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Yolande Clark on free birth, motherhood, feminism, family, spirit, nourishment, outrageousness & dissent.

The Bauhauswife Podcast Yolande Clark

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Yolande Clark on free birth, motherhood, feminism, family, spirit, nourishment, outrageousness & dissent.

    NBC, Radical Feminism, & Freebirth

    NBC, Radical Feminism, & Freebirth

    Yo responds to the NBC article, discusses freebirth in the context of radical feminism, responsibility & rights, and touches on why standing for women's rights is totally congruent with opposing the sex and surrogacy industries. Contact Yo or book a session at  www.freebirth.ca. 

    • 45 min
    Do You Lie to Your Kids About Santa?

    Do You Lie to Your Kids About Santa?

    Do you lie to your kids about Santa Claus?
    I won't lie to my kids about Santa. They are going to get the straight-up truth. 
    This is (truly) one of the most controversial topics I've ever covered, and yet every year, I receive messages and emails from women asking me to re-publish this essay. It's become one of my classics! 
    Find out why (and how) I stay true to my convictions around Santa, and Christmas. 
    For my courses, visit www.freebirthsociety.com
    For my website, see www.freebirth.ca. 

    • 35 min
    The Freebirth of Ignatius

    The Freebirth of Ignatius

    After a very difficult pregnancy and a harrowing, excruciating, magnificent birth, my sweet 8th baby was born at home, surrounded by family and friends. 
    To access the pregnancy companion based on this birth experience, visit www.freebirthsociety.com.
    To learn more about Yolande, visit www.freebirth.ca
    Follow me on instagram, @bauhauswife 

    • 1 hr 5 min
    Unpacking Ultrasound Part 2--The Bauhauswife Podcast

    Unpacking Ultrasound Part 2--The Bauhauswife Podcast

    In this episode, Yo gets inside her own head and looks at some philosophical ideas as to why ultrasound is so prevalent, as well as discussing the lack of evidence that ultrasound is safe, a couple of studies that have shown that ultrasound damages cells, animal studies, and the economic machine that drives ultrasound use. She also examines some of the cognitive dissonance around ultrasound in the medical community. For more, visit www.freebirth.ca

    • 1 hr 3 min
    Bauhauswife Podcast Episode 12: ULTRASOUND PART 1

    Bauhauswife Podcast Episode 12: ULTRASOUND PART 1

    Yo's thoughts on ultrasound.

    • 55 min
    Xanthe's Freebirth/Homebirth

    Xanthe's Freebirth/Homebirth

    In this episode, Yolande concludes the story of Xanthe's Freebirth, including audio footage of the birth itself. 
    Mentioned in this episode is:

    • 1 hr 19 min

Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5
16 Ratings

16 Ratings

Violet Rosehart ,

Just what we need!

I am ever grateful for Yolandes voice in todays world. We so need someone as articulate, wholistic, and charismatic as she is on these topics. Her work is a true gem to find in the public listening realm. Her episodes on gender and aggression in toddlers changed my life and helped my parenting so much!

LoganDaniels ,

Pure misinformation

This individual contributes to a rampant discourse of anti-scientific spew, narrated with authority and impunity while stifling any challenging discourse on her social media pages.

kelsbc3 ,


If only we could all grow into womanhood and motherhood with Yolanda’s influence and guidance. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, my only wish is that I found you sooner. Truly eye and mind opening. Amazing.

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