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This show has been retired! Don't worry - you can check out Coach Taylor's NEW podcast - the anti diet podcast - with his cohost, Dr. Mary, for all things health and fitness!

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This show has been retired! Don't worry - you can check out Coach Taylor's NEW podcast - the anti diet podcast - with his cohost, Dr. Mary, for all things health and fitness!

    Ep 148: The Final Episode

    Ep 148: The Final Episode

    Yes - you read that title right.....this is the final episode of the Coach Taylor Podcast. 
    After 148 amazing episodes I have made the decision to end this podcast. 
    Obviously I go into ALL the details in the episode. 

    I end with something VERY important - Coach Taylor's Top 6 Tips for a Great Life. 
    These 6 tips are the culmination of my entire career and all of my learning and work to date. If you listen to them and incorporate them into your life - I promise - you WILL have a great life, one that when you look back on it from the end, you will be proud to have had this opportunity to be alive! 
    Much Love
    Coach Taylor 

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    Ep 147: Like....what are calories?

    Ep 147: Like....what are calories?

    Welcome to episode 147 of the Coach Taylor Podcast! 
    This episode is all about calories.
    Everyone tells me they want to be free of diet culture and calorie counting. OK! It IS possible! I am going to show you exactly how you can get that freedom and NEVER count calories or weight and measure your food EVER again. 
    The truth is that counting calories is useless. And it is COMPLETELY the wrong thing to focus on if you truly want to change your diet and your ENTIRE association with food. 
    To understand how that is possible we must first understand what calories are and how they affect us. 
    **LINK** as promised....to my summer nutrition challenge!
    Coach Taylor's Summer Nutrition Challenge

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    Ep 146: The 'GYM' is bad for your health

    Ep 146: The 'GYM' is bad for your health

    I know - this one is probably going to earn me some harsh feedback. (Also - if you're going to tell me how wrong I am - make sure to listen to this episode first, deal?)
    But it is the truth. When we look at the health and fitness of MOST people the gym and gym culture has a far more negative impact than positive impact. 
    If you want to understand why you have probably had a hard time sticking to a regular exercise routine....THIS is the episode for you!!!!! 
    If we continue to define fitness through the lens of gyms we are going to stay on the same path we have been on the last few decades - increased obesity, decreased strength, and poorer movement of most of us. 
    -Coach Taylor 
    My online fitness membership is live and accepting registrations!!! 
        BODY STRENGTH, by Coach Taylor 
    Want to try out three free BODY STRENGTH WORKOUTS? 

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    Ep 145: Why are you always hungry?

    Ep 145: Why are you always hungry?

    This started as a chat about why when intermittent fasting people tend to get hungry and ended up in a deep rant into why 'hunger' is a totally messed up concept and why your 'blood sugar' is about the stupidest thing you could ever worry about. 
    And as always a few other odds and ends and golden nuggets!!! 
    In the sow I promised links- here they are!!!!! 
    1. My Body Design Program CLICK HERE
    3. My online platform FOUNDERS RATE 
          (Must message me for the founders rate code
           taylor at coachtaylor.ca or on any of my socials!)

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    Ep 144: You're Doing Fat Loss Wrong

    Ep 144: You're Doing Fat Loss Wrong

    I published a blog last week: You're Doing Fat Loss Wrong. 
    And I mean it! I get that you have goals and want to change what your body looks like, fit different clothes, like what you see in the mirror etc., and I am ok with that. 
    With summer coming you are probably planning on starting a 'diet' or 'going on a program'. SO......I want to make sure that you aren't making some basic mistakes that are going to get in the way of your goals. 
    In fact - these four things are most likely going to make you fail. 
    Coach Taylor 
    ***For anyone interested in my body design program that I discuss in the podcast....here is a link!!!!!***
    Coach Taylor's BODY DESIGN

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    Ep 143: Fat Loss is SIMPLE

    Ep 143: Fat Loss is SIMPLE

    Welcome to episode 143!! 
    A brief hiatus, which I talk about in the episode, but I am back! Weekly posting here we go! 
    This week I am talking about fat loss. We all think about it, that is why there is a multi-billion dollar 'diet' industry! 
    It all seems so confusing but really that is just a belief that is built into us over time. The truth is that there are only two things you need to do if your goal is fat loss. And they are simple. 
    -Coach Taylor

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4.7 out of 5
14 Ratings

14 Ratings

ShamsFish ,

The Best.

This guy is a Saint.
I’ve been listening to him for years and my life is definitely a little better for having done so.
So much REAL information.
Everyone should listen to him.
And then everyone should register for at least one his programs!
Kettlebell Academy is BOMB!

The David Blow ,

A Great Podcast

Coach Taylor provides a no nonsense approach to health and wellness. He is responsive to all questions and wants the best for his listeners. This podcast is well worth the time.

reviewer6442987 ,

Favourite podcast

This podcast is the highlight of my week, please don’t ever stop podcasting.
This is the information everyone needs but doesn’t want to hear.
Thank you Coach Taylor!!