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Helping acupuncturists lead a successful fulfilled life - both professionally and personally

The Golden Cabinet Podcast Spence Pentland

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Helping acupuncturists lead a successful fulfilled life - both professionally and personally

    Instagram Secrets For Acupuncturists

    Instagram Secrets For Acupuncturists

    Michelle is back to talk Instagram for acupuncturists! If you like this platform personally, then it is a great idea to use it to promote your practice/clinic, and if you plan on doing so, then Michelle has some great advice on how to do it! If you want more information regarding her courses and coaching visit her website here.
    Spence Pentland

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    Interview with Brad Whisnant | The Golden Cabinet Podcast Episode #18

    Interview with Brad Whisnant | The Golden Cabinet Podcast Episode #18

    As a practitioner that has specialized exclusively in the treatment of fertility and reproductive health conditions since 2004, I am excited about the Tung points that Brad presented and will definitely be utilizing some of them in my practice moving forward. I appreciated how he expressed that this is not an alternative to my usual 'TCM' points, but additions that should be experimented with to see which work for me and my patients. I think it is a must for anyone focusing on the treatment of fertility to expand their knowledge, at least on a basic level, into what Master Tung has to offer our patients, and Brad lays it out quickly and simply. The accompanying PDF by itself is worth the price you pay for this course. And most of all, thank you Brad, for gifting me with the very best point on the body to reduce stress, improve sleep, and relieve pain! 

    Spence Pentland
    founder of Yinstill Reproductive Wellness, author of Being Fertile, and creator of The Being Fertile Program (BFP+)


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    Interview with Peter Harvey | The Golden Cabinet Podcast Episode #17

    Interview with Peter Harvey | The Golden Cabinet Podcast Episode #17

    Interview with Peter Harvey
    I love spending time with Peter - he is super smart, driven, kicking ass in his practice, and most importantly is a lot of fun! He is an absolute wealth of knowledge when it come to business sales and marketing. This is a very valuable episode and definitely one you do not want to miss. You will see what I mean - Listen / Watch now!  ~ Spence
    Professional Profile
    Western Ill. University bach marketing 1985, Dominican University MBA marketing 1992, Midwest College of Oriental medicine master of science in oriental medicine 2004
    Professional Achievements
    American tobacco top salesman 85-87
    Morton Salt GM at 29yrs grew business over 600% within 5yrs took mark from a commodity based to a brand loyal based market
    Eastern Healing inc grew to one of the largest fertility practices for a single practioner over 200 patients per week
    became a student teaching clinic 2018, former chair of Cimsig complimentary and special interest group for ASRM
    First in Illinois to become ABORM
    Professional Experience
    American Tobacco 85-87 field sales
    Morton salt Chicago salt service 87-92 field sales
    Morton Salt Salt Lake Salt Service 92-99 GM
    Morton Salt Chicago Salt Service 99-2008
    Eastern Healing 2004 to present

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    Interview with Oliver Bridge | The Golden Cabinet Podcast Episode #16

    Interview with Oliver Bridge | The Golden Cabinet Podcast Episode #16

    Interview with Oliver Bridge, one of the founding members of Bonjoro!
    In this special edition podcast episode, Oli and I go through the functions of Bonjoro and how it can help deliver amazing value and deep connection to your patients and set you apart from your competitors. I guarantee that both you and your patients will LOVE it!!!
    Simply put, Bonjoro is video email, perfected, easy to use, and extremely affordable.
    I send them out to all my new patients that come to the clinic. If they are not my patients (they are patients of my associates) then I like to touch base as the founder, welcome them to the clinic, and let them know we are all here to support them however we can.  If they are my patients, I use it to touch base a couple days after the initial appointment (after I have sent them their individualized treatment plan) to check in, encourage them to reply and ask any further questions they might have, and just generally show them that I am close by when needed.
    It is SUPER easy to use and comes at a SUPER affordable monthly cost.  Bonjoro is a no-brainer if you are looking for a new fun effective marketing tool for your clinic.
    It is an amazing tool that is getting amazing feedback.  The way of the future, I am positive.
    ~  Spence
    Check out their website now... http://bonjoro.com

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    Interview with Dr. Dominic Stape | The Golden Cabinet Podcast Episode #15

    Interview with Dr. Dominic Stape | The Golden Cabinet Podcast Episode #15

    Interview with Dr Dominic Stape
    I really felt like Dominic and I are on many similar pages when it comes to practice and business growth. His prime directive of addressing personal psychology first resonated with me, and his focus on setting a good foundation for each day with a solid morning routine was music to my ears! Dominic has created 2 successful clinics and is ready to share his wisdom. Watch / Listen now to get access to a free 5 level practice analysis of your practice. ~ Spence
    Brad Whisnant Seminars
    Professional Profile
    -Board certified Doctor of Oriental Medicine in the state of New Mexico. 2001
    -BS in biology and chemistry 1996
    -Biomedical research scientist. Researching allergies, cancer, anti anxiety drugs. 1994-96, 2001-04
    -cytogenetic technology. 1997
    Professional Achievements
    -In practice since 2001
    -grew to 200 patients/week.
    -invested in real estate to diversify
    -manage a staff of 5
    -opened a second clinic , physical medicine.
    Didn’t feel as connected with patients and put more focus on TCM clinic.
    -hire associate Drs to do the acupuncture.
    -stable clinic. I can be as busy as I want to be.
    -trained in Copenhagen in Acunova
    -volunteer in Vietnam for Brad Whisnant Seminars.
    Professional Experience
    -UNM school of medicine.
    -Genzyme genetics

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    Interview with Katie Altneu | The Golden Cabinet Podcast Episode #13

    Interview with Katie Altneu | The Golden Cabinet Podcast Episode #13

    Katie is optimistic, always smiling, & has lots of practical knowledge to help you grow and run your practice. I really love her energy and passion for helping other acupuncturists manifest the practice they desire - in her words; 'It doesn't have to be so hard'. Great words for those currently struggling and feeling overwhelmed by the business side of things. She has created AcuProsper which is such a great resource, and she has generously shared much of her pearls of wisdom here, in this podcast. Watch / Listen NOW.  ~ Spence
    *View full transcript - https://thegoldencabinet.ca/how-to-make-the-business-side-of-practice-feel-easier-lighter-it-about-connecting-serving/
    Professional Profile
    Katie is an acupuncturist & herbalist and the founder of Acuprosper.com where she leverages her business experience to help other acupuncturists create and grow practices they love.
    Professional Achievements
    – Founder of The Point Acupuncture & Holistic Medicine in Denver, where she currently has three associates - two acupuncturists and one homeopath - on staff.
    – Founder of Acuprosper.com where she's helped hundreds of acupuncturists to grow and feel more ease in their businesses.
    – Taught the business & marketing class at two acupuncture schools
    – Launched an online fertility course, Becoming Mama
    Professional Experience
    – Magna Cum Laude, Bachelors degree, Economics, Colby College, 2003
    – Economic History, London School of Economics 2003
    – Finacial Analyst, Nelson Roberts Investment Advisors, 2003 - 2006
    – Masters Degree, Southwest Acupuncture College, MSOM, August 2011
    – Founded The Point Acupuncture & Holistic Medicine, LLC 2011
    – Founded Acuprosper, LLC 2014
    – Speaker and Instructor at the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine 2011 - 2017
    – Instructor at Southwest Acupuncture College 2017
    – Created the Becoming Mama online fertility programs 2016

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