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The MS Gym Podcast, hosted by Brooke Slick and Jodi Feltham: For people with Multiple Sclerosis who are living life by design NOT diagnosis

The MS Gym Podcast Co-hosts: Brooke Slick & Jodi Feltham

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The MS Gym Podcast, hosted by Brooke Slick and Jodi Feltham: For people with Multiple Sclerosis who are living life by design NOT diagnosis

    Cultivating Community Through Coffee Chats

    Cultivating Community Through Coffee Chats

    As the world continues to adjust to the ever-changing normal it's more important than ever to find connection in a safe community.
    Today's podcast highlights the many benefits of The MS Gym Coffee Chats, yet another perk of being a member.
    Two of the Coffee Chat hosts, Deb & Erica, join me today to discuss:
    How the Coffee Chats came to be
    How they keep the atmosphere light and positive despite the chaos going on around us
    The connection forged between members
    The benefits of Buddy Groups
    How their own lives have been enriched as hosts
    The MS Gym

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    ACCESSIBLE TRAVEL with Sylvia Longmire of Spintheglobe.net: Traveling Fearlessly with a Disability

    ACCESSIBLE TRAVEL with Sylvia Longmire of Spintheglobe.net: Traveling Fearlessly with a Disability

    Today's episode is all about wheelchair and accessible travel, but our guest, though an international expert in this field, brings way more to the table than just that. For instance,
    She's an award-winning accessible travel writer, blogger and photographer, travel agent, author, entrepreneur and disability rights advocate.
    She's a service disabled US Air Force veteran, full-time wheelchair user, single mother and former Miss wheelchair USA.
    She's the founder of the award-winning Spin the Globe travel blog where she shares her traveling experiences from around the world in a power chair. She shares tips and tricks from her own travels, she gives fellow wheelchair users the tools and the confidence to create their own travel adventures without fear. Her travel articles have been featured in the New York Times, New Mobility Magazine and Lonely Planet and she's published three accessible travel-related books. And, I don't want to forget her 130 travel-related videos that she's created and produced from around the world. Videos led to voiceover work and that led to voiceover acting.  She is a powerhouse!  But there's more...
    Though all Sylvia's accomplishments I've mentioned so far are related to what we're going to be talking about today, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention one of the most intriguing areas of her resume. Sylvia is an expert on Mexico's drug war and border security, and has been a frequent guest on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, NBC Nightly News, to name a few. She's also been a guest expert on the History Channel's Brad Meltzer's Decoded in America's War on Drugs and has consulted for producers of the National Geographic Channel's Border Wars and Drugs Inc. series She is also an author of two books on these issues as well as hundreds of articles for Homeland Security publications.
    To say that Sylvia is "more than her MS" wouldn't do her accomplishments any justice.
    Join me now as I get the inside scoop from Sylvia on why travel post-disability IS possible, is way more accessible than you might imagine, and how your dream of traveling solo with a disability is absolutely achievable. 
    A quote to set the tone
    Documenting everything
    The psychological grieving process
    Preparing for what's to come
    Anticipating medical retirement
    Keeping one foot in the door of her career
    Pivoting from drug trafficking, border security and human trafficking to her passion for travel
    Travel as a form of healing
    Finding the confidence to travel alone with a disability
    How a 16-hour flight to Dubai set the bar
    Becoming a professional travel blogger and the birth of Spin the Globe
    How doing your homework on a destination is key
    Accessible travel 101
    Identifying your limitations
    Taking incremental steps to find your comfort zone
    Traveling solo
    Asking for help
    The biggest travel-related setback she's encountered so far
    Frankfurt and a broken scooter
    Timing layovers to accommodate your ability
    The country that is surprisingly more accessible than you might think
    Patience, patience, patience
    Personal boundaries
    Projecting positivity while traveling in a wheelchair
    Being grateful for what you CAN do
    Wheelchair vanity. It's a thing.
    When people look at your mobility device as cool
    Arranging MS drug therapy with your travel schedule
    Three things a traveler with a disability should never travel without
    Being resourceful when hotel accessibility is a challenge
    Wheelchair accessible cruising
    Cruising during the Covid era
    Expert advice to new wheelchair users
    Adapt and overcome
    Where to find all of Sylvia's resources
    Spintheglobe.net - Sylvia's blog, travel consultations/opportunities, books (travel & drug war-related), photos, cool merch, media kit and more!
    The MS Gym
    Brooke Slick

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    MS, Mayhem & Motherhood: A Journey from Unsuspecting to Expecting

    MS, Mayhem & Motherhood: A Journey from Unsuspecting to Expecting

    The Canadian MS Society states that:
    77,000 Canadians live with the disease
    MS can occur at any age, but is most often diagnosed between the ages of 20-49
    MS affects individuals during the peak years for education, career and family-building
    MS is 3 times more likely to affect women than men 
    Today’s guest Melissa Hayes candidly shares her struggles and challenges with:
    Her Diagnosis at age 23
    Starting a new career in the midst of multiple MS symptoms
    Having multiple relapses at once
    Worsening of her disease while on a Disease Modifying Therapy (DMT)
    Raising a toddler
    Reaching out for help
    Having to enlist the help of daycare
    Family planning
    The fear of the future
    But the story doesn’t end there. Melissa also shares her goals and dreams for the future with her:
    New DMT
    Finding the MS Gym
    Improvements of MS symptoms through daily exercise
    Accountability and Buddy Groups
    New baby
    Belief for herself and her healing
    Vision and her "WHY"

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    RADICAL ACCEPTANCE: Acknowledging your current reality at the present moment

    RADICAL ACCEPTANCE: Acknowledging your current reality at the present moment

    I wanted to welcome you all back from summer break and give you a taste of what to expect this upcoming season. If you haven't already heard the announcement, Jodi Feltham, who already plays a huge role in the organization of the MS Gym behind the scenes will be joining me this season as a co-host. To say I'm thrilled would be an understatement. Jodi's episodes will be focusing on member victories, struggles and lifestyle, while my episodes will continue to feature guests related to all things MS life. Add to that, freestyle episodes where Jodi and I bounce MS-related topics off each other, plus select recordings of Jodi's fan favorite, Motivation Mondays, and the new season is guaranteed to keep you tuning in. Let's get started with Jodi's Motivational Monday from this week titled radical acceptance.

    Is acknowledging your current reality at the present moment - whether it's what happened or what is happening
    It does not mean:
    - I approve of it
    - I think it's fair
    - I like it
    - That I'm being passive or giving up
    - I agree with what happened
    Why practice radical acceptance?
    - Fighting reality only creates suffering
    - While pain is inevitable, suffering is optional
    - Suffering is what you do with that pain and the interpretation you put on the pain.
    - Acceptance brings opportunity to heal
    - When we accept it than we can think about how we want to change it
    - If we spend all our energy fighting it then we have no energy left to change it
    - What reality are you having difficulty accepting?

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    CLINICAL TRIALS, MEDICAL TREATMENT AND THE BLACK MS COMMUNITY: A History Lesson with Dr. Mitzi Joi Williams, Damian Washington & Jenna Green

    CLINICAL TRIALS, MEDICAL TREATMENT AND THE BLACK MS COMMUNITY: A History Lesson with Dr. Mitzi Joi Williams, Damian Washington & Jenna Green

    I recently had the opportunity to be part of a round table discussion that focused on how the medical history of yesterday affects the decisions of black patients in the MS community today.
    At the table we have neurologist, Dr Mitzi Joi Williams aka, Dr. Mitzi, who was recently part of the MS Gym Summit; MS advocate, Damian Washington, who is also the creator of the popular YouTube vlog No Stress MS; along with MS advocate, blogger and Instagram phenom Jenna Green, creator of the blog Full of Grit and Grace.
    Take a listen as Dr. Mitzi unpacks the complicated history of medical distrust for us.
    To schedule an appointment with Dr. Mitzi:  Joi Life Wellness Group
    For more information on Dr. Mitzi, visit her personal website, to book her as a speaker, purchase her books, or read her blog, at https://drmitzijoimd.com/
    Instagram: @thenerdyneurologist
    YouTube:  No Stress MS
    Instagram: @damianwashington
    Twitter:  @deedubs57
    Website: Full of Grit and Grace 
    Mentioned in this episode:
    Book: Medical Apartheid - The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present
    Documentary: 13th
    Host: Brooke Slick

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    Hi everyone! It's Brooke, and I'm popping on to let you know about an exciting project we've been working on, and, to celebrate the one-year anniversary of our move to an interview format of the podcast.  I'm going to share some fun little statistics about the progress we've made and who we're reaching with our content. I'll also be sharing a link to registration to The MS Gym Thrive Summit below. So let's get started!
    Link to MS Gym Thrive Summit Registration
    The MS Gym
    Brooke Slick

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4.8 out of 5
8 Ratings

8 Ratings

Jodi Feltham ,

What a fantastic resource

I am truly an MS gym junkie and I think this podcast series is amazing. Brooke is so entertaining and I love how she interviews people and topics that are so pertinent to the MS community. MS is so rampant worldwide this is such a great avenue to bring hope and knowledge to those suffering with this challenging disease.

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