show featuring people from the world of arts, entertainment, literature and media in Ireland – and hopefully beyond. Hosted by Andrew Mangan.

    Episode 68 - Dee Woods

    Episode 68 - Dee Woods

    Many of you are married. Many of you kiss the other half goodbye
    in morning, go to work, and regale each other with stories of the
    day when you reunite over dinner in the evening. Dee Woods does
    not. She goes to work every day with her husband, Marty Miller
    (episode 27 of this podcast) to do Morning Glory, the breakfast
    show on Radio Nova. Dee and Marty in the morning have become a
    fixture of morning radio in Dublin, and it's fair to say they do
    have some chemistry, all things considered! I chat to Dee about how
    her ambitions lay in journalism before she began her radio career,
    making the progression from the news room to behind the mic as a
    presenter. We chat about the challenges of breakfast radio, those
    early starts, and working with the other half. There's also a quite
    brilliant voice-over in a camper van story in there too. Follow Dee
    on Twitter @RaDeeOh or check her out weekdays on Morning Glory on

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    Episode 67 - Adam Buxton

    Episode 67 - Adam Buxton

    On this week's show it was a pleasure to chat with Adam Buxton.
    Normally the podcasts are recorded in our studio in Dublin, but
    because Adam was not, and is not to this day, in Dublin, we used a
    thing called ipDTL which makes it sound like we're in the same
    place. I wanted to talk to him not simply because he is a very
    talented and entertaining man, but also because he's a huge David
    Bowie fan. This is because I am also a huge David Bowie fan. Not in
    terms of physical size, neither of us are huge like like an ogre or
    a planet, but we both just love him. So, we chat about that,
    Bowie's music and films, his other-worldliness, and his influence
    as an artist. I explain why I didn't like The Revenant, we try and
    uncover the correct term for a specific affliction, Adam's own
    excellent podcast – which you can find here – and lots more
    besides. It was a fun chat, and I really hope you enjoy it. Find
    Adam on Twitter @adambuxton or visit the official Adam Buxton
    website of Adam Buxton at adam-buxton.co.uk

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    Episode 66 - Jim O'Neill

    Episode 66 - Jim O'Neill

    Jim O’Neill has one of the most distinctive voices on Irish radio. It’s deep man, deeeeeep. Depending on your age you might remember him from RTE Radio 2 with his sidekick ‘Thing’, or from his time with Century Radio or 98FM. Today he’s with Today FM presenting ‘On the road’, classic anthems and great driving music. We chat about his start in radio, why RTE bosses got rid of his Thing character, his time working with Chris Cary at Nova International, his love of music (to play as a DJ and a musician), living in South Africa and voice-tracking his show from there, and lots more. You can catch on the road every Sunday night on Today FM at 7pm.

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    Episode 65 - Simon Maher

    Episode 65 - Simon Maher

    Simon Maher was one of the original founders of Phantom, the popular 'Indie' radio station. It began in a bedroom, moved to a garden shed, and after many years of trying, was awarded a licence in 2004. Due to an objection by another party, the station's launch was delayed for almost two years, before it hit the airwaves in 2006. At first things looked rosy, then CRASH went the CRASH and that had an impact on everyone, Phantom were no exception. The difficulties the radio station faced meant decisions had to be made, and they weren't always the right ones – although hindsight is a wonderful thing. I chat to Simon about his love of radio and what sparked his interest in the industry. We chat about Phantom from its inception throughout those difficult years, and ultimately his departure. Could things have been done differently? Would it have made any difference? And in the wake of the announcement that TXFM is to close down, is there room for another 'Phantom' type station under the current structures? Is a new model needed for specialist interest radio? We also discuss his latest project - 8radio.com - an online service that does broadcast on FM via a temporary licence throughout the year. Follow Simon Maher on Twitter @Simon8Radio

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    Episode 64 - Dion Fanning

    Episode 64 - Dion Fanning

    Hey folks, sorry for the delay between the last episode and this one. Sometimes life and work and other stuff you can't move gets in the way. My guest today is journalist Dion Fanning. He's a hugely experienced football writer, and for many years was the Chief Football Writer at the Sunday Independent. Now, he's left London after 20 years to return to Ireland to take up the position of Chief Sports Writer for SportsJoe.ie and Joe.co.uk. It's a fairly seismic move in this ever-changing modern media landscape, so I wanted to chat to him about how and why it all went down – especially given his deep connection with the Sunday Independent for so long. We also talk about journalism and how that has changed down the years, the modern football fan online, lots of other media and football stuff, and loads more. You can follow Dion on Twitter @dionfanning

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    Episode 63 - Ciaran Murphy

    Episode 63 - Ciaran Murphy

    My guest on the show today is the third member of the Second Captains crew to drop into studio. After Eoin McDevitt (ep 11) and Ken Early (ep 15), Ciaran 'Murph' Murphy is next to chat about his rise to internet broadcasting based stardom. We talk about how he got started in the media as family connections inspired and then employed him. A stint in DCU proved important as he met one of the current Second Captains crew, and then got a placement in Newstalk which led to him becoming part of the Off The Ball team. Since then much has happened, from the departure from Newstalk to the Irish Times, TV shows, posting books to Kalamazoo and much more. We may even get an auto-tuned insight into the next big thing, listen to find out more. Follow Ciaran on Twitter @saveciaranmurph or visit secondcaptains.com for all your Second Captains needs.

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