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The “Rainbow Nation” is two best friends sharing their experiences and opinions as a Lesbian parent and a single Indigenous Gay man in a small north west town in British Columbia, Canada.
There are special guests weekly from across the Rainbow spectrum that share their stories with us.

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The “Rainbow Nation” is two best friends sharing their experiences and opinions as a Lesbian parent and a single Indigenous Gay man in a small north west town in British Columbia, Canada.
There are special guests weekly from across the Rainbow spectrum that share their stories with us.

    Season 3, Episode 11 - Jennifer Rice

    Season 3, Episode 11 - Jennifer Rice

    Hello!  This week we have been able to sit down with B.C. North-coast MLA Jennifer Rice.   Here is a biography of Jennifer Rice:
    Jennifer Rice was elected the MLA for North Coast in 2013, 2017 and re-elected in 2020. She was recently appointed to the role of Parliamentary Secretary for Rural Health. 
    She has worked hard to improve safety for people travelling along the Highway of Tears (highway 16) delivering improved public transportation options such as BC Bus North, the community shuttle bus system and with improved cell service between Prince Rupert and Prince George. 
    Jennifer has recently secured $65 million dollars to help replace Prince Rupert’s water distribution system and secured  nearly $127 million dollars to replace Prince Rupert Middle school.
    She is married to her partner Andrea and is mother to almost  4 years-old Lua and new mom to almost 4 month old Theo.
    We had a great conversation in her office downtown Prince Rupert on a Sunday morning.  We talked about where she is from, how she chose Prince Rupert as her home and how she got into politics.  We also talked about the now infamous planned "roundabout" announcement for Prince Rupert and dissected what it will entail .  It was a great candid conversation about what is like  being LGBT in politics, in a small town and she gives some advice for anyone wanting to jump into the political realm as a profession. We talked about how the anti-sogi narrative is being perceived in today's increasingly political climate in not only being part of the LGBT community, but as an ally. 
    We feel it's a "Part One" to a longer conversation, so please take a listen and enjoy!
    Also - we missed you! we will keep in touch more! xo Editor's Note:
    * During our recording, Jennifer failed to mention her new MLA colleague, Joan Phillip (Who ran in former MLA Melanie Mark's riding and won. ) Jennifer means no disrespect to her colleague or indigenous people with her on air omission. 

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    Episode 10 , Season 3 - Havana Fisher

    Episode 10 , Season 3 - Havana Fisher

    Hello besties!We are back for a fabulous podcast on the eve of another Pride month with the lovely, super busy and all around doll - Havana Fisher.Havana is originally from Hartley Bay and enjoying her busy time with helping out at Prince Rupert Middle School (with the GSA - Skittles Club), as well as her space in Wap Sigatgyet (House of Building Strength), Indigenous Education Centre.   An artist and entrepreneur , Havana is going back to her education journey to become a full fledged certified teacher for her degree and bachelor's of education! We wish her well on her journey!  She talks about how her friends and family's support and dogs have carried her through her own journey of finding her authentic self as a woman. 
    Hartley Bay is her recharging space when things get to be too much and how after growing up with the challenges of an LGBT+ person in a small community has helped her carry herself today. Havana  has poured her creativity into her art (which she will showcase at the upcoming Seafest celebrations in Prince Rupert, with both the Skittles Club as well as her own line of shirts with her designs on it.
    It's a podcast that feels like it just flowed and how we can lost in conversation, but find out more about the guest in the process.  
    We missed you! Give us a listen, won't you?Happy Pride! 

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    Episode 9, Season 3 - Dr. Rakel Kling

    Episode 9, Season 3 - Dr. Rakel Kling

    We are very excited to share a discussion we had with Dr. Rakel Kling from Northern Health, about MonkeyPox.  
    We asked listeners to submit questions for Dr. Kling and she was kind enough to sit with us over Zoom to answer them.
    There is a lot of information out there, true and untrue.  Dr. Kling gave us some resources to be better informed and to share: the Northern Health  website is a good start with links to other sites for more information. 
    She detailed what the virus is and how it's transmitted, what people can do when they think have the virus and how to prevent it. 
    We are grateful for Dr. Kling's time and have our door open for any further discussions in the future. 
    Take a listen, friend. 

    “Dr. Rakel Kling is the Northern Interior Medical Health Officer. She has been a Medical Health Officer for Northern Health for four years. As a Medical Health Officer, her role is to promote and protect the health of the public and communities”

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    Season 3, Episode 8 - Sheila Gordon-Payne

    Season 3, Episode 8 - Sheila Gordon-Payne

    Sheila Gordon-Payne is running for Prince Rupert City Council this upcoming election, and we wanted to sit down with her and get to know her a little better. 
    Sheila works in healthcare and is an avid traveller.  She's been a long time resident of Prince Rupert and is passionate about seeing the city flourish in collaboration with the residents. 
    Lots of topics covered here from housing, homelessness, small businesses and the growth of Prince Rupert.  Carrying on with the blueprint of "Prince Rupert Vision 2030", the goal orientated and timeline structured of "Redesign Rupert" Sheila is excited to have the opportunity to see them through.  
    Not her first time on Prince Rupert City Council, Sheila talks of her experience previously and what a diverse City Council can look like and achieve. 
    Take a listen ! Thanks for stopping by. 

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    Season 3, Episode 7 - Chrystopher Thompson

    Season 3, Episode 7 - Chrystopher Thompson

    Today Christine & Russel got a chance to sit down with one of the mayoral candidates for the upcoming municipal election in Prince Rupert, Chrystopher Thompson.  Chrystopher has worked in education for 13 years and presently is an Indigenous mentor at Pacific Coast School (PCS).   A new face to the political arena, we wanted to get to know Chrystopher a little better, who is he and what he stands for , on the evening before the first All Candidates Forum for the public to do the same. We asked: what lead him to both his current field and what made him want to run for mayor, what  his approach is to being accessible to the public as well as how to deal with confrontational voters and what it means for his private life. There is a lot to unpack.  Welcome! 

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    Season 3, Episode 6 - Danielle Dueck

    Season 3, Episode 6 - Danielle Dueck

    Hi Gay, Happy Pride month!  
    It's a great day to be queer and an even better day to get to talk to Out & Queer teacher from Charles Hays Secondary School,  Danielle Dueck!
    Dueck (it's ok, I can call her that), is also helping with the Gay Straight Alliance at CHSS and has been one of the key people in having the Pride float in the latest Seafest parade in Prince Rupert.  If you know Prince Rupert, this is a BIG deal. 
    Christine & Russel talk all things Pride - the good, the bad and the nasty (we are looking at YOU, PostMates!) , Dueck's foray into her FIRST Pride in Vancouver later this summer and so much more.
    It's a lot of laughing , discussion and Q U E E R things on this podcast.  (It's really good, take a listen).
    Happy Pride to all! 

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5.0 out of 5
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7 Ratings

Saturday morning viewer ,

Love these two!

Two childhood friends interview a variety of folk with regards to LGBTQ+ issues. Their approach is warm and down to earth and gives a perspective from rural Canada that is rarely heard. Two thumbs up for these local trailblazers.

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