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The Evolving Man podcast features leaders and influencers in the personal growth arena who are actively engaged in "deep work", whether that be as a healer, or someone doing their own work. The guests on this podcast have a unique gift that they bring to the world, and they come to share these gifts with listeners.

Tune in to witness discussions about addiction, consciousness, masculinity, health and personal growth.

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The Evolving Man podcast features leaders and influencers in the personal growth arena who are actively engaged in "deep work", whether that be as a healer, or someone doing their own work. The guests on this podcast have a unique gift that they bring to the world, and they come to share these gifts with listeners.

Tune in to witness discussions about addiction, consciousness, masculinity, health and personal growth.

    #53 - It Didn't Start With You, But It Can End With You - Exploring Inherited Family Trauma w/ Mark Wolynn

    #53 - It Didn't Start With You, But It Can End With You - Exploring Inherited Family Trauma w/ Mark Wolynn

    Mark Wolynn is a trauma specialist who understands how to resolve trauma that has been passed down through generations. He wrote a book called It Didn't Start with You: How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are and How to End the Cycle. At a time where the world is waking up to our individual and collective wounding, Mark is a perfect guest for listeners who want to understand more about what trauma is, how it occurs, and how to heal it.

    Mark joined me for a fascinating discussion that took us into the depths of the healing arts. We talked about early life trauma, ancestral trauma, and particular insights on men’s relationships with their mothers and fathers which shape them in adulthood. For my male listeners, this will be truly fascinating.

    In this episode we discuss: 
    What is inherited family trauma?
    Mark’s focus on “what isn’t remembered in the mind”, but what is remembered in the body. 
    Trauma: expanding our understanding and its misconceptions. 
    Ben’s story of addiction and how it ties to his mom. 
    Attunement - now we know its importance.
    Why it’s useful to dig into our pasts. 
    Verbal and non-verbal trauma language.
    Trauma as the window to our ancestors. 
    The importance of doing trauma work with others. 
    Focusing on father/son relationships in men’s groups. 
    How to do this work without spiritual bypassing.
    Avoiding and re-creating pain. 
    “The Work”: leaning in and creating space.
    The unconscious connection to our parents that we all need to recognize. 
    4 ways we can merge with our parents that creates pain. 
    Common dynamics with men and their mothers, and their fathers. 
    Why men’s groups are so important. 
    The lost art of initiation processes.
    Positive experiences that can physically change the brain. 
    DNA expression and how we can shape it in the healing process.
    The power of visualization for healing. 
    Ben’s experience of re-connecting with his brother. 
    The importance of knowing your family history.


    Mark’s Website: https://markwolynn.com/

    Mark’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MarkWolynn 

    Mark’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarkWolynn

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    #52 - DOSED 2 - The End Of The Drug War - with Tyler Chanlder and Nick Meyers

    #52 - DOSED 2 - The End Of The Drug War - with Tyler Chanlder and Nick Meyers

    Tyler Chandler and Nick Meyers from the DOSED documentary are back to dig even deeper into the healing powers of psychedelics and discuss how the psychedelic revolution is making its way into government policies. They share multiple personal accounts of their experiences taking psychedelics, all which led to their own personal growth. We also covered the ongoing mental health and addiction crisis, the negative impact of modern medicine, religion, censorship on social media, and most importantly, DOSED 2 which is in production now.

    In this episode, we discuss: 
    DOSED is now live on streaming platforms.
    How the pandemic has impacted its reach.
    Isolation and COVID restrictions worsening the mental health and addiction crisis. 
    Why watching DOSED can be beneficial to the whole world.
    The major downfalls of the “war on drugs”. 
    The growth of psychedelic research. 
    The psychedelic revolution making its way to the government level.
    Big Pharma vs. plant medicine.
    How medication treats the symptom of problems. 
    Parallels between drug addicts and medication to treat mental illness. 
    Why psychedelics treat the root of problems. 
    How psychedelics lead to the dissolution of ego. 
    Tyler’s profound experience taking psychedelics for the first few times. 
    What inner-work looks like, while on psychedelics. 
    The necessity of connectivity and understanding. 
    Taking mushrooms for personal growth.
    Nick and Tyler’s experiences with DMT.
    The progress being made in Canada to access psilocybin mushrooms for therapeutic purposes.
    DOSED 2 Nick and Tyler’s next film project about psilocybin and terminal illness.
    Navigating shadow bans and censorship on social media. 
    How to watch DOSED.

    To watch DOSED and stay up to date on Tyler and Nick’s projects, check out the links below: 

    DOSED Website




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    #51 The Evolution Of Shamanism - with Hamilton Souther

    #51 The Evolution Of Shamanism - with Hamilton Souther

    Hamilton Souther is a master Ayahuasca Shaman who moved from the United States to Peru in his early 20s to find out if there was any truth behind mysticism and Shamanism. He ended up becoming one of the few non-native men to be initiated into traditional ways of Ayahuasca Shamanism. To learn more about how Hamilton got involved with Indigenous cultures and his path to Shamanism, check out our first episode together.

    Hamilton now operates a healing center called Blue Morpho, based in Iquitos, Peru. They hold traditional healing retreats, hosting guests from all over the world. However, due to the outbreak of COVID, they were forced to transform. Blue Morpho is now expanding its retreats around the world, through cyberspace. Now you can take part in healing ceremonies with Hamilton from the comfort and safety of your own home.

    In this episode we talk about Hamilton’s journey to becoming a Shaman, the myths and reality of Shamanism, the future of holding healing ceremonies online, and COVID-19’s impact on the medicine world.

    In this episode we dive into the following: 
    The life and death reality of learning Shamanism. 
    Shamanism is not all about love and “new age” light.
    An anthropological outlook on tribal societies. 
    A different way of looking at viruses.
    Hamilton’s first interactions with Shamans.
    A medicine man vs. any other kind of Shaman.
    Modern society issues vs. Shamanic tribal issues.
    The internal struggle that each Shaman has to face. 
    The keys to finding the right healing ceremony for yourself.
    Hamilton’s own intense healing experience. 
    Two main governing principles of Ayahuasca.
    The westernization of Ayahuasca ceremonies. 
    Becoming your own Shaman during a healing ceremony. 
    Untrained support vs. trained support. 
    What healing ceremonies should be based in: medicine, love, and healing. 
    The importance of knowing the history of the space of your ceremony.
    The mythological conflict that exists in Amazonian ideas about plants. 
    “Tree Dietas”.
    The sacred plant industry during COVID. 
    What happened to Iquitos, Peru’s during the pandemic. 
    Bringing ceremonies to digital space.
    Breathwork in ceremonies. 
    The importance of plants in the future of technological advancement. 
    Blue Morpho’s Triniti Retreats. 

    Links to find more content from Hamilton and Blue Morpho:
    Blue Morpho’s website
    Blue Morpho’s Facebook
    Blue Morpho’s Instagram
    Hamilton’s Facebook
    Hamilton’s Instagram

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    #50 - Recovering Nice Guys And The Power Of the Squad - with Dr. Robert Glover

    #50 - Recovering Nice Guys And The Power Of the Squad - with Dr. Robert Glover

    Best-selling author Robert Glover joins me on the podcast for a candid conversation about Nice Guys, relationships, and men’s work.

    Robert didn’t start out his career as a therapist planning on getting into men’s work. After receiving his doctorate and working as a marriage and family therapist, Robert started noticing common patterns in the men he was seeing. Many of them were the same patterns he saw in his own life. So he dove into men’s work,  and wrote “No More Mr. Nice Guy - A Proven Plan For Getting What You Want In Love, Sex, and Life. 

    Robert has been on this journey for over 25 years – helping other men break free of the Nice Guy Syndrome, and always evolving his own personal tool kit.

    In this episode, we discuss nice guys, “men’s tribes”, mothers, subconscious programming, shifting mindsets in relationships, embodiment work, men’s safe spaces, purpose, and so much more.

    We dug into the following in detail: 
    How Robert got into men’s work. 
    The paradox of “nice guys.” 
    Do women like Nice Guys? 
    Differentiating from family members, especially mothers.
    Macho Jerks and Caring Wimps.
    Breaking free from the “nice guy syndrome.”
    What it means to be a differentiated man. 
    How mothers can impact their son’s lives and future relationships. 
    Subconscious programming in relationships. 
    Co-creating familiarity in relationship.
    Viewing relationships as an opportunity to work on patterns vs. a difficult burden.
    The ticket to a successful long-term relationship.
    The importance of having same sex friends.
    “Men’s Only” spaces” - The power of strong masculine relationships.
    Different opportunities to connect deeper with other men. 
    The growth of the worldwide men’s movement.
    Embodiment work.
    The push needed to get into men’s work.
    The connection between childhood wounds and relationship patterns.
    Robert’s top book picks for men’s work and self-healing. 
    What men need most in 2020 - honesty, purpose, passion. 
    “Playing games” in relationships.
    Robert’s books (No More Mr. Nice Guy! And Dating Essentials for Men). 
    Ben’s “human contract” in this world (AKA purpose).
    How to bring these ideals back to younger boys.
    The changing adolescent education system.

    Robert's Links 

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    #49 - Men's Health, Hormones, and Longevity - w/ Dr. Anthony Balduzzi

    #49 - Men's Health, Hormones, and Longevity - w/ Dr. Anthony Balduzzi

    Dr. Anthony Balduzzi is changing an entire generation of men. After losing his father as a child, he became committed to learning the best ways for men to live the longest and healthiest lives as possible. After completing medical school and spending years as a bodybuilder, he became a fitness coach and created the Fit Father Project - a health and wellness company aimed at helping men (especially “older men”) lose weight, build muscle, and get their energy back.

    In this episode we discuss the fundamentals of living a long, strong, healthy life. We talk about hormones, diet, exercise, sleep, supplements, breathwork, and lots more. 

    In this episode we dive in to the following:
    Anthony’s personal story, experiencing his father’s early death, which led to his background in personal training, bodybuilding, and medical school.
    The philosophy of the Fit Father Project - simple and sustainable health and wellness for busy men.
    The fitness world can teach someone what the medical world neglects.
    Ben’s 100 year old grandfather.
    Slowing down aging without becoming obsessed with it.
    How to better manage hormones as we get older.
    What the “ideal aging process” looks like.
    The misconception around aging - are we really simply just alive and moving straight toward death?
    How to limit the amount of damage we accrue that could affect our life cycle through: the food we ingest, the quality of air we breathe, the exercise we do, and managing our stress levels.
    What things kill most people and how can we prevent them from happening to ourselves?
    Fasting and how it contributes to a rejuvenation process throughout the body.
    4 square meals a day - criticisms.
    Bodybuilding - not always necessarily conducive to living the longest life.
    Testosterone levels - are important, but not the only factor in living a long and healthy life.
    Methods of boosting testosterone.
    The importance of keeping cortisol and testosterone levels balanced
    An explanation of Daniel Buettner’s work - the fundamentals to living a long life.
    The “typical man’s man” and why this isn’t always a healthy lifestyle practice.
    How to do at home hormone testing with Let’s Get Checked.
    Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) - once you start, it’s hard to stop.
    Other T boosters - high intensity exercise, vitamin D3, sunbathing, living as close to nature as possible and eating real, non-processed foods.
    The implications of Xenoestrogens and where it can be found in our daily routines.
    Important vitamins and minerals for maintaining healthy testosterone levels.
    The immense benefits of doing hot and cold therapy.
    Why prolonged fasting is so beneficial in terms of cleaning out our “tubes”.
    The work of John Rose and Dr. Zach Bush - learning about juicing and the gut.
    The plethora of benefits of breathing through the nose.
    Wim Hof style breathwork - how it works and why cyclic and rounds breathwork can aid in healing our bodies.
    How the breath is the access point to our nervous system and why it is very important to be conscious of our breathing.
    Is it possible for men to keep their testosterone levels high? How do we combat its natural decline with aging - and should we do so?
    When is the right time to start looking into TRT - if ever?
    Why testosterone levels and lifestyle factors need to be used together.
    The various implications of increasing testosterone.
    The importance of getting morning sunshine and supplementing with D3 if you live in an area with lack of sunlight.
    The Fit Father Project’s testosterone supplement.
    An explanation of adaptogens and how they can help deal with stress.
    Anthony’s opinion on drinking coffee.
    The importance of incorporating meaningful work, service, and social connection into one’s life.
    The distinction between meaningful work and work that can make you a lot of money.
    True happiness is found through self-transcendent pra

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    #48 - The Work. From Prison To Freedom - with Eldra Jackson

    #48 - The Work. From Prison To Freedom - with Eldra Jackson

    Eldra Jackson III spent a large part of his life as a convict in the US prison system. Inside prison, he encountered a circle of men who led him to overcome his darkness and find healing. He is now the Co-Executive Director of that organization, called Inside Circle. This work was covered in the documentary called The Work.

    Join me in learning about Eldra’s life story - how he went from serving 24 years of a life prison sentence in California to becoming a successful businessman whose mission is to help heal and mentor other men for whom all hope is lost.

    In this episode we discuss: 
    The prison industrial complex in the United States.
    Eldra’s life journey and what led him to serving a life sentence.
    Why Eldra made many decisions from a place of trauma.
    How childhood trauma can affect your nervous system and behavior later in life. 
    What is a “good convict”?
    The common mindset among incarcerated people.
    The difference between prison and rehab 
    What retirement looks like for a prisoner.
    How Eldra turned his life around and transformed his mindset.
    The importance of looking inward to heal.
    How Eldra got introduced to Inside Circle while in prison.
    Therapy circles in prison.
    Changing the way we view and treat hurt people.
    Why systems only exist because we allow them to.
    How to create change in the prison system.
    Why countries need to learn from each other once they’ve developed solutions to societal problems.
    What’s next for Inside Circle? 
    How trauma survivors can redirect their energy to good things in the world.
    Inside Circle’s mission.

    Eldra’s Links: 

    Eldra’s TedTalk - How I Unlearned Dangerous Lessons About Masculinity
    The Work Documentary: https://www.topic.com/the-work

    (note: you will have to pay for this documentary, but it is VERY worth it)

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/InsideCircleOrg/

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/inside__circle

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/inside_circle

    How to get involved: Inside Circle’s Website - https://insidecircle.org/

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59 Ratings

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Phenomenal Podcast for Men

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For Conscious Men, this is it.

Ben is bringing his medicine to the world through the EvolvingMan podcast. His heart, depth, and masculine perspective on healing, relationships and spirituality shine through in each conversation. Let’s keep supporting men in connecting with their hearts, and each other. 🙏

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