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Feminist news programming that seeks to provide the unique and under-represented voices of girls and women with a national and international venue to break the sound barrier.

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Feminist news programming that seeks to provide the unique and under-represented voices of girls and women with a national and international venue to break the sound barrier.

    Interview with Woman from Portland at the Battle of Seattle

    Interview with Woman from Portland at the Battle of Seattle

    This is a short interview Thistle did with a woman attending a feminist breakfast gathering the day of the Fighting the New Misogyny talk that she was also attending at the Seattle Public Library later on, only three blocks away from the location of the breakfast.

    About 15 women gathered for the event, some from outside of the region and others from the Pacific Northwest and Seattle.

    What is noteworthy about this woman's testimony is how she does not identify as "conservative" or "right wing" but that because she has an analysis of gender identity that is not in alignment with trans ideology, she was labeled a "TERF" and subsequently "conservative" and "right wing."

    It is important for major media to hear the voices of the women attending the Seattle Public Library event, and not just continue to point at WoLF's bipartisan attempts to get radical feminist views into the mainstream via associations with conservatives and conservative groups.

    Please listen to this interview and realize that there are hundreds of thousands of women like the woman featured here, but many of us have been bullied into silence and the media blackout means that many more of us do not even know about the erosion of women's rights taking place in 2020.

    Thanks for tuning in to WLRN. If you'd like to hear this month's podcast in it's entirety, click on this link. https://soundcloud.com/wlrn-media/the-battle-of-seattle-wlrns-edition-46-podcast

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    The Battle of Seattle: WLRN's Edition 46 Podcast

    The Battle of Seattle: WLRN's Edition 46 Podcast

    Thanks to listener sponsors, WLRN was able to send Thistle Pettersen to Seattle the weekend of February 1st to attend the talk "Fighting the New Misogyny" featuring Lierre Keith, Meghan Murphy, Saba Malik and Kara Dansky at the Seattle Public Library.

    In this edition, you will hear exclusive coverage of events surrounding the main event that drew 350 people to the library to hear women speak about the harms of gender identity legislation and culture. There were supporters and protesters alike captured by the many media activists present though the absence of major media was glaring.

    First up, you'll hear the world news as written and delivered by WLRN's Dana Vitalosova right before hearing the Cranberries' song "Zombie" which is amazingly perfect for this month's topic.

    After the Cranberries song, WLRN's April Neault introduces the Seattle sound collage Thistle and Jenna co-created of the many voices of women attending the talk, offering their insights and statements about why they were there woven in between snippets of Thiste's song "Trans." The collage ends with "Song to the Sky" also by WLRN's Thistle Pettersen.

    Then, it's on to the clips Jenna chose to feature of the speakers, audience and protesters at the event including the "Let Women Speak" chant audience members broke into as transgender activists attempted to disrupt. "Let women speak" became a powerful phrase repeated by the audience as the cops arrested and dragged protesters out of the auditorium.

    Finally, enjoy stellar WLRN commentary by Sekhmet SheOwl as she reflects on free speech, the lack of media presence and more.

    Thanks for tuning in to WLRN, feminist community powered media. If you'd like to support this grassroots project, please consider becoming a listener sponsor by clicking on the donate button on our wordpress site and giving a monthly donation of any amount. Every little bit helps to keep us going as a collective of media activist women to bring you the news most media will not touch due to the censoring of feminist voices.

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    2016 Interview with Kathleen Richardson on child sex dolls

    2016 Interview with Kathleen Richardson on child sex dolls

    Here is the extended interview Elizabeth McKeown did with Kathleen Richardson about the child sex dolls on the market. How are pedophilia, pornography, and prostitution linked? Will using an object stop men from using women and children as objects, or reaffirm their outlook that women and children are things?

    Dr. Kathleen Richardson is a robotics ethicist with a background in anthropology who works closely with human connection and relation, particularly as it pertains to autism.

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    2016 Interview with Dawn Smith

    2016 Interview with Dawn Smith

    In this extended WLRN interview, Thistle Pettersen talks with Dawn Smith, organizer with the Michigan Framily Reunion, about this women-only cultural event that remembers and honors the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival that took place near Hart, Michigan for 40 years with the last MichFest happening in August of 2015.

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    2016 WLRN Interview with Elizabeth Hungerford

    2016 WLRN Interview with Elizabeth Hungerford

    One of WLRN's earliest interviews; In it, then-WLRN member Elizabeth talks with Ms. Hungerford about the Purvi Patel abortion/miscarriage case, among other cases, and their implications for women's reproductive freedoms.

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    WLRN Music Hour 33: Remembering Mary Oliver

    WLRN Music Hour 33: Remembering Mary Oliver

    Welcome back, sisters, to the first hour of Women's Liberation Music in 2020. It's been eight months since my last music show when I featured the writings of Andrea Dworkin. I can honestly say that the two deaths of well-known writers who have affected me the most have been Andrea Dworkin (who died April 5, 2005) and Mary Oliver who died a year ago today, January 17, 2019. So it seems appropriate that I return with another edition of my music show with a tribute to Mary Oliver. This month's varied music of international under-represented female artists will accompany my reading of some of Mary's poems, all of which celebrate nature, my most beloved muse. I went to visit Mary's hometown for 40 years, P'town, last Fall for a week and walked the beaches and trails she walked and wrote prolifically about, like around Blackwater Pond and the Pinewoods. It was a significant and magical time there; I felt Mary Oliver close, chiding me, for example, to wake before dawn so as to catch the first glint of the day on Blackwater Pond, to see the world through the awe that moved her. I met a small white maltese (who reminded me of pictures of her beloved dog) on the beach directly in front of the home she and her partner Molly Malone Cook lived and I sat in the corner booth at Fanizzi's restaurant next door where I imagined she sat, marveled at the tides and wrote on days she tired of her desk. I didn't seek these things out, they came to me or, I, to them. It was an honor 'being led' by Spirit in this way. I can't imagine better footsteps to trace. And so, I bring that comfort and awe to you, sisters, through this pairing of entrancing and gentle music with Mary Oliver's poetry. I hope you are nourished by this next hour wherever and however you are this midwinter here in the Northern hemisphere.

    Song List:
    Returning Jennifer Berezan
    Elle Mari Boine
    Karuna Stellamara
    Title Unknown Jennifer Kriesberg
    Lecieli Zurauli Laboratorium Piesni
    You Never Know Mari Boine
    Oh Love Ayla Nereo
    Ahccai Mari Boine
    Lihkahusat Mari Boine
    Give Me a Break Mari Boine
    Sorgblidni Eivor
    Balu BaDuel Go Vuoittan Mari Boine
    Kappee Laboratorium Piesni
    Rise Again (Instrumental)

    Poetry List
    What the Body Says, New and Selected Poems, vol 2
    Long Afternoon at the Edge of Little Sister Pond, ibid
    Lead, ibid
    Climbing Pinnacle, ibid
    Ravens, ibid
    In Praise of Craziness, of a Certain Kind, ibid
    The Bleeding-heart, ibid
    The Best I Could Do, Why I Wake Early
    Life Story, A Thousand Mornings
    The Measure, New and Selected Poems, vol 2
    Bone, ibid
    The Sweetness of Dogs, Dog Songs
    Those Days, Our World
    I Looked Up, New and Selected Poems, vol 2

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