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Interview and portrait sessions exploring people's courageous personal self explorations and expressions of authenticity.

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Interview and portrait sessions exploring people's courageous personal self explorations and expressions of authenticity.

    Ewen Lewis Podcast | Episode 5 | Right Turns Project | Arthur Renwick

    Ewen Lewis Podcast | Episode 5 | Right Turns Project | Arthur Renwick

    “Sometimes you do have to blindly take a chance.  And light that match and burn that f****n’ bridge.  And just keep walking and trust your intuition.”
    Hey, welcome back. I’m really excited to share this interview with you.  I learned so much in researching and preparing for it and even more during the conversation.  In episode 5 of the Ewen Lewis Podcast Right Turns Project I had the unique opportunity to sit down and speak with Arthur Renwick, the celebrated and renowned indigenous visual artist and musician hailing from the west coast of Canada but residing in Toronto, Ontario.  Arthur’s story is one more of reinvention than transformation, which can be just as daunting.
    The love child of a Scottish father and Haisla mother, he spent much of his youth refining his identity while spending time in Kitimaat Village, home to the Haisla First Nations people, and in Kitimat town, built and supported mainly by Alcan, the aluminum smelting company.  With a bright talent for drawing and visual art, he ventured out of that remote area of British Columbia to attend school firstly in the big city of Vancouver and then in Montréal.  It was here that his participation in the Oka Crisis, the 1990 standoff between Mohawk protesters and the Canadian police and army, forged a pointed direction with his photography to work towards giving a voice back to indigenous peoples.  
    In this interview we go into detailed stories behind some of his most well known visual art and explore the reinventions of himself in artistic expression and in his career.  When I first knew we were going to meet at the Inter Steer Restaurant in the bustling community of Roncesvalles Village in Toronto, I was a little concerned that it might get too noisy.  However, it was really amazing to see how many people waved at Arthur from outside as we sat talking at the booth near the front window of the cozy, wood lined establishment.  You’ll even hear how one gentleman came in just to say hello to him.  It was a real testament to Arthur’s warm, open personality and big heart.
    So grab a cup of tea or coffee, settle in and enjoy this insightful conversation with Arthur Renwick.  See you on the other side!
    Links & Notes
    Find Arthur Renwick on:
    Selected pieces from the Mask series.
    Selected pieces from Delegates: Chiefs of the Earth & Sky

    The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle: A Novel by Haruki Murakami
    Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World by Haruki Murakami
    Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami

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    Ewen Lewis Podcast | Episode 4 | Cecile Gough

    Ewen Lewis Podcast | Episode 4 | Cecile Gough

    How do you fight an invisible enemy…for literally years?  How do you do it when all the experts & doctors tell you it's all in your head but you know it isn’t because the symptoms are crippling you and taking away your life piece by piece?  This is the story of a woman whose indomitable spirit to overcome any challenge in life was perhaps the only thing that saved her from giving up total hope.  She clung to her faith, her family and friends but ultimately had to rely on her own resilience and persistence to fight to get her health and life back.

    Meet Cecile Gough, a warrior spirit with a heart of gold. Join us as we explore her upbringing in rural Newfoundland, Canada.  Find out how she lived with mysterious symptoms that plagued her and remained undiagnosed as anything but figments of her imagination until she was finally found to have Lyme Disease in 2014.  Listen as she describes her difficult journey, her arduous healing process and how it drove her to become an advocate, educator and support for other sufferers of Lyme Disease.  Her story is one of hardship and hope but really one of a caring soul whose own pathway through pain led her to contribute so much to others.

    If you enjoy this podcast, please subscribe, like and share.  Also, leaving a review and rating on iTunes will be a great boon to getting this project out to those who would benefit from hearing these stories of Right Turns into authenticity.  Thanks so much for your help! 

    Ewen Lewis Podcast | Episode 3 | Right Turns Project | Aaron Amadio

    Ewen Lewis Podcast | Episode 3 | Right Turns Project | Aaron Amadio

    Aaron grew up in a small industrial steel town in a close knit Roman Catholic family with five siblings in a place where everyone knows everyone.  A gregarious jock in high school, he played football and got into all kinds of mischief.  When he finally decided to go away for university, everything seemed to be going as they should, studying history at Wilfrid Laurier University and playing football for the Golden Hawks, until one day he had his mind blown by one of his professors.  The rock of belief that he had been brought up on had been shaken and now he was on a path searching for his own truth.

    "Once you've awoken to something and seen it to be true and realize that's who you are, you can't force that consciousness on someone else.  You can just live it and hope they see you doing it."

    A rebel at heart, Aaron struck out on his own and discovered a world needing compassion, especially animals.  Join us in a wonderfully winding conversation as he shares the epiphany that started his journey and the resulting impact it had on him and his family.  In many ways, Aaron's self exploration reminds me of one of my favourite books, Siddhartha.  It was a great pleasure to have the opportunity to interview him and I hope you will glean as many gems of wisdom from him as I did.  Enjoy!

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    Ewen Lewis Podcast | Episode 2 | Right Turns Project | Matthew Forbes

    Ewen Lewis Podcast | Episode 2 | Right Turns Project | Matthew Forbes

    Social anxiety can be difficult for anyone, but for Matthew it was crippling to the point of not being able to leave his home and dropping out of high school.  Despite this state of being, he has worked as a Toronto cabbie, hosted a show on the W TV Network, been a mail carrier, a home inspector as well as travelling overseas and experiencing life in ways few seldom do.

    Listen in on what gives him the courage to face life with openness in the face of that anxiety and the path he took to eventually end up where he his now.  A father, a husband, a friend to many and the owner of Matthew's Barbershop in downtown Guelph, Ontario.  Discover why he decided to become a barber and the greater vision he has for helping to transform people on a daily basis.

    "If you don't try something, risk something, you don't get anything."

    Check out more at www.ewenlewis.com/podcast Submit questions, comments or feedback at www.ewenlewis.com/contact

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    Ewen Lewis Podcast | Episode 1 | Right Turns Project | Allison Tait

    Ewen Lewis Podcast | Episode 1 | Right Turns Project | Allison Tait

    Join me as I have a conversation over tea with Allison as she takes us through her journey through suffering and tragedy to awakening and love. Listen in on her transition from single minded business woman and veterinarian to free spirited tattoo artist. Find out what triggered the change and what tools she used to come out the other side whole and open hearted.

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5 Ratings

Sex Symbol 9000 ,


Ewen's "Right Turns" project is a fantastic dive into the incredible changes that his guests have made and the insurmountable obstacles they've overcome. Would highly recommend this podcsat to anyone looking to inspire change in their lives.

tinderella1988 ,

Willing to learn

It was great to hear the diverse guests on the podcast. I am always willing to listen to and learn from others lives and opinions. Keeping it objective and hearing personal growth is a great way to spread different perspectives.

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