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Co-hosts Adrian and Bill talking about the films we love and the festivals we attend.

The Green Screen of Death Adrian Charlie and Bill Harris

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Co-hosts Adrian and Bill talking about the films we love and the festivals we attend.

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5.0 out of 5
6 Ratings

6 Ratings

ZackM is already taken ,

These dudes love movies

When you're the type of moviegoer who makes an effort to watch every notable film release, there isn't much point in reading the standard mid-length film reviews that are published in newspaper entertainment sections and on movie websites-- I don't want a detailed plot synopsis or someone's half baked attempt at analysis that they wrote two hours after seeing a film at a press screening or a film festival. All you need is people whose taste you trust to briefly describe the movie and tell you whether they liked it or not. Enter Adrian and Bill, two good fellas from Victoria BC. Adrian has the enthusiasm and Bill has the encyclopedic knowledge. Adrian steadfastly champions what he loves, and Bill sees literally everything even when it causes him physical pain to do so. They make a good pair for this sort of thing. I don't get out to the theater as much as I used to (I had a kid!), but I know that if they're both raving about something I need to see it, and it's also pretty clear when I can safely defer something to watch at home. Even when I disagree with them (which doesn't happen often), their thought process is pretty clear and I can read between the lines and decide if I might have my own take. When the podcast is active they cover damn near every wide release and I appreciate the cheat sheet. Excelsior, boys!

soundjam69 ,

the DEFINITIVE movie podcast

Oh look what i did. Listen for Adrian's smooth voice , stay for Bill's insanity.

Thecroshow ,


Really cool podcast and you guys sound really handsome!

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