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    #WWTB? @whtwetalkinbout back in the building back in the place to be.
    With a special guest, a friend of the family @lynnvincentina. The crew talked about @theestallion
    Album, why do women post memes that aren’t true to them, being too friendly, Happy men cheat and happy women won’t cheat, Lori Harvey being the goat, Grammys, and bunch other funny shit. @ceoreese, @dez_arnez @thekidblaze @trav_dave AKA 1/3rd of a lot of things held it down per usual. As Always, The culture from A midwest point of view.

    • 1 hr 48 min


    #wwtb? @whtwetalkinb bout. Yeah, Trap or die N*ggaaaaa, In my Trap House.
    Last night we decided to do our review of the @Jeezy vs @laflare1017 @veruztv
    Battle. We will get back to regular our show but the guys had very strong opinions on the battle.
    @dez_arnez views verses @trav_dave is always hilarious and @ceoreese thoughts are always funny. @thekidblaze didn’t watch but went off the playlist and his reaction was classic.
    Classic barbershop talk on this one. Next week we will get back to our real talk bag and the antics for the people. Even got some surprises coming up. As Always, The culture from a Midwest POV.

    • 1 hr 58 min
    Good News

    Good News

    #wwtb? @whtwetalkinbout? We the hell was we talkin bout for almost 3 hours?
    Everything man. So many gems in this episode. @ceoreese and @dez_arnez talk about relationships and the idea of love. Growing with a person and is love a real thing anything.
    It’s dope to hear it from the men POV without all the hype and troll or pick me aspect to it.
    Straight no chaser. We Talked about music, @2chainz album. Shout out to @coupcoup40cal shouts to @drag_on1
    Shout to @winenightpodcast614 dope event ladies. We know this episode was long,
    But the gems make it worth it. Last hour 30mins, trust you never heard the guys like this.
    Congrats to @theblaze on the Mixembassy. Amazing crib. As Always, The culture from a Midwest point of view.

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    #WWTB? @whtwetalkinbout Podcast back again. You know the vibes. It’s F#*K Donald Trump.
    Congrats to Vice President-elect @KamalHarris and President @Joebiden. Big shout out to @Staceyabrams and @Symonedsanders. Biden owes down to Black Women. We all do.
    @Dez_arnez leads the show and as always, sets the tone. Real talk bag was funny, Clubhouse the newest wave, and of course @trav_dave swear he was early, @ceoreese and the @thekidblaze had jokes for the nap date convo. RIH to @Kingvonfrmdao sad man. RIH to Alex Trebek. Once again FDT. As always, The Culture from a midwest Point of view.

    • 2 hrs 10 min
    Mr. Right Now

    Mr. Right Now

    November 3rd. Get out and Vote. This is one of the most important elections ever. Please get out and Vote. Locally also. Just Vote.

    • 2 hrs 18 min


    #wwtb? @whtwetalkinbout..The boys are back in town. @dez_arnez and @ceoreese fresh off the best dress awards hints the artwork. Happy born day @Ash_Chante77. We had another amazing show. We talk about music.
    Good debate about @champagnepapi @liltunechi @kanyewest HOV. @thekidblaze said “Drake is the greatest hitmaker in hip hop history.
    After that, we got into a lot of real talks. Ladies listen to the show and give us some feedback. We want to know what y’all think. Shit got spicy.
    Also, RIH to Ramon Smith and Donald Smith. @Trav_Dave OG’s from Newark, Ohio.
    As Always, The Culture from a Midwest POV.

    • 2 hrs 31 min

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