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In this podcast I explain all the commonly used expressions, phrasal verbs and slang from a Big Bang episode.

The Big Slang Theory Kevin from Ingles Ninja

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In this podcast I explain all the commonly used expressions, phrasal verbs and slang from a Big Bang episode.

    The Feel Good English Podcast

    The Feel Good English Podcast


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    TBST Season 8 Episode 5 Part 2

    TBST Season 8 Episode 5 Part 2

    1) Maybe after this, you'll be in the mood for some Manilow.
    2) I mean, look at you. Your body's bangin'!
    3) Go online and look it up.
    4) Go check out how hung Florida is.
    5) Maybe we can come up with a punishment for straying off topic.
    6) If only we had one.
    7) We want to see if they twirl their junk in the other direction.
    8) To the walk-in closet? Sure.
    9) Okay, so we agree, whenever someone takes us off topic they get their arm hair yanked off.
    10) If we're leaning towards quantum coupling...
    11) And now I owe you one.
    12) And now I'm gonna hear it from Jenny.
    13) Jump ahead to the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.
    14) It really does hold up.

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    TBST Season 8 Episode 5 Part A

    TBST Season 8 Episode 5 Part A

    Probably because we left the diagram of it in the restaurant,
    and none of us wanted to walk back.
    Two days later, Penny moved in, and so much blood rushed to
    your genitals, your brain became a ghost town.
    Getting Penny to go back out with him after she dumped him.
    Tricking Penny into getting engaged.And a few weeks ago, he almost did a pull-up.
    I think someone owes me an apology.
    Girl's weekend. Vegas. You in?
    It's wonderful, and I swear I'm not saying that because Justin
    Timberlake is in it.
    Boy, when you met Bernadette, the field of robotics really took
    a hit.
    You know, let's just come up with something new.
    You know, let me do a little tonight, and I'll catch up with you
    guys later.
    Had will have placed?Do you know if you look at Austria on a map it actually looks
    like a wiener?

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    TBST Season 8 Episode 4 Part 2

    TBST Season 8 Episode 4 Part 2

    And I'm sure you can turn it around.
    What if you just hang around and act like her friend until you wear her down?
    Well, maybe people would like you more if you didn't crap all over their ideas
    Then again, why wouldn't I? I mean, we go way back.
    We'll get to see all the new stuff before it hits the shelves.
    Yes, but as a store owner, I'll finally have a good comeback to,
    Because if she hadn't, she'd still be wading through the list
    Well...she stormed out.
    There's something I wanted to run past you.
    Well, would you consider mounds of credit card debt kind of a big deal financially?
    Well, hear me out.
    We're splitting it four ways, so it's really not that much money.
    Oh, baby. That story's made up, isn't it?
    Now, before I start, I need you to know that I'm very excited about this, and anything you say that isn't enthusiastically supportive will throw our entire relationship into question.
    I'm feeling a little backed into a corner, Sheldon. I just love both you guys, and I want you to get along
    Yeah, and Leonard and I are engaged now, and I'm just hoping we can put this whole thing behind us. Okay, let's get down to business.
    Howie was thinking about putting up some money to help you reopen the store, but before that happens, I have a few questions.
    I'm so glad we could work this all out. I was looking forward to it.

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    TBST Season 8 Episode 4 Part 1

    TBST Season 8 Episode 4 Part 1

    Yes, but tell me a dinosaur chicken salad sandwich wouldn't hit the Mesozoic spot.

    We still on for tomorrow night?

    According to a recent study out of Oxford University, when someone takes on a new romantic partner,

    You'll get a Christmas card for a couple of years, and then you're dead to me.

    Do you know how many HBOs that leech had my mother get him?

    Yeah, even if it turns out you don't have Dengue fever, they still let you take a lollipop.

    I used to think my high school P.E. teacher didn't like me, but it turned out, she liked me a little too much.

    We went to a Melissa Etheridge concert, I got an A, it all worked out.

    For starters, they shed and bite.

    Why don't we put up the rest of the money that Stuart needs?

    Ooh, maybe we could come up with a business plan to compete with this place.

    Since you like Raj, I thought you might be into that.

    Okay, I'm sorry. Did we get off on the wrong foot?

    Raj told me that a while ago, you two hooked up.

    So, what are some ways we could set our comic book store apart from the competition?

    It would be great to figure out a way to get more kids in the store.

    Ooh, what if we got a van and drove around and picked kids up?

    And are you gonna use candy to lure them in?

    We got drunk and fooled around.

    You would leave me out of the conversation with the next guy if you dump Leonard?

    On the bright side, that Oxford study was right.

    No. You're crazy about me.

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    TBST Season 8 Episode 3 Part 2

    TBST Season 8 Episode 3 Part 2

    It has avocado on it. She's allergic to avocado.
    Are you so jealous of our relationship you want Amy to die?
    The number nine -- oddly, only a four.
    Which is why a curly fry only gets a two.
    If I wanted curls for dinner, I'd order a clown wig.
    Oh, what did those rascals do now?
    It's been around for 25 years,Well, kind of takes the romance out of relationships.
    Heads up! Watch out!
    What else you up to? *to be up to
    There's no upside.
    And if you screw up, you're an idiot on YouTube forever.
    Okay, thanks for the pep talk.
    We never should have been comparing relationships in the first place.
    You know, I say, next, we take on Koothrappali and his dog.
    It really ties the whole stadium together.I expected to see Howard throw the baseball, finish my hot dog, and
    hightail it across the street to Disneyland just in time for Mickey's
    Soundsational Parade.
    I'll tell you what. If we stay, I'll buy you cotton candy and a bobblehead.
    Wish me luck.
    We go to Disneyland, play hide and seek on Tom Sawyer's Island,
    You suck, Wolowitz!
    Okay, booing isn't gonna make it go any faster!

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