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Discussion of model railroading and operations.

The Crossing Gate. Model railroad discussion‪.‬ Thomas Gasior

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Discussion of model railroading and operations.

    Episode #34 - Staging Yards. The good, the bad, the indifferent.

    Episode #34 - Staging Yards. The good, the bad, the indifferent.

    The crew discusses Staging yards. The ones they built and the ones they used on other layouts. What makes a good staging yard, and what are some things to avoid when designing a staging yard. Do staging yards even matter anymore in modern layout designs? 

    The Angry Railfan sponsors this episode. Plus the usual bloopers.

    The crew includes Joe Binish, Larry Eggering, David Hamilton MMR, Mike Jordan, Ken Zieska, and Thomas Gasior MMR.


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    Episode #33 - Summer Modeling Ideas.

    Episode #33 - Summer Modeling Ideas.

    The crew discusses the projects and things they like to do during the summer months.  Attending conventions, maintaining the layout, and cleaning the workbench are all ideas to keep the model train mojo going. 

    The cast of this episode: Dan Dossa, Larry Eggering, Milt Spanton, Ken Zieska, and Thomas Gasior MMR.

    Our friends at The Second Section Podcast sponsor this episode. 

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    Episode #32 What is on the workbench.

    Episode #32 What is on the workbench.

    The crew discusses what is on their workbench, plus moving a project from start to completion. 

    Cast of episode is Joe Binish, Larry Eggering, Mike Jordan, William Sampson, Ken Zieska and Thomas Gasior MMR

    This episode is sponsored by the Model Railroading Bus.
    Plus the Curmudgeon drops by to gripe and the usual outtakes and sound bites after.

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    Episode # 31 - What makes operation so interesting

    Episode # 31 - What makes operation so interesting

    What makes operation so interesting?
    Does it keep people in the hobby?
    Does it improve your layout?
    Does having a small layout limit the size of your enjoyment?
    Join the crew as we discuss what we like about operations and how we try to encourage others to operate their layouts and join operating groups.
    Joe Binish
    Larry Eggering
    David Hamilton MMR
    Mike Jordan
    Ken Zieska
    Thomas Gasior MMR

    Magic Blue Smoke sponsors this episode.
    Plus, the Curmudgeon stops by to gripe about Blue Box kits.

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    Episode #30 - LIVE, from the Modelers Retreat

    Episode #30 - LIVE, from the Modelers Retreat

    Recorded live before an audience at the end of the Modelers Retreat.  Our crew looks back on the fun weekend and discusses the events that took place. 

    The crew spent a weekend in March celebrating the hobby of model railroading at the Twin Cities Division RPM meet. It was an amazing two days of socializing, model building, clinics, operations, history, and more. 
    Clinics featured our own Mike Jordan, Clark Probst, Bob Rivard, and Scott Thorton from Iowa Scaled Engineering. 
    There were demonstrations on all types of modeling and even a FreeMo setup. 
    This episode is sponsored by Panel Line Wash. A great product with seemingly endless uses.
    Plus the Curmudgeon actually found something to gripe about at the event.

    This episode features Joe Binish, Greg Dahl, Dan Dossa, David Hamilton, William Sampson, Ken Zieska, Diana Gasior, and Thomas Gasior MMR.

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    Episode #29 - What's your story?

    Episode #29 - What's your story?

    This episode looks into how a story helps a layout achieve believability. If you model a prototype or freelance railroad, a story can help your modeling. A story keeps you on the path to creating a better layout. Listen to how our panel uses its stories to tell the tale of various layouts. From Northern Minnesota ore mines to the chemical industries of Florida. Moving perishables out of the fertile California Valley to hustling freight along the Mississippi River and back alleys of Minneapolis.

    Many ways to achieve the correct story and tell it well include sound, scenery, rolling stock, structures, automobiles, and operating schemes. So what's your story, and do you explain it well.

    We are featuring Dan Dossa, Larry Eggering, David Hamilton, Mike Jordan, Ken Zieska, and Thomas Gasior MMR.
    The Operations Day Glitch sponsors this episode, and the Curmudgeon stops by for a gripe about Java and not the coffee.

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