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There's some point of balance between 'Parent' and 'Individual' in the gray, confusing area we know as parenting.

This podcast investigates the tips, tricks and routines that help other parents still achieve personal goals.

The Successful While Parenting Podcast Shaun Mosley

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There's some point of balance between 'Parent' and 'Individual' in the gray, confusing area we know as parenting.

This podcast investigates the tips, tricks and routines that help other parents still achieve personal goals.

    Ethical Non-Monogamy with Kevin Patterson of Poly Role Models

    Ethical Non-Monogamy with Kevin Patterson of Poly Role Models

    Show notes
    Poly Role Models
    Love's Not Color Blind by Kevin Patterson
    For Hire: Operator by Kevin Patterson and Alana Phelan
    For Hire: Audition by Kevin Patterson and Alana Phelan
    Tikva Wolf, creator of Kimchi Cuddles
    Represent: The 'For Hire' Superhero Novels of Alana Phelan and Kevin A. Patterson 
    The Polyamorous Librarian
    "I feel like there's a responsibility to sort of unlearn a lot of the culture that we get around us. I feel like non-monogamy without that is a little irresponsible."
    Ethical non-monogamy with kids around
    How kids easily understand it, but adults don't
    Polyamory and blackness - "Oh, that's white people shit!"
    The barriers and lack of representation
    Unf*ck Your Polyamory with Dr. Liz Powell
    For Hire: A Queer, Polyamorous Superhero Universe Facebook Group
    Find Kevin on the socials @polyRoleModels

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    Physician on Fire talks COVID-19

    Physician on Fire talks COVID-19

    Parental units,
    I don't need to describe the wild times and conditions we are all under. But, being able to talk it out with others, like the Physician on FIRE, was a great relief to discuss shared concerns, ways to help those less fortunate, and what life after all of this might look like. It's all speculation and personal opinion, so there's no guarantees on anything. But, the conversation was a bit therapeutic and hope it helps ease some tensions for you as well.
    Show notes:
    • Operating out of self-quarantine• Possibly coming out of early retirement to help in EDs, if COVID numbers don't improve• Hand knitting and 3D printing masks • Adapting to the changes, including finances• The 4% rule for FIRE• Paying back (med) school loans• Donor advised funds• Places to donate to support COVID-19 efforts - World Health Organization/United Nations, Red Cross, Meals on Wheels, Feeding America, and CDC. Also look to local community to support.• Spread the word to #StayHome!• The economic impacts of COVID-19 on the physician community• What might bouncing back from COVID-19 look like• The tension between economic and health needs - The Hammer and The Dance• Shared gratitude for our technology infrastructure and the resilience of businesses• https://pofire.com / https://www.physicianonfire.com/• Twitter• Facebook• Instagram
    Enjoy the episode, stay home, and stay safe family!

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    Rolling with unfamiliar punches

    Rolling with unfamiliar punches

    Parental units,
    You don't need me to repeat the consistently used "unprecedented times" phrase to let you know how wild things have been and how the world has almost felt flipped upside down.
    But, I just wanted to reach out and connect with you all. First to share my story of how we're handling unexpected homeschooling, working from home with a kid always at home, and juggling all of this mental stress.
    I'm also taking this time to open the door and hear back from you. How are you navigating this? How has your family been impacted? What are you doing to respond? Email me at swppodcast@gmail.com to share your experience.
    Lastly, wanted to talk a bit about what's to come with future episodes and what you can expect from them. In the midst of this chaos, I'm glad to still be sharing out and connecting with parents on these topics.
    Wishing the best for you and your family as we work through these times!
    Until next time parental units!

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    Hitting reset

    Hitting reset

    In this episode, I air my latest thoughts - most importantly, my desire to reset on how I'm approaching running this show.
    Show notes:
    Why I'm hitting reset
    Finally settling from the move from the Bay Area to Atlanta (thank you Jesus!)
    Landed a job and now have a two income house again
    Combatting negative self-talk and perfectionism

    Super big thank you to my listeners and supporters!
    My wife, mom, Sooria, Nate, Brian, Jon, Chelsea, Alexa, Milenys, Dorshell, Melissa, Mike D, Crystal, and Isaak

    Upcoming interviews on side hustles, romance, relationships, and F.I.R.E. (Financial Independence and Retiring Early) finances
    Topics that have been on my mind (and I might interview for later)
    Taking care of aging parents
    Planning for retirement
    Helping the incarcerated return successfully, especially fathers
    Charles Daniels and Samantha Fils-Daniels of Fathers Uplift are my newest heroes! 

    Loneliness (and making friends as an adult 😬 )
    Loneliness video by Kurzgesagt

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    Black Fathers Building Success

    Black Fathers Building Success

    I had the pleasure of speaking with Mike Dorsey, host of the Black Fathers Now podcast.Mike D is a Husband and Father who's a curious and gifted communicator who values Engaging Experiences and Meaningful relationships. He's also a Speaker, Author and creator of the podcast "Black Fathers, NOW!"www.iammikedorsey.com www.blackfathersnow.comDynamic Black Fatherhood Manifesto by Mike DorseyWe cover the topics of:
    Feeling needed without being arrogant
    Our definitions of success as black fathers
    Family travel tips, most important, bring grandparents for support
    Multi-generational connections with our kids and our parents
    Taking advantage of limited time left with grandparents
    Mike's purpose - Helping (individuals and organizations) develop the courage and confidence to double-down on who they authentically are
    Operating at the intersection of your greatness and intersection
    How our triggers can derail us from our greatness, as well as how to safeguard against our triggers
    Leveraging the G.I.F.T. Framework to achieve higher success
    Books recommended by Mike
    The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
    Dynamic Black Fatherhood Manifesto by Mike Dorsey
    The Black Jacobins: Toussaint L'Ouverture and the San Domingo Revolution by C.L.R. James
    Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies by Jared Diamond
    The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America's Great Migration by Isabel Wilkerson

    Self-care routines in the midst of career and parenthood - prayer, meditation, exercise, and rest
    Two questions he ask his kids daily: "What are you thankful for and why?" and "What are you excited about and why?"
    "Drop the ball, not the egg" - recognize what's important and what can be dropped
    "If it's not a 'heck yeah', it's a no"
    The life map (aka "The tail end") by Tim Urban focuses on viewing life by events, not years then using it to emphasize not wasting the limited, precious time with loved ones
    Accepting the inevitability of death in order to motivate us to live a full life
    Growing into becoming the family elders
    Letting go of anger and resentment because life is too short for BS drama
    Life is spicy enough! Don't add nothing to it!
    If you would like to learn more about Mike Dorsey, you can find him on his website or your favorite social media arena.https://www.iammikedorsey.com/InstagramLinkedInYouTubeFacebookTwitter

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    Sunday thoughts while driving

    Sunday thoughts while driving

    Using this opportunity to get out of my head and makes it happen.

    • 3 min

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