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    Weaponized Incompetence, Right to Disconnect, Free Tech Skills, and Mental Health Help

    Weaponized Incompetence, Right to Disconnect, Free Tech Skills, and Mental Health Help

    I rarely get nervous interviewing someone but when you speak with a Canadian broadcast legend, you can’t help but get a little bit flustered. Valerie Pringle, the former host of Canada AM is now working tirelessly behind the scenes to raise awareness for the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Foundation, and candidly shares some details of her own experience helping her three children with their mental health struggles, PLUS some tips for parents going through the same in their homes.

    Anne Brodie is back with more entertainment this week as Omicron leaves us few options outside the home. You will definitely want to sink your teeth into Shonda Rhimes latest on Netflix called Inventing Anna. This 10 part mini-series stars the incredible Julia Garner from Ozark in the lead as Anna Delvey, who committed massive fraud pretending to be a mysterious German "heiress”. This based on a true story series is just the escape we all need right now.

    The need for women in politics is clear, but the barriers to entry are high as Glynis Ratcliffe found out when she considered throwing her hat in the ring for the upcoming provincial election in Ontario. Glynis shares some of the hurdles she faced, why she had to pause, and some thoughts on making a path into politics more equitable.

    After almost two years in isolation together, couples are noticing a lot of things about each other, including the division of labour in the house. So when is it problematic? When it’s weaponized incompetence. Lisa Sonni, a life and relationship coach who helps clients of all walks of life overcome challenges stemming from traumatic and or abusive partnerships joins me to help us define the term, recognize it and get it out of your life.

    Are you looking to upgrade your skills for the job market? Then you will definitely want to stick around to listen to my interview with Nancy Baker from Fort Erie International Academy, who has details to share on ten courses being offered to the public absolutely free to help upgrade technology skills.

    Finally, Ontario has passed right to disconnect legislation that takes effect June 2 this year. While it’s most certainly welcome, especially for those seeking work-life balance after two years in in a pandemic, my final guest says that so far it appears to be largely a political move, that doesn’t carry a lot of substance or direction with it. Deborah Hudson, an employment lawyer from Hudson Sinclair LLP joins me to share what employers and employees need to know right now about Right to Disconnect.


    Valerie Pringle

    Website: https://www.camh.ca/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CentreforAddictionandMentalHealth
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/camhnews/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/CAMHnews

    Glynis Ratcliffe

    Website: glynisratcliffe.com
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/glynisratcliffe
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/glynis/

    Lisa Sonni

    Website: https://strongerthanbefore.ca/
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_stronger_than_before_coach/
    Facebook https://www.facebook.com/StrongerThanBeforeCoaching
    TikTok @_stronger_than_before

    Nancy Baker
    Website: https://feia.ca/tech101/

    Deborah Hudson

    Website: https://hudsonsinclair.com
    Instagram @hudsonsinclairllp
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HudsonSinclairLLP

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    Education Trainwreck, Creating A Sacred Space, The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale, a Dry January

    Education Trainwreck, Creating A Sacred Space, The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale, a Dry January

    COVID-19 has led to the largest mass disruption of education in modern human history. Ontario, in particular, has suffered the longest school closures in Canada, and amongst the highest in North America and Europe comparing regional averages. Protecting education as an essential service is a policy choice says my first guest today, Dr. Prachi Srivastava. Prachi will be joining What She Said from now until June every month to arm you with information and questions to ask policy makers and politicians as we approach the June provincial election in Ontario.

    Anne Brodie had to dig deep this week to find the best of the best in entertainment, with new theatrical releases in short supply. She delivers though with some can’t miss movies and shows to catch at home right now to beat the Omicron blues.

    Whether by circumstance or choice, many women have found themselves stuck in a rut as of late. This year, What She Said in partnership with The Sacred Space is going to help you get unstuck. Denise Chand & Jennifer John, are Certified Cognitive Behavioural and Relationship Coaches, Unstuck Experts, Authors, and Founders of The Sacred Space Coaching. In 2022, they will be joining me every month with tips and tools to get us back on a path that empowers us to chase our dreams.

    What’s the cost of love? Haley McGee, interviewed her exes and enlisted the help of a mathmetician to create a formula - with eighty seven variables - to find the true cost of love in her upcoming book, The Ex-Boyfriend Yard Sale. Haley joins me today to discuss how her attempt to turn sentimental value into cold, hard cash, became a much bigger lesson in the value of failed relationships.

    Finally, If current conditions in Ontario, or even the ongoing pandemic have you questioning your commitment to Dry January, I’d like you to pause before you uncork that bottle of wine and listen Nadine Araksi. A Dry January MVP, Nadine joins me today to share some tips for making it through January without alcohol and possibly beyond.


    Dr. Prachi Srivastava

    Website: https://www.edu.uwo.ca/faculty-profiles/prachi-srivastava.html
    Twitter: @PrachiSrivas
    Other http://covid19schooldashboard.com

    Sacred Space

    Website: www.the-sacredspace.com/getunstuck
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/chand_denise https://twitter.com/JenniferJohn
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/denisechand_clc/ https://www.instagram.com/jenniferjohn_clc/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheSacredSpaceCoaching
    Facebook: Single & Hating It
    Facebook: With D&J

    Haley McGee

    Website: www.haleymcgee.ca
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/yeshaleymcgee
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yeshaleymcgee/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yeshaleymcgee

    Nadine Araksi

    Website: https://www.kickstartology.com/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/kickstart.community.women/
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kickstartologycoaching/

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    Creating Your Own Sacred Space for 2022 And Getting Unstuck

    Creating Your Own Sacred Space for 2022 And Getting Unstuck

    Prior to March of 2020, many of us were on our "game", working within a system that we thought we understood. Then everything we knew came tumbling down, and it wasn’t long before we started to see that the system was largely an illusion. On everything from work to home management, women learned that many of the choices we had were not really choices at all. Crushed under the weight of home learning, working at home, losing our jobs, and isolation, we fell into a rut. And ruts, as you know, are notoriously hard to get out of if you’ve ever seen a car spinning its wheels in one. That’s why in 2022, I am so pleased to introduce you to Jennifer John and Denise Chand from The Sacred Space. These two ladies are here to get us unstuck, and get back on the road at whatever speed we choose thank you very much. Together we will imagine and action a new path forward, each creating our own impenetrable sacred space. In today’s podcast we have an overview of some of the topics we’ll be exploring over the next year and some steps you can take today to get unstuck. Welcome to 2022 ladies.

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thesacredspacecoaching/
    Instagram Denise: https://www.instagram.com/denisechand_clc/
    Instagram Jennifer: https://www.instagram.com/jenniferjohn_clc/

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    That's a Wrap on 2021, Families Matter, Vision for 2022, and a Christmas Wish

    That's a Wrap on 2021, Families Matter, Vision for 2022, and a Christmas Wish

    Dilys D’Cruz joins me to wrap up for the Meridian Credit Union masterclass on personal finance we ran all year plus results from a recent consumer insights survey that found that most Canadians have money hang ups from childhood that still affect them today.

    We all know that first responders and those who serve in our military cope with a tremendous amount of stress and mental health issues. The very nature of their jobs makes it so. But what of those closest to them, their families? Heidi Cramm is an occupational therapist and associate professor in the School of Rehabilitation Therapy at Queen’s University who leads the Families Matter Research Group. She joins me to share some of the research on mental health and trauma that first responder families are going through.

    Yollanda Zhang wants your whole family to get the most out of 2022. She joins me to share details about her upcoming workshop for the whole family that will help you hone in on what is most important so that everyone can move forward with purpose and peace in the new year.

    Anne Brodie and I have a little fun this week as we share our top 3 Christmas movies with each other, and it’s clear that we have different tastes. You won’t want to miss Anne’s picks because I bet most haven’t seen them.

    Finally, JENNA Nation is a Canadian R&B/Pop singer and songwriter who is quickly gaining momentum on the international music scene. Considered by many as an outstanding vocalist with a charismatic stage presence, Jenna has released a new single for the holidays called “My Christmas Wish” which will be the closing song of this show, and of What She Said’s broadcast year.

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    Rich Girl, Poor Girl, Love and Nudes, Careers in Cannabis, Couponing Returns, and Preventative Aging

    Rich Girl, Poor Girl, Love and Nudes, Careers in Cannabis, Couponing Returns, and Preventative Aging

    No matter where you fall on the financial spectrum my first guest is here to help us all prepare for 2024 when women in Canada will control just over half the wealth in this country to the tune of #3 trillion dollars. Kelley’s new book Rich Girl, Broke Girl hits bookshelves December 14th and she joins me today to share some of the topics she covers from discussing finances with your partner, to negotiating the salary you deserve, to controlling your financial destiny. You definitely do not want to miss this one.

    In RBC’s She’s the Boss this Week, I speak with Chantal Carter. Chantal’s passion to uplift women of colour through fashion caused her to develop a diverse skin tone intimates line called Love & Nudes. This brand is more than just fashion, it's a social movement connecting women and celebrating the beauty of difference.

    Anne Brodie joins for a quick Saturday Night at the Movies round up which includes the much anticipated Don’t Look Up on Netflix with a stellar cast that includes Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, and the gut-wrenching The Unforgivable with Sandra Bullock. She also shares parts of an interview she did with Gemma Whelan who plays Detective Sargeant Sarah Collins in The Tower playing now on Britbox.

    The cannabis industry is continues to grow in Canada and 34% of graduating university students are interested in pursuing a career in this still new field. Becky Griffin never imagined she’d end up working in cannabis when she was pursuing her degree, but now finds herself shattering glass ceilings and stereotypes working for Molecule Inc., a up and coming cannabis beverage company in Eastern Ontario.

    We are all feeling the strain on our wallets these days and there is a return to good old fashioned couponing. Kathleen Cassidy is An extreme couponer, freebie lover and a financial friend who runs @livingonaloonie on social media. Every week she takes her followers through tips and tricks of how to save money in Canada and even get stuff for free. She joins me this week with some easy to follow tips for getting the best deal at the check out.

    Finally, with Canadian women living longer and longer, the question is how to ensure we have the quality of life we want to accompany the quantity of time we’re getting. Chloé Richardson is a health enthusiast focused on whole body preventative aging, working with Jevitty Life Science & Bodycomp Imaging to enable the public to feel supported and empowered in living their best life for many years to come. She joins me to share why Health is our true wealth.

    It’s another full week at What She Said with interviews that empower, educate, and entertain , so let’s jump in right now on 105.9 The Region.


    Kelley Keehn

    Website www.kelleykeehn.com
    Twitter KelleyKeehn
    Instagram Kelleykeehnbiz
    Facebook https://www.facebook.com/kelleykeehnbiz
    Other LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/kelley-keehn/

    Chantal Carter

    Website www.loveandnudes.com
    Twitter : @loveandnudes
    Instagram: @loveandnudes
    Facebook: @loveandnudes

    Becky Griffin

    Website: https://www.molecule.ca/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/molecule_ca
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/molecule.ca/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/molecule.ca

    Kathleen Cassidy

    Instagram: @livingonaloonie
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/livingonaloonie
    TikTok: @livingonaloonie
    Youtube: @livingonaloonie

    Chloé Richardson

    Website: www.jevitty.com www.bodycomp.ca
    Instagram: @bodycompimaging
    Facebook: @bodycompimaging

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    Vaccine Mandates for Kids, Glittery Holiday Stress, Yukon Soaps, and Mammography News

    Vaccine Mandates for Kids, Glittery Holiday Stress, Yukon Soaps, and Mammography News

    Vaccines are the topic of my first interview. Few issues in our society are more divisive right now than vaccinations and sadly things may only get worse now that vaccines have been approved for children. Cathryn Carruthers is a double vaxxed mom in Calgary, who along with her husband will soon face the decision to vaccinate her children. She is the founder of Families for Choice, a group comprised of vaccinated and unvaccinated families that are united on one goal, they are against vaccine mandates for children. Cathryn joins me to share the reason behind her forming this group.

    It’s time to change out of our regular everyday stress and slip into our glittery holiday stress. With the holiday season in full swing, adding to our everyday stressors, as well as our pandemic stress, it’s a good time for our latest interview on, you guessed it, stress. This week we are joined by Dr. Juliana Rosario Yeung who joins me to discuss ways to manage the stressful environment that we find ourselves in now so that it doesn’t wreak havoc on our bodies later. Big thanks to New Roots Herbal for helping to keep our health top of mind in their ongoing series with What She Said.

    Anne Brodie has entertainment for days which includes Paolo Sorrentino's epic family saga Hand of God set in his hometown of Naples, Flee, the excellent and profound animated story of Amin, an Afghani refugee who escaped his homeland when the Mujahadeen murdered his family and HBO's original four-episode limited series Landscapers, starring Emmy-winner Olivia Colman and David Thewlis is a fascinating surrealist journey, based on a true story.

    On RBC’s She’s the Boss this week, I speak with Joella Hogan from Yukon Soaps Company. Joella joins me today to share how when you support her business, you are supporting her mission to empower and nurture an indigenous community in the Yukon, in Canada’s north.

    Finally, If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that science and medicine are always evolving. Unfortunately, policy doesn’t always keep up at the same speed. Dr. Paula Gordon, one of the world’s leading and highly respected experts and advocates for breast cancer screening is joining me today to share some important new information about a decades-old Canadian study that formed the basis for mammography recommendations for women in their forties around the world.


    New Roots Herbal

    Website: https://newrootsherbal.com/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/newrootsherbal
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/newrootsherbal/

    Families for Choice

    Website familiesforchoice.ca
    Twitter @families4choice
    Facebook facebook.com/groups/families4choice

    Yukon Soaps Company

    Website yukonsoaps.com
    Instagram @yukonsoapscompany
    Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Theyukonsoapscompany

    Paula Gordon

    Website: https://densebreastscanada.ca/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/densebreastscanada/
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/densebreastscanada/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/densebreastscdn

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4.9 out of 5
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14 Ratings

LMoss1969 ,

Informative and relevant topics 💪🏻

I love listening to What she said with Candace! The topics are informative and helpful to many women. She is uplifting, helpful and inspires me to bust a move to make the last back half of my 50 “ish” years matter!
A great listen and thanks for sharing amazing topics that hit home for many 💪🏻💗👏🏻

KimSmiley13 ,

Candace Sampson is Salt of the Earth Magic

Devouring every podcast — for there intelligence, warmth, wisdom and candour. In a world of too much artifice, Candace is authenticity incarnate. She is fiercely intelligent and real, and magnetizes guests who walk the same talk. The podcast is like listening in with a glass against your ear to an intimate conversation between soul sisters.

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