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From Cookie Crisp to Frosted Flakes, The Morning Bowl covers all things cereal! Hosted by cereal expert Joseph Morgenstern, featuring a new guest host every episode!

The Morning Bowl The Morning Bowl

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From Cookie Crisp to Frosted Flakes, The Morning Bowl covers all things cereal! Hosted by cereal expert Joseph Morgenstern, featuring a new guest host every episode!

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
16 Ratings

16 Ratings

realsethrogen ,

Epic style

Ok, now THIS is epic!!!!!!!!!!

Hidy-ho ,


Witty and insightful. I look forward to the history episode featuring Red River cereal. A meaningful addition to the podcast canon.

Your lad Noah ,

A critic's view

From the moment the podcaster’s calming voice hit my earlobes, I was hooked on this podcast. The podcast is a masterful blend of humour, fact, and surprisingly relaxing sounds of pouring milk and the crunching of cereal. Mix it with the host’s encyclopedic knowledge of cereal, and you’ve got an extraordinary podcast - but not one without its faults.

I am, of course, referring to The Morning Bowl, the quintessential cereal podcast, and the Bran-d new work of Joseph Morgenstern, most well known for such work such as Joesdm.tv. Every other Sunday, the host, along with a special guest from the cereal community, break down some of our favourite cereals. You can find the first two episodes now, on Soundcloud and iTunes, at “The Morning Bowl”. Here, I’ll be talking about the first episode of the podcast: Bran Flakes Vs Corn Flakes Ft. Leo Morgenstern.

The structure of the show is simple - Joseph introduces his guest host, who speaks a little about their relationship with cereal. In the first episode, this guest is Leo Morgenstern. After that, he introduces the topic for the show - a debate on whether Bran Flakes or Corn Flakes are the superior cereal. Morgenstern tells us a little bit about the two cereals, their nutrition facts, price, and volume, before diving into the meat of the show: the scoring of the cereals.

Morgenstern rates cereal based on six factors, all rated out of five: taste, texture, practicality, noise level, health, and cost. And this is where my first issue with the podcast lies.

It’s hard not to have bias for cereal - many of us grew up eating a certain kind of cereal, and thus have a favourite. Now, I don’t know if Joseph wanted to make an objective podcast, but when both hosts say, roight out of the box, that they are both biased for a type of cereal, that raises some red flags. Leo is a Corn Flakes man, Joseph a Bran Flakes guy. They’re going to rate their own cereal higher. They’re just going to. Even if they try their hardest to look past their bias, there is always going to be some, in their subconscious, lingering.

Furthermore, many of these categories are exceedingly open-ended; Joseph himself states in the episode that Practicality, for example, can mean anywhere from if it mixes well with other foods to if it makes a mess or not. What? These two are so different, why not just make them separate categories? I find it hard to trust this rating system.

After explaining how cereal is rated, Joseph pours himself and Leo each a bowl of Bran Flakes, using the suggested amount from the box coupled with the suggested serving of 1% milk (presumably - this is an audio show, so we have no way of knowing if the same amounts and ratio of cereal-to-milk is used per bowl, but I digress.) Jospeh and Leo each eat their bowl, before rating the Bran Flakes on each axis, according to their tastes.

Once the Bran Flakes have been sufficiently eaten and rated, Joseph pours a bowl of Corn Flakes and milk for the pair, which they eat and rate as well.

I appreciate how in-depth the cereal experts go in explaining their ratings, and what the categories mean to them - although I feel that Leo giving a 5, with no further comment, to Corn Flakes on two axes of the rating is wildly unfair and biased, especially given that Joseph, a Bran Flakes man, did not give such high praise to Bran Flakes - and to their credit, their bias shows very little in most of their ratings. Joseph is clearly a master in his field. And his field is Cereal.

From a technical standpoint, the show is also excellent. The microphone quality is above average, and volume is consistent throughout the show. The transitions are smooth and natural, and I really enjoy the musical jingle (although it could likely stand to go on a couple seconds longer.)

Despite my opposition to the rating system used in the show, I find it hard to dispute that the Seriously Smart Sage of Cereal, Joseph Morgenstern’s, breakout podcast is anything short of a masterpiece. The (mostly) objective review of cereal, coupled with the host’s sly wit and compelling arguments, makes this show one of, if not the, best cereal-based podcasts out their.

Don’t be flakey, go give it a listen. You’ll like what you see(real).

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