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Welcome back to Valerie's Variety Podcast with your host me, Valerie Moss

We have a new theme this YEAR in 2020: EAT * READ * CREATE

This show is about:


How these 3 things influence us everyday - they make us TIC and THINK and LOVE

We will review our favourite recipes & favourites places to EAT.

We will review our favourite books and what we love to READ.

We will review our passions and what we yearn to CREATE.

So think about the things you are passionate about, a good meal, a great love story and DIY project. Valerie's is passionate and aims to convince you to read, try the next thing and have passion in what you do. This show drops on Tuesdays **Check it out and subscribe and ReVIEW below** check out the website for details ValerieMoss.ca

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Welcome back to Valerie's Variety Podcast with your host me, Valerie Moss

We have a new theme this YEAR in 2020: EAT * READ * CREATE

This show is about:


How these 3 things influence us everyday - they make us TIC and THINK and LOVE

We will review our favourite recipes & favourites places to EAT.

We will review our favourite books and what we love to READ.

We will review our passions and what we yearn to CREATE.

So think about the things you are passionate about, a good meal, a great love story and DIY project. Valerie's is passionate and aims to convince you to read, try the next thing and have passion in what you do. This show drops on Tuesdays **Check it out and subscribe and ReVIEW below** check out the website for details ValerieMoss.ca

    Studio 17..behind the scenes

    Studio 17..behind the scenes

    episode 108 season 3

    Studio 17 Tour

    Hey Everyone, it’s Valerie here – Todays show Studio 17 –  was originally published on my YouTube site and a fun little project I wrote, produced and directed. It’s a tour of my studio with some subtle humour and over exaggerated descriptions of the space.. I wanted to make it sound like you were walking into an architectural feat – but alas this is my space, where I write, learn and grow as podcaster, audiobook narrator, host and dabble in my own videography. This is the space I transform my stories and publish them for all of you – so without further adieu, here’s studio 17 and your audio tour  – to see the full video, please check out the link in the show notes.

    * Welcome to Studio 17…located in Calgary, Alberta Canada in this glorious space where the works of Valerie Moss and many guests have performed their conversations, story telling in both audio and video productions…this is the place where Valerie has accomplished more than 100 podcast episodes and over 30 audiobook productions for audible, along with hours of video clips – all composed right here in this 100 square foot space.* Designed in 2019 with love.. as it began like most projects with a board on Pinterest to include a pallet of colours (greens, purples and greys), a feeling and mood and a collection of items like antique, wrought iron, spindles, angles and prettiness to make this space complete…it was a success.* Draping these walls of marshmallow purple are elements of her daughters former crib. One the East wall, hangs the bottom plate of the crib with 13 rungs measuring 2” high x a staggering 22” wide…this forefront quilt adorning this piece of a small Childs bed was hand crafted in 2011 by Valerie’s mother… the front of this quilt showing-casing over 288 2” squares appliquéd onto this neutral background..sandwiched in cotton. Below this, festoons a remarkable quilt showcasing dupioni silks imported from India, the hand stitching is worth bragging about consisting of more than 1000 French knots tied in silk floss, the flowers and butterflies glisten off this quilt top just begging for your attention…this EAST wall provides colour and beauty and has an uncanny ability to absorb sound making this side of the room perfect for recording audioworx.* As we move through the room with it’s exaggerated white frames and glistening stainless steel knobs, Kurt silver hinges on the two secret doors holding all sorts of miscellaneous items  …we find the south wall, this small section with the quaintest of features exhibiting a $3.00 rake found at a local garage sale…no longer wanted by it’s previous owners. Valerie and her love of DIY projects took this pine rake and with paint that has been historically stored in her undercroft at studio seventeen – provided this rake with the love an attention it so needed, coloured it with fresh creams, and neutral tones giving it the uplift it always desired and a warm clean space right here in this pocket sized spot. This pole with a cross bar toothed end is holding a bouquet of dried lavender from the fields of a local garden centre along with a miniature hand crafted heart made out of black felted wool.* The centre of the ceiling is enraptured by this glorious 3 bulb chandelier purchased from a back alley exchange with a 40 something women through the world renowned Kijiji site and installed into this custom location by Valerie’s groom. This painted rod iron focal point completes the top of this space, casting striations across the milky egg shell coloured highest permissible level.* Below the origin of light the focal point of this atelier, is the foundation of the creative space. Valerie wanted the studio to have a rotund piece and this ornate table filled this vision stupendously…with the elegant gold,

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    Been Caught Stealing: Life inside The Lorraine

    Been Caught Stealing: Life inside The Lorraine

    episode 107 season 3

    Life Inside The Lorraine

    Todays’ show is about The Lorraine, a building, #620 and has always been my favourite building in Calgary, I’ve always wanted to live here, only had the opportunity once years ago to visit it and it was…disappointing. BUT this article written by Heidi Klaassen for The Sprawl (an undefended local journalism platform) right here in Calgary wrote the story that I believed and still believe is why I love The lorraine…

    Heidi Klaassen is a born and raised Calgary writer of fiction and non-fiction. She works for the Alexandra Writers’ Centre Society and her eco-friendly label, Hekkal & Hyde. She lives in Calgary with her husband, sons and rescue chihuahuas.

    Here’s the article as published in The Sprawl Been Caught Stealing, Life Inside the Lorraine that I’ve narrated and produced verbatim for Heidi.

    When I reached out to Heidi about producing this article she’d written, she was thrilled and in turn reached out to The Sprawl for their permission – which they granted. Heidi is an author and is shopping her current novel around for promotion she also belongs to and works at the Alexandra’s Writers’ Centre who support local creative writing through learning and shared experience.

    If you’re from the Calgary area and know this building, do you have any stories to share? When I mentioned I was in this building once, I was back in 2015 or so, I was there for a meeting and was so excited. When you enter in the Lobby true to Heidi’s story the floor is black and white checkered tiles, the wood and structure takes your mind back into a fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast with it’s opulent wood work. I was meeting an architect, and was so awe struck that I got to be in The lorraine that I can’t even remember what the meeting was about!

    Upon closing I sure hope you loved this story as much as I did and thank you to Heidi for letting me share her story. Heidi has quite the talent, not only does she write – articles like this one, fiction and non-fiction novels but she also runs an incredible eco-friendly artisan bags shop on etsy, these are hand made (they say made by ‘two hands’).. bags, clutches, napkins and more…

    I perused her site and found a couple of adorable items 

    1) reusable snack bag – sandwich bag – hand printed with a rustic heart bag – this bag is shown with fish crackers toppling out of it, a modelled print fabric and is just perfect to slip into your handbag or your kiddo’s lunch price $13.

    2) reversible fabric napkins – who doesn’t love a nice cotton napkin, I LOVE them, $48 dollars for a set of six in a variety of of prints and options polka-dots, flowers, abstract so many options to choose from

    Well I think I’ve covered my theme in whole EAT – we will take a set of 6 reversible napkins please READ – this tasty article about the lorraine – CREATE as some of you know I love a good sewing project – between these handmade bags, napkins and clutches of Heidi’s we can check off all of the boxes.

    Until next time, stay safe everyone…

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    Cheapest Bottle of Wine in NYC with Rod Lechelt

    Cheapest Bottle of Wine in NYC with Rod Lechelt

    episode106 season 3

    Cheapest bottle of Wine in NYC

    Hey Everyone, it’s Valerie here, Todays show $14 Bottle of Rose in New York  I have a special guest, Rod Lechalt, we originally met when I was working on an audiobook production/radio show called Project DF he was one of my casted characters, take a listen…

    He was so good I casted him for another part

    …take a listen

    And then we followed each others socials and I discovered we have similar interests like food and drinks so, we got to talking and here’s our interview, think EAT – great good around the world, CREATE – great memories about travel and a good storyteller, oh and he’s from Calgary, Alberta also like me, enjoy the show! This show was originally recorded in May of 2020, there is some light swearing which I do not beep

    One thing you’ll notice right away from Rod is his love to tell a quick snippet story here and there like this one..

    * As I mentioned at the top of the show this was originally aired in May of 2020 when covid was in full swing in our city…* Michelin stars is a rating that was first introduced in 1926….* Has this every happened to you – I’m sure it has…* More Corona virus chat…* I had not seen the video – I have however watched it – well part of it…* Rod and his wife posed nude …..* Sous Vide…* Why do they call it Hell’s kitchen* Le Pain Quotidien….oui oui

    Wow what an interview, such a friendly guy hey? We had a great time, and since we originally recorded this episode in May there’s so much that has happened in the world and one of the major things for this episode is numerous places that Rod has visited on his food travels are no longer open or temporarily closed due to covid. So many great restaurants haven’t made it through this difficult time and with more and more people learning to cook at home this will likely continue.

    Here’s a recap of the places we chatted about:

    The Three chimneys, Isle of Sky in Scotland

    Meaning of Michelin Stars

    Ad hoc + addendum Restaurant, California

    The French laundry, Yountville California

    Hayden block, Calgary Alberta

    Mandy Lee, The art of Escapism Cooking Book – A Survival Story, a Lady and pups Cookbook

    Momofuko Group, David Chang, New York


    Ugly Delicious, Netflix Show,

    Global News, Imagine Segment

    Celebrities spark annoyance with coronavirus ‘Imagine’ singalong...

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    Book Review: Limbo by Marko Pandza

    Book Review: Limbo by Marko Pandza

    episode105 season3

    Book Review and sneak Peak into this incredible horror story, Limbo by Marko Pandza

    Limbo Book Review

    Hey there, it’s me, Valerie Moss, todays is a follow up show to yesterdays interview with Marko Panza and his book Limbo, we’re going to review the book and get a sneak peak at chapter 1. Now that you met the author let’s meet Grim the Reaper and his love Dora and see what other readers have to say about the book.

    Again, this isn’t a family friendly episode, soooo….there’s swear words that I do not beep and other scary language.

    Here’s the retail…

    First when you get his book, it’s not the average paperback size it’s slightly large, the cover is ominous with a dark figure, and white orb surrounding it – you can’t really tell if it’s walking away or towards to you, colour greyscale. Also the print is a dark black, on white paper again not your typical paperback colour.

    Marko has laid the book out in a today time slot, the present and then a yesteryear time slot, way in the past, however in limbo you aren’t really sure about the timing of anything.

    Those of you who like to get into a good scary story, not like a mystery more like a horror, this book will put your detective skills to the test and those that like a movie director like Tim Burton and or Rob Zombie, this will lend itself nicely.

    When he goes back and forth in time, and introduces you to these two worlds the living and the dead…

    Marko has a way of perpetuating your ideas of the characters in the book, like Dora she is so sure of herself it even scares her assistant, poor RAMBO who’s always yelling you root for him and people do the strangest things to him…the people in limbo are being watched by….. well I can’t give that part away.

    The love story portion of this book, probably hits home to almost anyone who reads it because…it’s sort of envious if you were Jekle and your partner was Hyde.

    The redest of red hair and smashing of canvas paintings always struck me as an interesting side story that I was intrigued by. Here’s a glimpse of Dora

    One of the places in the book that has sat with me is when Caitlin and Grim are walking…

    They stopped talking and continued their slow walk, Caitlin periodically swallowing the threat of nausea. Grim was impressed to see her side-stepping knee-high piles of petrified chicken bones and mummified bread littering the path as if she were on a track, further evidence of her tenure in the Den. 

    Here’s a few reviews on amazon:

    1. I don’t usually read horror novels especially…

    2. Truly gripping from start too finish, a perfect blend of humour….

    3. Loved it, loved the imagery, loved the symbolism…..

    And here’s my review as the producer we always read the book first then we get into the production of it. When I read this book, it was an instant page turner because of the two universes and the time shifting between current and past, love and hate the have’s and have-nots. It kept me wanting more and trying to figure out Grimm’s plan and his relationship with the cop.

    Thanks for listening to the show today, links to Marko and is book Limbo are in my show notes and we will close this episode with a listen to chapter 8. Appetite in it’s entirety to tempt you further. Buy the book a href="https://www.audible.com/pd/B08PDS8MPX/?

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    Interview with Marko Pandza and his book Limbo

    Interview with Marko Pandza and his book Limbo

    episode104 season 3

    Interview with Author Marko Pandza


    Hey everyone, it’s Valerie here, todays show is called Limbo is an interview with an Author that I collaborated with and produced his book. The book is called Limbo, the author is Marko Pandza, he’s from eastern Canada. Today we discuss the book, if you’re looking for a good scary thriller, that has a theme like non I’ve heard of – Limbo, the place between the living and the dead. There are curse words in todays episode which I do not beep and there is discussions about drugs and negative relationship views This is not a family episode.



    Do you know what a copyrighter is…

    Marko reads the back cover…

    Background on the grim reaper…

    This is a great way to sum up…

    Show Links:

     Jack Whitehall, Comedian from the UK

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    The show music is call ‘Girl’ by Text me Records and Leviathe

    The cover art, storytelling and production is by me, Valerie Moss.

    Stay Tuned for the next season, season 3 on Valerie’s Variety Podcast with your host me, Valerie Moss from Studio 17

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    Book Review: Ghost of Me by Amanda Steel

    Book Review: Ghost of Me by Amanda Steel

    episode 103 season 3

    Todays show is a Review of the Book from yesterdays episode, Ghost of Me by Amanda Steel, this was my first fiction book with characters that I completed. I loved this book and I loved that I produced this for a women in the UK. We will explore some pieces of this book today to maybe enticee you to buy a paperback or an audio version of this book. We’ll share chapter 1 at the end of the show…

    One thing that stands out about her writing for Ghost of Me, is that the books starts out with a poem.

    Haunting my own life 

    I’m a ghostHaunting my own life Trying to remember How not to be forgotten 

    I’m a ghostBut my heart still beatsNow I’m slowly fadingSoon there will be nothing left 

    I’m a ghostWatching, listening, wishingI was still part of something While everyone else gets to live 

    I’m a ghostThough I still have breath Everything plays out in front of me 

    But it’s all just out of reach 

    Doesn’t this just set the stage for the book, you get an idea of what you’re walking into but nothing on how it plays out.

    As you heard in the interview with Amanda, she chose locations in her book that were sort of true but changed the street names and areas to disguise these just a little.

    One Review says: This is a rare find. A great paranormal thriller. Spine-tingling and goosebumps throughout the book. Fast paced and action packed storyline. Keeps you from putting this book down.

    Another Review says: This is the 1st book I’ve read written by Amanda Steel; she has done a great job at writing a good book; I can’t wait to read more of her books.The story line caught my attention at the very beginning and kept me interested throughout the entire book. I loved the chemistry between the characters.

    Another Reviewer says: She was killed and she is now a ghost. She finds out there is a chance she had been murdered. Being a ghost is not going to stop looking for her killer. Who killed her? How will she do it? See if she can

    My Review: If you like a good crime story, and paranormal bits added in, this is a great read – who wouldn’t want to solve their own murder? But as a ghost it makes things a lot more difficult like talking or writing or transporting to another location. Amanda has thought of all kinds of angles in this book keeping you guessing and pondering. I also like that the book is written in first person which makes it more personal, especially as a female reader and narrator.

    Thanks Amanda for trusting me with your book and liking my voice!

    Here’s chapter one of Ghost of me!

    What did you think of this sneak peak, please visit the show notes to purchase a copy of Ghost of Me Audio Book or check out Amanda Steel Writer website and her other books that are more in the zombie line up.

    Follow Me:

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