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This is an industry disruptor podcast for florists who want to create consistent 5k Months through hotel partnerships WITHOUT depending on unstable wedding and event income.

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This is an industry disruptor podcast for florists who want to create consistent 5k Months through hotel partnerships WITHOUT depending on unstable wedding and event income.

    Why My 301st Hotel Install Was My Last

    Why My 301st Hotel Install Was My Last

    It has been a very emotional few months for me, so this last episode is definitely going to be on the more personal side. 

    There have been a lot of ups and downs in the last few months, from almost selling a business to the deal falling through last minute.

    To almost signing a client, to not signing a client last minute.

    And in these moments, you truly have to hold to your belief, trust the timing and know that everything is happening for you.

    As I always like to say, the universe always has my back.

    In this episode:
    1:20 Understanding my current energetics and reclaiming my personal power

    4:30 Why I decided to let a client go after 301 installs together

    8:47 Why identity work is really hard when it comes to making a switch or big decision
      10:20 New opportunities I am trailblazing in 2023

    12:30 The evolution of The Hotel Florist™ and where it is going I did not come this far in the floral industry to only come this far. Therefore I am keeping the Monthly 1:1 60 min Coaching open for the foreseeable future. This 1-1 container is for you if you are ready to take your floral business to the next level - not alone! So let's get there together! I only work with a small number of clients per year and spots are limited. Click the link to sign up today: https://www.thehotelflorist.co/offers/YMgA4hFL

    In just 28 minutes you could be on your way to landing your first hotel contract, click the link to watch the free masterclass to help you get started! https://webinarkit.net/webinar/registration/614280b6d795ba001862250d 

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    What is The Hotel Florist™ & How to Start Working with Hotels

    What is The Hotel Florist™ & How to Start Working with Hotels

    I’m excited about this week’s episode because it’s going to be very practical and a really nice review of how to get started working with hotels.

    If you are a seasoned hotel florist and have already worked with hotels, or we've already worked together, this episode might not be for you.

    But if you are someone that is sitting on the fence and have been thinking about working with hotels for a long time, and are like, 
    “Okay, you know what? This is going to be the year…I’m going to pull the bandaid off…I know I can do this...but I’m just a little bit scared. 
    Can you remind me again of all the things I’m supposed to do?”
    This is episode is for you.

    1:00 What exactly The Hotel Florist™ is and what it aims to do

    2:02 Different ways you can be hired as a hotel florist

    4:20 Different types of payment structures you can expect from working with hotels

    9:05 What is consistent income and why it’s so crucial to business growth

    11:30 How do you make consistent income a as hotel florist and design your business around that?

    14:30 How one 6 year contract generated a million dollars in business revenue
      16:15 How The Hotel Florist™ brand was born

    19:14 How do you actually start working with hotels?
    Wondering how to start with hotels? The Hotel Florist™ Starter Kit offers no-bs guidance (literally less than an hour) on how to work with hotels. Click this link to automatically get $100 off if you buy within the next 24 hours! https://www.thehotelflorist.co/offers/zDtrEnPo 
    If you want to learn more about how you can create a profitable and sustainable floral business, then I highly recommend my turnkey floral design program Petals to Profit.  Petals to Profit launched in 2019 when I hit my second consecutive multiple six-figure year working literally one day a week.  https://www.thehotelflorist.co/offers/9W42Pu8a 

    Be sure to subscribe to our growing YouTube channel for more learning content on how to grow your floral business and create consistent income: https://www.youtube.com/@thehotelflorist
    P.S. All my free resources are in one place, click the link to jumpstart your hotel floral business: https://thehotelflorist.com/free  

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    How to Handle Rejection when Pitching to Hospitality Accounts

    How to Handle Rejection when Pitching to Hospitality Accounts

     I am really excited about today's episode because as you begin pitching and starting your journey as a hotel florist, you may find yourself coming across a lot of different challenging scenarios. What do you do if you don't hear back from anyone at all? What if the hotel you are reaching out to already as a florist? What if hotel after hotel declines your proposal saying they aren't interested  — or worse, they run away with the idea you proposed to them and hire someone cheaper…ouch.
    We can talk about competition, but I think what we really need to do is shift our thoughts and deal with the real issue here…which is how to deal with rejection.

    1:20 Understanding that rejection is a part of the game
      4:00 Learning how to weed through the no’s until you find the yes

    6:15 My experience with rejection when breaking into the hotel floral industry

    8:20 Confidence does not come from thinking, confidence comes through doing

    10:30 The importance of keeping your foot in the door even when you get a “no”

    12:30 What do you do when a hotel tells you that they already have florist?

    18:00 What happens when that particular client doesn’t respond and then runs off with your idea and then pitches it themselves? The Hotel Florist Profit Method is the signature A-Z blueprint of how to pitch, land, design, and automate hotel partnerships. This program single-handedly has generated over $ 3.3 million dollars in hotel contract value for the members inside, in less than two years of enrollment. Use code THF10 for 10% off this signature program: https://www.thehotelflorist.co/offers/F5BDnbEJ 
    Watch the free masterclass to learn how you can start creating consistent income through hotel partnerships today: https://webinarkit.com/webinar/registration/614280b6d795ba001862250d

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    Leaving a Full-Time Career for a Blooming Business

    Leaving a Full-Time Career for a Blooming Business

    I’m thrilled to interview in this episode, Kelly Carlson of Boone’s Blooms.  Kelly went from a full-time sales career of 22 years to opening a floral studio out of her garage. 
    In her first month as a full-time florist, she made 5 figures and her second month is on track for another 5 figures. 
    I know there are a lot of you who listen to this podcast that have one foot in the floral world and one foot still in your corporate life, and you’re trying to figure out.. is this even worth it? Are the risks real? Should I listen to my fears?
    In this episode, Kelly share’s her advice for those of you who are really looking at what your options are, and if now is the time to make the leap.

    2:00 How Kelly decided to go from a full-time corporate sales job to selling flowers

    5:21 How Kelly used her corporate background experience to jumpstart her flower shop and what she wished she would have known when first starting

    7:22 The mindset struggles of going from a successful corporate career to starting over as a creative entrepreneur.
      9:08 When Kelly knew it was time to quit her corporate job and go full-time floral creative.
      14:08 Top resources and tools that helped keep Kelly on track and follow through.

    20:02 What Kelly would tell you after her first full month in business and making 5 figures. Flower friend, stop letting your fears get in the way of hiring and expanding your business. It's time to say goodbye to living in fight or flight mode constantly. It's time to make a name for yourself in this industry and live out the desires you've been secretly holding on to! Use Code THF10 for 10% off the Petals to Profit Program: https://www.thehotelflorist.co/offers/9W42Pu8a


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    Why Mentorship is Key in Growing Your Business

    Why Mentorship is Key in Growing Your Business

    I’m so excited about this episode of The Hotel Florist™ podcast because I get to introduce to you my mentor, Angharad Sage. She has precipitated a massively successful online spiritual mentoring and digital product business founded upon deep intimacy, your soul's unique expression, and breaking the rules.
    Her favorite place to get to know each other & channel free content is Instagram, her handle is @angharadsage

    Here is what we discuss in this episode:
    1:12 How important is private mentorship 

    4:00 Shifting our paradigms and beliefs about asking for help
      7:20 How deep support changes our timelines

    9:30 Our business as an extension of ourselves is impacted by everything
      15:30 From postpartum depression, personal & business challenges, to discovering personal development

    19:00 Walking with those who have already done the thing you want to do versus sitting in your box
    .  22:00 How to pull up a chair to a different table and break free of the situation you feel you are stuck in.
      27:00 Knowledge is not power, integration is power. Are you ready to invest in yourself with 1-1 mentorship? Then the 1:1 Telegram 30 days container is perfect for you.  Spaces are limited, so follow this link to learn more: https://www.thehotelflorist.co/offers/zT68Vjpg 

    P.S. Wondering what a hotel florist is and what the first steps you can take to get started creating consistent income?  My free masterclass will get you up to speed and ready to walk through the doors of a hotel in as little as 30 minutes. Watch the class here --> https://webinarkit.com/webinar/registration/614280b6d795ba001862250d 

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    The Best Lessons I have Learned by Taking a Risk

    The Best Lessons I have Learned by Taking a Risk

    I have a bit of a confession, this week’s episode was going to be super “legit” about how to get your foot in the door when working with hotels, but I decided we are not going going to talk about that because there are more important things I want to share with you.

    This episode focuses on the best lessons I have learned by taking a risk and here are some of the things I am sharing with you:
    3:10 You are your best return on investment 

    6:50 You have to go first in order to lead the change you want to see in your life

    11:46 Why I cannot ask of others what I have not done myself

    13:07 Realizing that I have never let myself down, so why would I start now?

    16:30 How I honor the seasons in my life without placing meaning on them

    21:56 The moment you look for outside validation, you are outside of your personal power.

    24:00 Why private mentorship is required if you're looking to collapse years into months, months into weeks, and weeks into days

    26:30 Why investing in long-term containers will set you up better for success

    29:00 The harder the moment, the more transformative the outcome

    30:47 The difference between coaching and mentorship

    32:00 Circumstances don’t affect long-term decisions unless you make up a story as to why that’s true for you

    37:30 Where are you feeling unsupported and how can you offer that support to yourself right now?

    39:32 Success doesn't come from crossing t’s and dotting i’s When trying to work with a hotel, pitching holiday decor or a holiday floral bar could be one of your best strategies this season! Click the link for 10% off using code THF10 and learn how to pitch, land, and execute extra cash around the holidays: https://www.thehotelflorist.co/offers/pzV2XaQ2

    P.S. Ready to apply what you learned from this episode and take a risk? Watch my free masterclass to help you get started working with hotels: https://webinarkit.net/webinar/registration/614280b6d795ba001862250d 

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