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Helping entrepreneurs and content creators soar on video so they can collect MORE coins! Download your free profitable passion bundle at https://www.breonnaqueen.com/profitable-passion-signup/

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Helping entrepreneurs and content creators soar on video so they can collect MORE coins! Download your free profitable passion bundle at https://www.breonnaqueen.com/profitable-passion-signup/

    How I made $20,000 in one month

    How I made $20,000 in one month

    Can I tell you a not-so-secret? I love income reports. When I first got serious with blogging and YouTube, I would watch and read all types of income reports where content creators would share how much they made and how they made it.

    For me, it’s so inspiring and motivational to see how people make money in different ways online which is why I decided to publish my first income report to share the breakdown of my income and hopefully inspiring you to see that you can do it too!

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    Disclaimer: Just because my business earned $20,000 does NOT mean I have $20,000 just sitting in my bank account for me to buy clothes, champagne and shoes. This is business profit and I have business bills including my video editor, my VA, services (like payment processor and email marketing), and more.

    How I made $20K in one month leveraging YouTube


    Ad Revenue (from my blog and YouTube channel):

    The first way I hit my 20K is I made $401.46 in ads including YouTube AdSense, as well as blogging blog ad revenue.

    Although I usually make around $600 in ad revenue, I did hide a lot of my beauty and decor videos, since I am moving more into business content.

    Affiliate income (from my blog and YouTube channel):

    Another way I hit 20K for the month is I made $602.87 in affiliate income with Amazon Associates. This is generated mostly through blog post, as well as my YouTube videos.

    The great thing about affiliate income and ad revenue is that both of these things serve as a passive income stream at this point since I make the income from old blog posts and videos. If I create more YouTube videos, I’m going to make more money with ad revenue. If I do more blog posts, I can make more money with that. So I can absolutely scale the amount I’ve made with ad revenue, as well as with affiliate links.


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    Services (consulting) :

    I made  $4000 in consulting income. I am a consultant (small business, women-owned, and minority certified) and I help content creators, small businesses and entrepreneurs create online marketing plans for their business.

    Digital products:

    I also made $1006.32 from a $17 product which is my Ready, Set, Record bundle.  I am currently offering a flash sale where my Ready, Set, Record bundle is only $17, and over $50 people purchased it!

    The great thing about this is that I did absolutely nothing to earn this passively. I would literally wake up and notifications on my phone for a new Ready, Set, Record bundle sale.  I would be brushing my teeth and my phone would notify me of a new sale for my digital bundle.


    So this is where I saw my huge jump! I released my premium program all about helping you become better on video and really just how to create a profitable YouTube channel.  I don’t talk about how to grow your subscribers or how to get a million views or go viral. I honestly don’t talk about any of that stuff because popular does not mean profitable.

    And as someone who’s been on the YouTube platform for a very long time, I can tell you now there people who have 100,000 subscribers, and they barely make any money at all on YouTube and there are also people who have 1,000 subscribers, and they’ve hit 10K a month just off of that.

    Popular does not mean profitable

    With my program, YouTube coins,  it focuses on how to monetize with video. You learn how to create a signature product, how to reference affiliate marketing, how to edit, record, optimize your videos, and more.

    How to make money with affiliate marketing in 2021 [step by step]

    How to make money with affiliate marketing in 2021 [step by step]

    Imagine loving something and raving about it to a friend…then imagine your friend purchasing it and *ching, ching* you make money! Well, that’s kinda how affiliate marketing works and today, I’m sharing step by step how to make money with affiliate marketing step by step!

    How to make money with affiliate marketing

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    Affiliate Marketing is basically a way of advertising someone else’s products or services and receiving a commission every time someone makes a purchase through one of your “affiliate links”. The great thing about affiliate marketing is that it doesn’t cost people extra to buy through your links, but you get a referral fee of the sale (or a percentage) as a reward for leading someone to make that purchase.


    To be able to create affiliate links and start using them, you must first apply and get into affiliate programs or networks. Each program is different and has a custom dashboard where you can find your unique tracking links that you need to USE when promoting certain products or services. Additionally, the dashboard should supply you with any earnings you have received.


    * You apply to programs

    * You get accepted and designated special links

    * You share those special links with your audience

    * A person clicks on your link purchases something

    * You get a percentage of that sale.

    For content creators (bloggers, YouTubers, social media influencers, and so on), affiliate marketing is a great way to promote products and companies that you actually use, love, and recommend to your audience.


    * It doesn’t cost you anything to join affiliate programs or to promote links. It’s free, free, and free!

    * It’s generally much easier to join an affiliate program then it is to find paid sponsorships. You don’t have to pitch anyone or negotiate rates to be able accepted into affiliate programs.

    * Your earning potential is unlimited. Unlike a sponsorship where you only get paid once, affiliate marketing is the gift that keeps on giving. (As long as you keep sending traffic to your affiliate links so people can purchase)


    * Affiliate marketing is not a get rich scheme. It takes time to build and scale with affiliate marketing. The more content you create and the more eyeballs on the content, usually the more money you will make with affiliate marketing.

    * Payment is usually not immediate. You usually have to meet a threshold before you are paid out and some won’t pay you until 30,60 or 90 days out to ensure there are no refunds. For example, amazon associates which is the affiliate program from Amazon has a 60-day payout meaning what you make in July, you will not collect until the end of September.

    * Affiliate marketing does require a strategy. You can’t slap affiliate links all over the place and think people will just click the links and purchase. You need to create content around affiliate links that influence people and propel them to want to purchase. Inside of my group coaching program, YouTube coins, I do share more in-depth on how to create content that drives sales but the biggest tip I can give you is to create content that helps people.

    Affiliate marketing is not a get rich scheme.


    A lot of businesses do offer affiliate programs or collaborate with affiliate platforms to provide links including Walmart, target, amazon. Additionally, a lot of apps use refer programs that work as an affiliate program since you earn each time someone signs up via your link.

    If you are trying to decide how to find the rig...

    Five tips for beginners getting started on YouTube

    Five tips for beginners getting started on YouTube

    You can have 100,000 YouTube subscribers and not be making much money, or on the contrary, you could have 10,000 subscribers and be making bank. Today, I’m sharing my tips for beginners getting started on YouTube. Let’s go ahead and let’s get into it.

    Five tips for beginners getting started on YouTube


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    1. Have a content schedule

    So my first tip when you are starting a YouTube channel before you even hit that record button is to have a content schedule. When you’re planning out your YouTube channel there are at a lot of things that are important. I get it. Equipment’s important, the set up’s important. The background, video thumbnails. All those things are really important, but the most important thing is the actual content, the video.

    You want to get in the habit of creating videos consistently, and that may be every single week, that may be twice a week, that may even be biweekly. But you definitely wanna give yourself a schedule. What day are you going to post your YouTube videos? Are you gonna post them at a certain time?

    Give yourself a content schedule and stick to that content schedule for at least six months.

    It’s so much smarter to post videos on the same exact day at the same exact time, every single week because for one, your subscribers will get used to it. They’ll say, “Okay, I know Breonna Queen posts videos on Tuesday. I know she posts videos on Wednesday.” It kinda gets your audience in a habit of checking your videos ’cause they know your schedule.

    Additionally, it’s gonna benefit the YouTube algorithm, because the YouTube algorithm is gonna say, “Okay, she uploads videos every single Tuesday at 2:00 PM” And trust me, YouTube rewards consistency.

    I think the biggest thing with my channel, I have not always been consistent with my channel. There were years where I literally published like three videos, and that was it. And I do feel like I was penalized for that.

    Definitely having a content schedule and sticking to that schedule at least six months, give yourself six months for anything, especially when it comes to YouTube ’cause YouTube videos, they can take a while to start picking up. Definitely give yourself a content schedule and stick to that content schedule for at least six months.


    2. SEO your videos

    What is SEO?

    SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization.” YouTube is the second largest search engine, followed by Google. What does that mean? Have you ever Googled something and YouTube videos popped up? That’s the crème de la crème. That’s where you wanna be. You want people to find your videos even when they’re not even on YouTube. You definitely want to SEO your videos.

    Optimize your videos that they’re more likely to rank

    You wanna create videos and you wanna optimize them so that they are more likely to show up in the search results for Google as well as YouTube. My biggest recommendation when it comes to SEOing your videos is through TubeBuddy.

    I love TubeBuddy. I’ve been using TubeBuddy for about a year and a half now. I actually paid for the premium version so I can do keyword research. But you definitely want to optimize your videos that they’re more likely to rank.

    Let me give you an example. Let’s say you have a YouTube video and the YouTube video is all about Primer. If the title of your video is just primer then it’s not really optimized. People probably aren’t really gonna find it.

    For one, that title is very boring. What about primer? Are you gonna be sharing how to use primer? Different types of primer, reviewing a primer? It’s very general,

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    Ways to make money with YouTube even if you have a small channel!

    Ways to make money with YouTube even if you have a small channel!

    Be sure to download your FREE video bundle at www.breonnaqueen.com/free-guide

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    How to find brands to work with (even if you have a smaller following!)

    How to find brands to work with (even if you have a smaller following!)

    Is it possible to get sponsored by brands even if you have a small following?

    Yes, it’s absolutely possible BUT I don’t recommend sitting around waiting for brands to reach out to you. I, personally, recommend taking matters into your own hands!

    Here’s how:

    1. Join Influencer platforms/networks:

    These are networks that connect brands to influencers. Usually, you sign-up on the website, they ask you a few questions, and once you’re accepted, you get to apply for sponsorships with brands. I got to work with one of my dream brands using influencer networks! Check out my favorite 5 influencer networks here.

    2. Reach out to brands yourself:

    Did you know you can pitch to brands? Of course, you did. Don’t wait around for brands to email you. Email them and negotiate the amount you will get paid! I highly recommend this if you have a smaller audience!

    Inside my latest video, I’m sharing step by step how to find brands to pitch to as well as some of my favorite influencer platforms.

    Watch the video

    Want the exact emails, I send to brands to get paid sponsorships (as well as what to charge, media kit tips, and how to pitch), check out my influencer with income mini-course and guide.

    Listen to the podcast:

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    Six different video ideas that make money!

    Six different video ideas that make money!

    A lot of people think AdSense is the only way to make money leveraging YouTube and that simply is not true! There are so many ways you can leverage video to make money (even with a small channel!). Today, I’m sharing six types of video you can monetize!

    Six types of videos you can monetize

    Watch the video:

    1. Product and/or service reviews⁣⁣⁣

    Review a product or service and share what your experience was like using it as well as if you would recommend it.  The more in-depth the video, the better. You can monetize these types of videos with affiliate marketing.⁣

    2. Day in the life (Vlog)⁣⁣

    You will be surprised at how interesting people will find your life. You can show a day in your life as a new mom, beautician, essential work, personal trainer, business coach… the list goes on! ⁣

    If you are a service provider, this is a great video to showcase your services and what you do! ⁣Show what exactly goes into your profession and be sure to lew viewers know HOW they can work with you!

    3. Favorites⁣

    Talk about things you’re currently loving. If you’re a beautician, share your favorite beauty product. If you’re a mom, share your favorite mommy items; if you’re a business coach, then share your favorite business tools. The list goes on!

    Affiliate marketing works great for these types of videos because if it’s your favorite then viewers may want to try it out too! If you sell a product, you can also highlight that (i.e., if you have a cosmetic line, highlight your favorite shade of lipstick within your brand)⁣

    4. Q&A videos⁣⁣

    Have your audience ask you questions and answer them in a video. If you’re a smaller channel, you can answer questions you commonly receive. If you’re a health coach, answer common questions received in your profession.⁣

    These types of videos are great for selling your products and services!⁣

    5. How-to⁣⁣

    Provide step-by-step details on how to accomplish a task such as doing a smokey eye or doing a proper sit-up.⁣

    You can also market your services this way (i.e.: record a video on how to budget for a new home and share you’re a financial advisor)⁣

    6. Testimonials⁣

    Testimonials are great at because they showcase how well you deliver. If you’re a business coach, have a client share their testimonial. This is great at establishing you as the expert as well as showcasing that you get results! If you sell products (such as lipsticks), collect testimonials from customers sharing it’s the perfect red lip for them and they’re so much more confident. Testimonials are great at driving sales for your products and/or services.

    Pin this for later: Six video ideas that make money!

    So here are some types of videos you can create even if you have a small/new channel and ways you can monetize your videos! Questions? Write below and let me know!

    In my next post, I sharing 9 proven ways to get more views on Youtube for free

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