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The Weekly Call is a conversational podcast hosted by three young business owners. Amer, Austin, and John provide insight into guiding philosophies and perspectives, and how they directly relate to the operation of a business.

The Weekly Cal‪l‬ Amer Abu Shakra, Austin Trudeau, & John Morgan III

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The Weekly Call is a conversational podcast hosted by three young business owners. Amer, Austin, and John provide insight into guiding philosophies and perspectives, and how they directly relate to the operation of a business.

    Ep 90 | Terry Jones - Retired Canadian Naval Submarine Captain, UN Peacekeeper, & Renowned Leader

    Ep 90 | Terry Jones - Retired Canadian Naval Submarine Captain, UN Peacekeeper, & Renowned Leader

    Today we’re joined by Terry Jones: a man with an incredible track record of leadership over his 31 years in the military, of which, 12 were spent as the captain of a 70-man submarine crew. We brought Terry on to share some stories and give his perspective on the traits that make a great leader. His compassionate & relationship-focused approach to leadership roles is not what you'd expect to see in the military, but in the closed environment of a submarine (not dissimilar to a small business) this approach proved to be very effective for maintaining morale and group cohesion.

    It’s clear from this conversation that leadership is not a power that can be given to you with a job title. It is a power that you must earn over time by consistently proving your knowledge and earning the respect of others around you. The takeaways from this interview can be applied in all areas of your life, but most notably in the businesses that we all run and the various relationships we have to manage daily. 

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    Ep 89 | Breaking the 4th Dimension

    Ep 89 | Breaking the 4th Dimension

    This episode starts off with an update on Amer’s business. He’s been scheming up a renaissance of the construction industry and he’s finally starting to see the results of his marketing. In fact, you may already have been bombarded by his FB ads lol…

    John, being a skeptic of the coaching industry, reminds Amer to stay grounded in the face of his early results. This leads into a whole conversation about the inner-workings of the coaching/social media marketing world and the sneaky tricks they use on us.

    Later on, we realize that somewhere along the line our weekly call has turned into a recorded coaching session and has started to sound a bit preachy at times. We decide live on the call to make a few changes in order to improve the quality of our conversations which in turn will bring the podcast back to its best form.

    Do you agree that we’ve been breaking the 4th wall too much? Dial the episode in and let us know in the DM’s!

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    Ep 88 | The Weekly Rap?!

    Ep 88 | The Weekly Rap?!

    After recording "John's Folly", John takes our feedback and makes changes to his sales process. Admittedly, he knew that tightening up his sales calls would get results, but boy was he shocked to see how big of a difference these slight changes made. His booking rate shot up, his sales were outrageous, and best of all... he's having a whole lot of fun doing it!

    Later on, we have the most epic Whack vs. Wisdom yet. Tomoki Okamura, an avid listener of the podcast, creates a hilarious rap song dedicated to The Weekly Call Podcast and it absolutely steals the show. 

    Dial this one in and get ready to have your minds blown 🤯

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    Ep 87 | The Dangers of Arbitrary Expectations

    Ep 87 | The Dangers of Arbitrary Expectations

    John and Amer reflect on themselves growing up as they notice that their views on the world are shifting. The focus is no longer on the immediate and the money. Instead, it’s all about the long term game and the fulfillment in what they do.

    Amer opens up about an insecurity he has felt for a while because of an arbitrary goal he had set for himself as a teenager, and more recently, the revenue goal he had for his business in 2020. He has fallen behind on both of these goals, not for a lack of effort, but simply because he didn’t know what it would take to accomplish them in the first place.

    The key lesson here is: be careful not to beat yourself up over unrealistic expectations you have of yourself if you underestimated the inputs required to achieve them.

    There's no talk of strategy or any tips to follow in this episode… just a casual conversation between two friends and an opportunity to get to know the guys on a more personal level.

    Hope you enjoy!

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    Ep 86 | John's Folly

    Ep 86 | John's Folly

    If something CAN happen, it WILL happen. That is the law of entropy. How does this show up in life? Well, holes begin to appear when you become complacent, and these holes continue to grow and cause chaos around you as long as you let them exist.

    Immediately after talking about this concept, Austin and Amer notice that complacency has set into John’s sales process over the years. He has neglected to pre-qualify his leads properly and his booking percentage is suffering because of it, leading to a slow start to the year.

    As good friends should… Amer and Austin point out some changes John can make to increase his productivity. Because his ego gets involved, he is unwilling to take the criticism and the conversation starts to get uncomfortable.

    Eventually, John admits to his ignorance and agrees to test their recommendations, but not before calling the whole conversation a “d*ck measuring contest”.

    YES. John actually said that.

    Dial this episode in to see if you’re making the same fatal mistake John was, and learn how to fix it before entropy takes control!

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    Ep 85 | Rest Is Exhausting

    Ep 85 | Rest Is Exhausting

    "If you want anything done, ask a busy man to do it. He is busy, full of work, because he is able and willing to work."

    Austin comes back from nearly a month long break over the christmas holiday, which he used to rest, spend time with family, and get set for an even busier year in 2021. What did he learn from his time away? ... that rest is exhausting, your ability to handle your work slowly decays, and because of that after 2 weeks your time off seems much less effective.

    John and Amer make a distinction between estimating what you can do vs setting a goal for yourself, and explain how each one might be useful in different situations. They also talk about the themes of over-leveraging and risk-taking, which are common traits of ultra successful founders/CEOs, but traits that don't seem necessary to see above average financial success. Is it worth over-leveraging to potentially achieve your goals sooner, or is it true that the turtle really does win the race? 

    All of this and more in today's episode! Let's get dialled in☎️☎️☎️

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
53 Ratings

53 Ratings

TheFutureOfScience ,

Quite Literally Life-Changing

I've been dialing in this podcast since day one and there's a reason I'm still listening! Austin, Amer and John have very nearly created a whole new kind of dopamine rush that I can only refer to as "Accountability Porn". They've added tremendous value to my life, and made the early pandemic not only palatable, but downright enjoyable!

Bloôöb ,

Unlike Any Other Podcast

When it comes to the world of podcasting, there’s plenty of amazing sources out there that will provide you with informative and beneficial episodes. However I have yet to find any podcast on the same level of value delivered per episode as this one. Austin, Amer, and John provide an in depth insight into what makes top performers have the ability to become unique in comparison to the rest of the population, and constantly share their resources to allow the listeners to replicate the success each of the hosts has achieved in their life.
Not only does The Weekly Call provide an information packed episode every single week, they also present the information in a very simple and digestible way.
Wether you are a top performer in your field or have yet to make a name for yourself, this podcast will mold you into a high performing individual beyond what you previously thought to be possible.

I6347885699 ,


Really got me up and going. Provides really good value and habit building. Very entertaining as well.

Keep it up guys!

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