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    Wilson Cole runs a collection agency for recruiters

    Wilson Cole runs a collection agency for recruiters

    @AERCollections -- LINKEDIN: 

    Our firm has processed over one billion dollars of staffing and recruiting debt for more than 3000 staffing and recruiting firms globally. 

    We collect 84.17% of the time in house but if suit is needed then we have our network of 70 attorneys that have litigated over 7500 cases and our clients have prevailed in a staggering 91% of those cases. 

    We are also one of the very few firms that have an attorney on staff that oversees our day to day collection activities and personally engages on the accounts that need attorney involvement to help get the issue resolved.

    I talk to most new clients to see if our services are needed and what they could do prior to getting my firm involved. If I have a schedule conflict, my Staff Attorney will meet with you on my behalf. You will NEVER be passed off to a sales rep.

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    Oliver Reade, UK Recruiting Trainer

    Oliver Reade, UK Recruiting Trainer

    @ReadeConsult -- LINKEDIN: 

    Reade Consultancy was created to provide sales/business professionals and recruiters alike the tools to be successful.

    With over 2 decades in new business development including recruitment I felt it necessary to pass on the skills learnt to help those aspiring to be more successful. If you are new to sales or experienced we cover the various processes in order to get you and the client pass the finish line.

    Other than "Making each call count - The art of Cold Calling" we offer recruitment courses from building a desk from scratch through to the various processes in recruitment best practice.

    If you have any questions surrounding the courses offered or require impartial advice on your business; please feel free to drop us a line.

    Skype: readeConsultancy

    E: contact@readeConsultancy.com

    W: https://www.readeConsultancy.com


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    Ernie Moreno, Food Manufacturing Recruiter

    Ernie Moreno, Food Manufacturing Recruiter


    Having been a food manufacturing executive and having walked the floors of food companies, I understand the requirements toward building successful results.

    Experience in recruiting for over 25 years has allowed me to build a solid network of outstanding candidates.

    - My process is to focus on identifying the company problems that will be resolved by hiring the right individual. 

    -  I create a search profile by speaking with the hiring managers & HR to identify management needs focusing on skills, company culture & candidate personality.

    -  I send only qualified, well-screened resumes that match your unique search profile.


    -  My Philosophy: I only place a candidate with a company I would work for.  If the company has known shortcomings, I will be an open book

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    Richard Rosner, The Staffing Shark

    Richard Rosner, The Staffing Shark

    @StaffingShark -- LINKEDIN: 


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    Anthony Caputi, Sales Recruiter

    Anthony Caputi, Sales Recruiter

    @AnthonyCaputi  -- LINKEDIN: 

    Working on retainer, I provide a consultative approach to recruiting.

    Consider what could take your job satisfaction, professional growth and impact on a business to the next level?

    ★ A company with a different vision and strategy?

    ★ A better manager and workplace culture?

    ★ A role with objectives that fit you better?

    Perhaps it's time to explore a new avenue. Here's how we can work together in three simple steps:

    ➀ We're going to have a call where we assess your job situation and professional goals.

    ➁ If it makes sense, we’ll have a conversation to explore the fit of a particular job opportunity.

    ➂ If everything looks good, I will guide you through a company’s hiring process.

    When people who are competent, compatible and complementary join together, everybody wins.

    If it's important to be in a role and on a team that enables you to achieve your best results, let's talk. 

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    Steve Gipson, Recruiter and Website Builder

    Steve Gipson, Recruiter and Website Builder

    @RecruitersSites -- LINKEDIN - COMPANY

    We understand what it takes to build a professional recruiting website because, like you, we are recruiters. We can help you enhance your current websites. We improve site SEO mechanics and social media presence to help your firm become more visible to search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.



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