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The First Mint is an unofficial podcast all about NBA Top Shot. Marketplace trends, big time moment sales, top collectors, and what's new in our favourite blockchain Dapp.

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The First Mint is an unofficial podcast all about NBA Top Shot. Marketplace trends, big time moment sales, top collectors, and what's new in our favourite blockchain Dapp.

    The Moment Designs [FEAT. TYLER HAYES]

    The Moment Designs [FEAT. TYLER HAYES]

    Episode 32 of TFM. April 7, 2021.

    Today, we feature tech journalist Tyler Hayes who recently published a story about the look and feel of NBA Top Shot Moments. He went in depth with the team from Dapper Labs to uncover the history meaning of the design. Plus we recap what to expect from the next two weeks of NBA Top Shot and how storytelling has evolved in the space. Hosted by @lgdoucet.

    00:00 Agenda
    01:42 Slow Week at NBA Top Shot
    02:40 How Gifting might look soon
    04:40 1 million packs on the way
    06:35 How to handle Common Moments
    08:02 Legendary Moments coming
    09:30 Storytelling has changed
    11:25 The Passion of the community
    12:37 Go and make your content!
    13:54 Intro to Tyler
    15:00 Getting into Top Shot
    16:35 Tyler's Collection
    17:55 Still looking for good serial numbers
    19:02 Best Purchase so far
    21:55 Design process for the Moments
    24:15 Colours of the Moments
    26:06 Hardcourt Hints
    27:25 Future Designs and Other Artists
    28:42 The Long term plan for Moments
    31:35 Baseball is his thing
    33:02 Would You Rather

    • 36 min
    The Top Shot Reboot is Coming

    The Top Shot Reboot is Coming

    Episode 31 of TFM. April 5, 2021. Marketplace. Gifting. Drop Restrictions. Withdrawals. New hires on the Dapper side. These are all very positive signs. And as the market continues its dip, we realize that this entire adventure is lining up for its next phase. So LG gives a couple recommendations for how to prep for it. Hosted by @lgdoucet.

    00:00 Agenda
    01:45 Signs of a Top Shot Reboot
    02:30 Gifting is coming back
    04:19 Drop Restrictions
    05:30 Top Shot Marketing
    07:10 Bottom of the Dip?
    07:55 Changes to Value Evaluation
    09:15 Healthy Collectors
    11:30 Assumptions for Recommendations
    13:00 Moments that will hold value long term
    14:20 Total Moments for a player
    16:30 Players with few Moments
    18:45 Evaluating the best play
    20:05 Moments that will matter in Hardcourt
    22:30 The "Core Set" Moments
    24:10 Stretch Run + Playoff Planning
    25:30 Playoff Heroes
    26:20 Non Playoff Players
    27:30 New Content on TFM

    • 28 min
    The Voice of NBA Top Shot [FEAT. JACOB EISENBERG]

    The Voice of NBA Top Shot [FEAT. JACOB EISENBERG]

    Episode 30 of TFM. March 31, 2021.The voice of NBA Top Shot, Jacob Eisenberg, joins us for a monster episode. But here's the trick; we're not talking about Top Shot that much. Instead, we're diving into the mind of Dapper's Community Lead and learning about his Basketball knowledge, Portuguese proficiency, his love for Pablo Prigioni, and the time he asked Kobe Bryant an interview question. Plus, LG reviews the month that was in March 2021. Hosted by @lgdoucet.

    00:00 Agenda for the day
    02:03 March 2021 in Top Shot
    04:15 Challenges + Trade Deadline
    06:00 Recap at The First Mint
    08:05 The First Mint website
    10:15 Jacob as an NBA fan
    15:01 Jacob as a Video Gamer Manager
    17:20 What makes a good NBA Player
    21:03 The next 10 years of the NBA
    24:02 Why Pablo Prigioni
    29:16 Advice for the casual NBA fan
    34:04 More about Pablo
    37:45 Why he speaks Portuguese
    39:30 Work-life balance during Top Shot
    42:15 The Community Team
    45:03 Interview Question to Kobe Bryant
    47:44 His Days as a Reporter

    • 54 min
    The Potential for Pack Drop Restrictions [FEAT. GREG MURRAY]

    The Potential for Pack Drop Restrictions [FEAT. GREG MURRAY]

    Episode 29 of TFM. March 29, 2021. Will you ever need to qualify for a pack drop? It has happened before, and it could happen again. We welcome TFM contributor Greg Murray to the show to discuss this topic and the precedent that has already been set by NBA Top Shot. We also review last week's Rookie and Top Shot Debut Badge release, and look at the week ahead in Top Shot. This episode was recorded well before the Pre Order Drop was announced, so some information might not be accurate! Hosted by @lgdoucet.

    00:00 Intro
    00:45 Agenda for the show
    02:30 The First Mint website!
    04:35 Badges hit the market
    05:30 I like the badges!
    07:01 Office Hours every week
    09:21 Gifting will change!
    10:22 Challenges coming up
    12:26 Greg Murray comes on the show
    14:26 Greg's start on Top Shot
    16:15 How many Packs did Greg get
    17:30 Past Requirements for Drops
    18:45 The Gift
    19:50 All Star Game Drop
    21:29 Speculation begins!
    22:52 Barrier to entry for Common Moments
    24:22 What if it was 10 Moments
    25:45 How many people just resell?
    26:30 Stages to the membership
    28:35 The Market is too expensive
    30:44 Series 2 Club?
    32:20 LG forgot Baller Status existed

    • 35 min
    Being Liquid in NBA Top Shot [FEAT. WADES]

    Being Liquid in NBA Top Shot [FEAT. WADES]

    Episode 28 of TFM. March 24, 2021.

    The Marketplace has been painful (despite a small rebound today!). This episode is low on updates, but high on experienced knowledge. We are joined by Wades, a staple of the Top Shot community and a man who knows his finance. We discuss the concept of LIQUIDITY in Top Shot, and why it's important to keep cash on hand

    00:00 Agenda for the show
    02:22 The Supply that might be coming
    04:20 Old Plays in all that supply
    05:21 Cool Cats 3 Recap
    06:29 Interview with Wades
    07:21 Three Podcasts dropped the same day
    08:10 How Wades got started
    09:40 Top Shot in the early days
    11:00 Trading ETH for Moments
    13:02 Cosmic Pack Openings
    15:20 His NBA Fandom
    16:16 Which NBA Game he would go to
    16:43 Why WADES the name?
    19:07 LIQUID CHAT, 10% is good
    20:27 Plan Ahead
    21:38 His Recent Sale
    23:11 His Plan to Liquidate
    25:04 His recent purchases
    26:30 Advantage of being liquid
    28:16 Stay Liquid in Bull Market
    29:45 Stick to you plan
    31:50 Start from scratch PLAN

    • 38 min
    The Marketplace Tumble [FEAT. EASYACES]

    The Marketplace Tumble [FEAT. EASYACES]

    Episode 27 of TFM. March 22, 2021. The Market is down and we break down the reasons why it's dipping so hard. Skip to the 8-minute market to hear that part. LG also breaks down the key injuries around the NBA and upcoming challenges. Last, we chat with EasyAces, the man who sold a Lebron for $210,000 over the weekend (the current highest all-time sale). Hosted by LgDoucet.

    00:00 Intro
    01:30 Lebron's injury
    02:30 Lamelo injury
    03:27 Cool Cats 3 today
    04:45 Tons of Challenges right now
    06:30 Seeing Stars Lebron Challenge
    15:40 Interview with EasyAces
    16:15 How the Sale went down
    18:05 Negotiating a big deal like this
    20:20 The dog is eating his shoes
    21:30 Getting into Top Shot
    23:02 Selling stuff once in a while
    24:33 Lebron's injury in Top Shot
    25:52 His most treasured Moment
    27:20 He wants the Kawhi shot

    • 29 min

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5.0 out of 5
12 Ratings

12 Ratings

Lucking ,

Hands down the best NBA Top Shot podcast!

How has NBA Top Shot not hired LG yet?!? Podcasts are incredibly well-produced, concise, interesting and always worth listening to. The only podcast I consistently listen to the day it comes out.

tilliatree ,

The Best NBA Top Shot Content out there

Look no further…Not only is this the best top shot podcast, but LG is an OG collector with a beautiful voice. Awesome guests, great shows, and a growing network of content creators. He’s also super helpful and engaging on his twitter page. I love this guy. One to watch!

Green blue yellow ,

Don’t skip it

This is essential listening for any NBA fan who wants to take Top Shot seriously

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