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Less gear, more beer!

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Less gear, more beer!

    The Trail Show #100 !!!

    The Trail Show #100 !!!

    Show #100 – #gefiltefish – The Trail Show reaches a HUGE MILESTONE with this 100th Episode!!! Special Guests including the late Paul Mags, The Bobbi Walters, Gummi Bear, The Onion, Buck-30, Snorkel, Allgood, Salty, Squatch, Cliff Kipp, Clay Jacobson, Dirtmonger, Bobcat and more make this an extra special show. We hear tales of D-Low’s involvement in the four seasons landscaping snafu, reminiscing of the “power tools” episode, planning ice raids, Squatch loses and finds LuLu, Spesh discusses tennis shoes, Cliff fat-fingers a SPOT device, gefilte fish recipes are cooked up and much much more.

    And for the first time since The Trail Show’s inception, a video version of this episode is available on YOUTUBE: https://youtu.be/RES0HbHiSho

    Thanks to Trail Show Nation on 100 episodes! Now go out there and Get on the Trail!! www.thetrailshow.com

    • 3 hrs 4 min
    The Trail Show #99: The GYRo

    The Trail Show #99: The GYRo

    Show #99 – #smallbanana – On this month’s spooktacular Trail Show… Special Guest Kevin “LarryBoy” DeVries talks to us about his hike of the Greater Yellowstone Route, bear jousting and hiking out with stitches, Brittney “Bert” Woodrum relays hiking all of Colorado’s 14ers with a big green Shelterbox strapped to her back, Spesh talks maximum patches, beer hiker intersections and Zoom tips, OOO advises on kayak evacuations, Disco becomes a luddite and names babies, POD starts a YouTube channel, and D-Low reads the longest Trail Show Ask-A-Hiker question at 2x speed cut in half. We discuss reindeer moss, the normalization of poo carrying and dive into the non-hiking film The Social Dilemna. The monthly donors are praised and the mailbag is opened a wee crack.  

    Get more info on the Greater Yellowstone Route (GYRo) at LarryBoy’s website http://www.lbhikes.com 

    And check out Brittney “Bert” Woodrum’s fundraiser for Shelterbox at https://www.shelterboxusa.org/fourteeners/ 

    GO VOTE!!! 

    • 2 hrs 21 min
    The Trail Show #98: The GBT

    The Trail Show #98: The GBT

    Show #98 – #wagbagfailure – On this month’s Trail Show Special Guest Ryan “Dirtmonger” Sylva talks to us about his hike of the Great Basin Trail in Nevada, motels in Tonopah, sonic booms and waking up to earthquakes, Ian Atkinson from Gossamer Gear joins us to give away a Gorilla Backpack, Buck 30 roasts us, Wolverine interviews a wayward hiker, Spesh talks pipelines, Callahan’s and the recent closure of the out of doors, OOO wonders about the sun, Disco is hunkered down and hiding out, POD is the timekeeper, D-low chooses puffed quinoa and peaknuckle. Not washing your fleece is recommended during Ask-A-Hiker and blood sugars are noted during Answer-A-Hiker. The monthly donors are revered twice and the mailbag is unbagged.

    Beer O’ Da Month:  Delicious Maine beers thanks to Tuff Broad & Bear Sweatz!

    Music on this month’s Trail Show was from the band The Shockwave off their album Contact from Space. Get the jams at Double Crown Records!

    Get more info on the Great Basin Trail at Dirtmonger’s website http://www.freedirtmonger.com

    And NEW Trail Show Retro Logo Shirts are for sale now for a short time only! Get them while they last at www.bonfire.com/thetrailshow2020 !!

    • 2 hrs 51 min
    The Trail Show 97: The PT

    The Trail Show 97: The PT

    Show #97 – #mudfalcon – On this month’s Trail Show the gang is back together once again, Special Guest Scot “Taba” Ward talks to us about his hikes of the Palmetto Trail in South Carolina, 35 alligators and test hitching, Trip the Light calls in, Wolverine and Buck30 give us updates from the North Country Trail, Spesh talks FKTs, missing hikers and sleeping with the dead, we offer free buffet tickets, POD envisions a different kind of pillow, D-Low rescues Barb and speaks about the benefits of round rocks, OOO does a new kind of hitching and sings Friday, and we review The Best Flatiron Scrambles from CMC during Media Review. Hiking during a pandemic is explored during Ask-A-Hiker and the monthly donors are exalted while the mailbag is lugged in by the good folks at the US Postal Service.

    Beer O’ Da Month:  Tasty beers thanks to XC from Logboat Brewing out of Columbia, Missouri!

    Music during the 1st break on this month’s Trail Show was the song “Green River Blues” from Elliot Goldman. Listen on SoundCloud.

    Get more info on the Palmetto Trail and a Palmetto Trail Thru-Hiker’s Manual at Scot “Taba” Ward’s website http://www.lakestooceantrail.com

    • 2 hrs 31 min
    The Trail Show #96: The SDCT

    The Trail Show #96: The SDCT

    Show #96 – #microfece – On this month’s Trail Show POD is a news sub and talks to us about bears in homes and buses in Alaska, Special Guest Lance Smith talks to us about his hike of the South Dakota Centennial Trail along with Apple watches and 911 calls, Bear Sweatz gives us a 3-fer, Buck-30 calls in with Minnesota complaints, North Dakota cheers and ranks the Trail Show cohosts, POD recites the jabberwocky, Salty talks about the sugars, the hotline continues to blow up, D-Low is MIA, Spesh speaks on close encounters of the canine kind and ice water, OOO talks wine bottles, Disco regales tales of skeet shooting, and wee tipples on top of munros are explored during Ask-A-Hiker. The monthly donors are saluted and the mailbag unfurled…of course.

    Beer O’ Da Month:  Tasty beers thanks to Frito Garcia from Homes Brewing out of Ann Arbor, Michigan!

    Music on this month’s Trail Show was from the band Threesome off their On Tour EP. Get the jams at Double Crown Records!

    This month’s Trail Show is sponsored by RapidPure Water Purifiers! Backcountry water is generally considered safe to drink when the 3 immediate threats are removed – viruses, bacteria, & parasites. RapidPure purifiers remove 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, & parasites. Traditional 0.2 micron filters aren’t able to remove viruses – they’re too small. RapidPure purifiers remove pathogens 100x smaller than traditional filters can as the unique UltraCeram technology works like a magnet to remove viruses, bacteria, & parasites. Get yourself a RapidPure Water Purifier right now by visiting www.rapidpure.net/trailshow.

    • 2 hrs 27 min
    The Trail Show #95: The LOT

    The Trail Show #95: The LOT

    The Trail Show #95: The LOT

    • 2 hrs 9 min

Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5
11 Ratings

11 Ratings

pmbushawk ,

Love the podcast

As a 21 year old this show gives me hope that I’ll never grow out of drinking beer and being stupid with my friends. Thanks for the laughs!

Ciavarella ,

Cuba Libre

Best listened to off the trail.

Hikeout Bikeback ,

Better than Cats

If you're into hiking, you need to listen to this podcast. The hosts are funny but experienced and professional but relatable people. Although this is not their "day job", it doesn't have the feel of a podcast that is thrown together after hitting record. There's a clear intention that the production should evolve and strive to maintain a higher level of quality, and there seems to be as much respect for and awareness of the craft of broadcasting as there is for hiking (for example, the ep 38 "In The Year 2000...." tease - Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery).

Favourite segments are Trail News and... iTunes Reviews!

This is the best podcast to which I subscribe - it's simply fantastic.

Here are a list of my complaints:
1. I can't find ANY of the gear that they've heretofore reviewed at REI, or on the half-assed-Canadian-version, MEC (rhymes with trek).
2. Need more gear reviews. I'd like to hear more about String, Elastic Bands and, my favourite, ... Mini Binder Clips!

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