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    (Bonus) Platinum League: The Final

    (Bonus) Platinum League: The Final

    When Two Become One.  We salute our two finalists, and bid farewell to last weeks higher seeds.  Jimmy tells us of his first gambling experience in the 80's as the guys spontaneously preview Canada's World Cup Qualification chances in the Octagon, and Duthie must fight for his future in the Talent Division as a showdown with Puffy looms.  We draw the seven props that will decide who will wear the sacred Mighty Ducks jersey.  Twenty-two weeks, thousands of participants, countless Gold Bars… and now it all comes down to this!  Good Luck Jeff and Andrew!! 

    #Final #Championship #BestOfSeven #PlatinumLeague #NHL #NBA #WNBA #NWSL #Euro2020 #CopaAmerica 

    • 22 min
    "The Sincerest Form Of Flattery" (S6E21)

    "The Sincerest Form Of Flattery" (S6E21)

    Jimmy makes a new friend, travels to the depths of Costco, and considers making his own sleeping pill.  Meanwhile, Puffy wants James to start a new reality show,  shares a deep secret with the listeners, and takes issue with national monument.  Speaking of taking issue, Lester doesn't seem to care for Stoff's latest homage to him.   The boys cover all the bases, from great whale escapes to debating if there can truly be a "Canada's Team" in the NHL.

    PLUS: Things I Saw On Twitter, Listener Mail and…The Return Of Puffy's Hypotheticals!!!

    PLUS PLUS: Stay tuned for a bonus What You Watching: This or That Showdown… after the podcast concludes!

    • 51 min
    "Willow On Wheels" (S6E20)

    "Willow On Wheels" (S6E20)

    Jimmy is shopping for a fresh set of wheels, but we also learn that he is a hazardous driver.  Puffy is befuddled as Duthie refuses to apologize to Logan Paul, while Lester basks in the glory of his Habs (Third Round Baby!!!).  We observe Hugo's hat retrieving skills, tip our hats to John Lu the trendsetter, and get an update on the recent turmoil in the PGA.  Beware of the Murderous Sex Robots!

    PLUS; Things I Saw On Twitter, Listener Mail, What You Watchin'

     #LoganPaul #Mayweather #Koepka #DeChambeau #GolfBeef #PGA #Awake  #Sopranos #MareOfEastown #SexRobot #SexBot #DogOnWheels #Awake #Habs #NHL #Playoffs #Meme #TimsMiniSticks #Hazards

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    (Bonus) Platinum League Podcast - Week 3

    (Bonus) Platinum League Podcast - Week 3

    After hitting rock bottom in Week 2, this is where the Talentless Division truly shines… commentating from the sidelines.  After a failed attempt to buy his way back in, Jimmy draws parallels to a certain Winnipeg Jet, as both their second rounds ended rather quickly.  Stoff learns he must now learn how to make a website, Puffy puts all his support behind Ho, and Lester recaps the moves that got him here.   For our 'Platinum People' segment we chat with Group A leader Lkiff, who ends up answering a couple questions he didn't see coming.  Listen closely because this episode is loaded with major developments for the future of the Gold Bar League that you won't find anywhere else. 

    This Week's Props:

    Thurs - Avalanche at Golden Knights (Game 6)

    Thurs - Clippers at Jazz (Game 2)

    Fri - Suns at Nuggets (Game 3)

    Fri - Italy -1.5 vs Turkey (Euro)

    Fri-Sun - Jays at Red Sox  (3 game series)

    Sat - Wales/Tie vs Switzerland (Euro)

    Sat - LA Sparks at Minnesota Lynx  (WNBA)

    Sun - Seattle Storm at Connecticut Sun  (WNBA)

    Sun - NY Liberty at Phoenix Mercury  (WNBA)

    Sun - England vs Croatia/Tie (Euro)

    Sun - Brazil-1.5 vs Venezuela (Copa)

    Deadline Thursday at 1pm EST

    • 23 min
    "Puffygans Island" (S6E19)

    "Puffygans Island" (S6E19)

    Puffy is on the pod, and on a boat!  Whoa!  Jimmy celebrates recent events in his life, while recapping less fortunate events for Hugo.  Lester is very pleased with his Habs, while Stoff explains why he gave up hope on this Leafs squad prior to Game 7.  We get an update on the censors, play name that jingle and address the phenomenon of fans storming the field of play at recent games.

    PLUS; Things On Twitter, What You Watching and Listener Mail

    #OnABoat #GilligansIsland #Hugo #Hab #Leafs #FieldStorming #WildFans

    • 53 min
    (Bonus) Platinum League Podcast - Week 2

    (Bonus) Platinum League Podcast - Week 2

    Down to the Dirty Dozen… Puffy is eliminated from the Platinum League and suffers the consequences.  Lester celebrates being in first place, and his Habs pulling out a Game 7 win.  Stoff owes his survival to the Minnesota Lynx, while Jimmy comes face to face with his greatest challenge yet.  Gregg Lockhart joins us, mid-interrogation it would appear… but he doesn't just settle for a Platinum People feature.  Oh no, Gregg launches into 'What You Watchin', does a stand up routine, and schools us on the history of the CFL.  This type of disruption can only land you the nickname of Bump2 (Mr. Noodle?)

    This Week's Props (Thurs June 3rd-Sun June 6th)

    *remaining 12 participants must wager a minimum of FIVE props and email them to RubberBootsPod@yahoo.com


    Thurs - Suns @ Lakers (Game 6)

    Thurs - Denver @ Portland (Game 6)

    Thurs - Bruins @ Isles (Game 3)

    Thurs - Canes/Lightning (Game 3) Goal Total: Over/Under 5.5

    Thurs - Las Vegas Aces @ New York Liberty (WNBA)

    Thurs - Chile/Tie @ Argentina (WCQ)

    Fri - Habs/Jets (Game 2) Goal Total: Over/Under 5.5

    Fri-Sun - Astros @ Jays (3 game series)

    Fri-Sun - Red Sox @ Yankees (3 game series)

    Sat - NY Liberty vs Connecticut Sun (WNBA)

    Sat - Haiti at Turks+4.5 (WCQ)

    Sat - OL Reign/TIE  at NJ/NY Gotham (NWSL)

    Sun - Orlando Pride/tie @ Washington Spirit (NWSL)

    • 20 min

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4.7 out of 5
477 Ratings

477 Ratings

Bordpikkel99 ,


I would like to be puffy for a month

Waskyone ,

TSN gets rid of talent but keeps these jokes.

One guy lives off his wife’s parents. Teaches his young kids to be addicted to gambling like he is. The host is an old man who desperately wants to be a frat boy douche. He is just a uppty douche bag who buys designer dogs and handbags for his jobless wife.

Gregorschwartz ,

Coffee Talk

All the guys are great to listen too. I feel like I am sitting at a coffee shop listening to all my buddies telling me their stories. Keep it up boys.

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