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For the women of the world who march to the beat of their own drum, the ones who don't fit into the mould society has created for us, we're unconventional and completely unboxable. We are the next generation of what feminine leadership looks like. The game changers, the trailblazers, the visionaries of the future.

Together we are "The Unboxables", welcome sister.

The UnBoxables Tara Kinden

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For the women of the world who march to the beat of their own drum, the ones who don't fit into the mould society has created for us, we're unconventional and completely unboxable. We are the next generation of what feminine leadership looks like. The game changers, the trailblazers, the visionaries of the future.

Together we are "The Unboxables", welcome sister.

    Episode #72: The UnBoxables - Next Gen Femme

    Episode #72: The UnBoxables - Next Gen Femme

    Here we go again sisters! It's time to evolve.  I've been feeling this for sometime and have been playing with brand ideas and initiatives for months now.  I'm so happy to present you with "The UnBoxables" - for the women of the world who think outside the box, the ones who play by their own set of rules, who know their power and own their worth.  They are the next generation of true feminine leadership!

    This is our time to go forward, where we may have never been before.  We're breaking new ground, entering new territory.  Where we may at one time been afraid to give it a shot we are now ready.  We've done the work, we're more than prepared.  Here's to breaking down the barriers, breaking down all the walls and exploring all that this life has to offer us.  Let's enjoy this buffet of life together.

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    Episode #71: Get Ready For Some Creative Inspiration!

    Episode #71: Get Ready For Some Creative Inspiration!

    If you've been feeling like you're free falling this week rest assured it's all part of the Pisces process. We're heading into the last week of Pisces season and thank god for that. I don't know about you but I'm so ready to move out of water and into the warmth that Aries season brings with it.  In this weeks episode we're talking about our creative fire and how to harness your creative energy.  I'm sharing the mind mapping process to help you move any ideas that might be floating around in your head down onto paper, where you can lay the foundation for what you're creating next.

    I decided to pull some cards early on in today's episode to help anyone who's been feeling like the wheels have completely come off the bus. Many of the messages I've received this week have been ones of struggle and uncertainty.  But remember you are the beacon of light for yourself, friends, family and community.  If you're here, you're magic and people need you as much as you need yourself to be in your value.

    Stand in your worth, your power and move forward the dreams you've been cultivating inside.  It's time!

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    Episode #70: Dealing With Emotional Overwhelm?

    Episode #70: Dealing With Emotional Overwhelm?

    Welcome to this weeks episode.  Today we're talking about all the emotional energy of Pisces season and ways to navigate it.  I've pulled a couple of cards to help guide us through this week, also looking ahead to Aries season to see what's in store.  My heart feels heavy with what's happening in Ukraine and I'm sharing some of the places I've donated to, I'm sending enormous waves of support, love and healing vibrations there way. 

    If you've been feeling highly sensitive or tuned into all that is going on I want you to feel supported and seen today.  Since late February (when we entered Pisces season) it's felt very charged.  It's a great time for subconscious reprogramming, I've been working with a lovely gal named Rachel Crethar https://rachelcrethar.com her voice is a dream and it's been amazing to work with her!

    Places I'm choosing to donate to in order to support Ukraine:
    Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/ukraine-crisis-relief-fund/
    Voices of Children https://voices.org.ua/en/

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    Episode #69: Finding Your Heart-Centered Purpose In Life!

    Episode #69: Finding Your Heart-Centered Purpose In Life!

    In this weeks episode I share with you the insights into how I work with the Venus Star Point® with my clients to help connect them to their own inherent gifts.  Connecting them/ reminding them of their personal power, how to be more confident in their gifts and how to share those gifts with the world.  I'm sharing my client Tracy's journey in discovering her Scorpio VSP and how it might change the way she shares her skills, gifts, talents and energy when it comes to work and relationships.  I love layering my readings with Astrology, Human Design and The Venus Star Point®.  When you understand your own personal energy in a new way you shine differently.  You own your worth, confidence and power!  You sabotage yourself less, stop over-giving, over compensating.  You begin to understand when enough is enough.  This is going to be a massive year for transformation for all of us and knowing yourself, grounding yourself and opening your heart will be the key to success.

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    Episode #68: Navigating The Mid-Life Awakening (Crisis)

    Episode #68: Navigating The Mid-Life Awakening (Crisis)

    Welcome back everyone! It's season 3 here on the WWC Podcast and it feels so amazing to be back.

    2022 is shaping up to be a BIG one, a game changer for sure.  In this episode I'm sharing my experience with my own mid-life awakening, the tools I'm using to support myself and how I'm navigating it all.  I also want to invite you all to take a listen to my brand new podcast The Venus Experience which is content solely connected to Venus, Quantum Human Design™ and The Venus Star Point®.  All the links are below on the things I referenced in todays episode.  

    Please make sure you use the hashtag #thevenusexperience on Insta & Facebook so I can find you and share some love with you on your Venus journey.

    Here's to becoming the fierce lioness you've been seeking, own your power queen, its time.

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    Episode #67: The Next Level!

    Episode #67: The Next Level!

    Hello Beautiful Listeners, I'm so very excited to be with you today and bring you this update on life.  Today you'll experience a frequency shift and deep integration with Venus & Pluto to help you align before Venus heads into her retrograde on December 19th.

    There is so much juiciness to unfold in today's episode I hope you enjoy, tune into your heart and feel the expansion I've got planned for us over this next few months.  We're taking it day by day to see what unfolds.  Creativity at it's finest, most pure form! What do you want to invite into your life? What do you want to transform?  What would it look like for it to all be effortlessly gorgeous?

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5.0 out of 5
16 Ratings

16 Ratings

The Reinvention Queen ,

The Unboxables

If you're tired of trying to fit yourself inside of a box, stop and listen to what Tara is creating. It's time to drop all of the labels and shoulds and start doing big things in our unique way!

Kacee C ,


I’m just loving listening to this podcast related to HUMAN DESIGN. So enlightening and informative!!! I look forward to it every week. Thanks Tara! 💖

The Wonder Woman Warrior ,

Navigating an authentic life!

Tara has taken things to the next level with the addition of Human Design and everything it offers to the women she serves. Her depth of knowledge, experience and passion for what she does is palpable! Tara's helping me understand how to operate authentically in every area of my life. I've discovered some of my super-powers and how I can use them effectively in my own work.

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