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Connecting with Pagans and seasonal cycles

The Wheel Two Kentish Witches

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Connecting with Pagans and seasonal cycles

    Spoke 78 Witch Trials

    Spoke 78 Witch Trials

    This we talk about witch trials and the potential pardon for people convicted of witchcraft. Also the new exhibition “I Am Witch – Tales from the Roundhouse”  exhibited at The Storey in Lancaster until the 28th of January.

    The Silver Spoons Collective – Healing the Ancestral Wounds of the Burning Times
    The Guardian - Women executed 300 years ago as witches in Scotland set to receive pardons
    CarenThompson – Made on the Moors – Medicine Spoon Memorial
    Wikpedia - Agnes Waterhouse
    Religious Tolerance – Inkubus Sukubus The "burning times:" The extermination of Witches and other heretics
    A history of witchcraft in Kent: How 'ritual magic' lead to torture and executions across the county by Rebecca Tuffin
    West Langdon: The dark story of the tiny village home to Kent's last witch hunt by Harry Higginson
    Witch Trials

    • 28 min
    Spoke 77 Rebirth with Susan Paramor

    Spoke 77 Rebirth with Susan Paramor

    This week we catch up with Susan Paramor and talk to her about her new album "In the Arms of the Goddess".

    Susan Paramor Social Media Links
    Reverbnation Website
    Susan’s CD Celestial Stones is also available by privately messaging Susan for £9.70 including p&p.
     Susan Paramor Facebook Page
    Car Dia Facebook Page

    • 53 min
    Spoke 76 New Year

    Spoke 76 New Year

    This week we talk about different customs from around the world and pagan activities associated with New Year. Happy New Year to our listeners!

    https://bestlifeonline.com/global-new-years-eve-traditions/ https://www.sixthemusical.com/london/ticket-infohttps://www.nationalgalleries.org/exhibition/ray-harryhausen-titan-cinema http://www.soniaoverall.net/walking-psychogeography/
    On a Pagan New Year by Jason Mankey
    Janus, the Two-Faced God By Patti Wigington
    Ancient wisdom online Ritual honouring  Janus for January

    • 25 min
    Spoke 75 Review

    Spoke 75 Review

    This week we have a little review of our year, we talk about our highlights, books we've read, what we want to leave behind in 2021 and what we're looking forward to in 2022

    • 39 min
    Spoke 74 Yule with Elen Sentier

    Spoke 74 Yule with Elen Sentier

    In a recent episode we discussed some of the Goddesses associated with winter and today we will be discussing some of the Gods or personifications of winter. Our special guest is Elen Sentier. 

    English Heritage – Stones that align with the sun
    Britannica Mithrasm
    Wild Hunt – The Temple of Mithras - Eric O. Scott
    The Legend of Jokul Frosti
    The Origins and Character of Jack Frost
    Ho, Ho, Horrible: Feeling Frosty with Jokul Frosti, Ded Moroz, and Yuki-Onna

    Elen's Social Media

    • 49 min
    Spoke 73 Daily Practice with Dr Maria DeBlassie

    Spoke 73 Daily Practice with Dr Maria DeBlassie

    This week we are talking about daily practice as a form of self care. Our special guest is Dr Maria DeBlassie.

    Melissa Hill – Dandelion Lady – What is a devotional practice?https://www.patheos.com/blogs/dandelionlady/2020/11/what-is-a-devotional-practice.html
    Prayer Beads – Wikipedia
    Hal Elrod – The Miracle Morning: The 6 Habits That Will Transform Your Life Before 8AM
    Hal Elrod – The 6-minute miracle morning
    Curvy Yoga – 15 Minute Morning Wake Up Practice
    Julia Cameron – Morning Pages
    Culture and Community: The Importance of Self Care as Pagans By Crystal Blanton
    Paganism and Self Care By Nimue Brown
    Permaculture’s Ethic of Self Care as a Spiritual Practice
    Thinking About – Doing Druidry/Being a Druid  Damh the Bard

    Dr Maria DeBlassie Social Media and Book
    Practically Pagan - An Alternative Guide to Magical Living
    Maria's book recommendation:
    The Secret Language of Synchronicity: Deciphering the Words & Wisdom of Meaningful Coincidence by Jenna Moore Fuller https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/0692560696/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_PNACB8CJKSTXD093AJ0R
    Maria's Social Media
    Website: https://mariadeblassie.com/
    Amazon Author Page: https://amzn.to/3b1POCC
    Twitter: bit.ly/2QO6MgT
    Facebook: bit.ly/3buEmzu
    Instagram: bit.ly/2RtOfXj
    Goodreads: bit.ly/2SfS2HJ

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