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Where sustainable living gals, Kelsey and Becca, empower you to live a green life you'll love.

The Positively Green Podcast Becca Tetzlaff and Kelsey Jorissen

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Where sustainable living gals, Kelsey and Becca, empower you to live a green life you'll love.

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4.4 out of 5
7 Ratings

7 Ratings

CarolineFrenette ,

A Breath of Fresh Air

I discovered the podcast — specifically an episode on greenwashing— while on my way to return a product from a company I found out was TOTALLY greenwashing! Synchronicity? :)

Anyway, I love these girls (they’re so smart!) and I love the energy they bring to the conversation of what it means to live more sustainably.

Becca and Kelsey keep it real, they lead by example yet don’t pretend to be perfect when it comes to living sustainably. They’re the girlfriends that are in it with you and you’ll be glad to hang out with them on this journey.

Robincircus99 ,

Some good advice, with some questionable moments

These ladies have an enjoyable banter and have some great moments. I particularly like the format with the pains and gains at the start.

They lost me a bit with the anti-vegan episode. I’ll preface this by saying I’m not a vegan, and have never been one or even seriously considered it. I have been a vegetarian for 18 years for various reasons. They were careful to specifically say that it’s ok to be vegan and that ‘not all vegans are mean/bullies’ (which kind of implied that most are...) and really pushed the idea of pasture raised meat vs factory farming. Totally reasonable. However, pasture raised meat is not particularly accessible to a whole lot of people and even when it is, it can be cost prohibitive. As well, I’m pretty sure that there isn’t enough pasture land in North America to meet the current demand of meat over-consumption, which is why factory farming came to be. What advise could you give to people that might be more practical? Maybe avoiding the extremes and becoming a weekday vegetarian, and choosing sustainably farmed meat a day or two a week when you can afford it.. or a vegetarian who consumes sustainably farmed eggs and dairy.
Oh, and the bit about the hierarchy of death? A bit of a stretch. There’s a great song called ‘Carrot Juice is Murder’ by the Arrogant Worms, a small Canadian band. It’s worth a laugh - because it’s a *joke*. 😂
Keep up the good work on the podcast, but maybe lay off the vegan shaming.

Kkhvfdfdsfgvfdf ,

Positively Wonderful! 💚

Kelsey & Becca do an excellent job explaining how everyone can live a greener life with simple & tangible tasks. I look forward to the notification on my phone when there’s a new podcast. Keep up the good work ladies 💚✌🏼

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