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Your host, Tim Melanson talks to self-employed, home based "Work @ Home RockStars" to learn their best tips and tricks to be successful.

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Your host, Tim Melanson talks to self-employed, home based "Work @ Home RockStars" to learn their best tips and tricks to be successful.

    WHR 3.11 : Melissa Linke

    WHR 3.11 : Melissa Linke


    Good Note: Due to the Pandemic Melissa pivoted into something she was even more passionate about. To fix the short lived fitness programs with 365 Lean.
    Bad Note: Loosing your business within 24hrs and needing to change direction.
    Personal Bad Note: From obese to fitness model was not the end of the road when it came to lifestyle choices.
    Practice Makes Perfect: Way easier than people think! Be Cautious, start the question & slow your role.
    The Jam room: Create some polorization to deal with the stress of working at home and staying sane. Lead by example to stop negative influences.
    Learn From the Best:
    If you’re going to get a life coach, do your research. It won’t be forever and ultimately you need to stand on your own two feet. Guest Solo: People know what to do, but can’t manage to make it stick. With 365 Lean I try to bridge the gap between knowledge and application with tangible ways to change your mindset.


    I take a multifaceted approach to health coaching that includes personal training, behaviour change, habit cultivation & mindset that empowers individuals to take control of their health for long term results.
    I offer a clear message that is ‘all or nothing’ doesn’t work for long term results. So let’s ditch the sexy short-sighted solutions such as detoxes, restriction, diet fads & killing yourself with exercise. Instead, I’ve developed 365 Lean which serves to progressively change one’s mindset, behaviours & integrate small habits into your life. I make it easier to start which yields lasting results.

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    WHR 3.10 : Rachel Luther

    WHR 3.10 : Rachel Luther


    Good Note: Applying yourself no matter the situation. “The world is my oyster." Bad Note: Pinpointing your weaknesses. You don’t need to do everything yourself.
    Tell us about your Band: Think through everything that is on my list of responsibilities to grow your business which may include personal things that may be weighing on us. From having a manager to hiring someone to clean your house.
    Instrument of Choice: Check list and to-do list. I created my company around that idea. A process of thinking through and working through your responsibilities. Constantly evaluating that and going with what’s urgent and important. Even when I’m interrupted I know what to come back to.
    Jam Room: Close your door! Having a mindset of when you get off track how easy is it to get back to work. Having kids they want what they want when they want it so taking that break when needed and having your todo list to fall back on will make the difference on getting things done.
    Guest Solo: It’s a good time to be a virtual assistant now that people are more comfortable with it. For my love of helping people outsource from my business I started my own podcast with the sole purpose of helping business owners with their business.

    Rachel Luther is an entrepreneur who was a virtual assistant before people knew what virtual assistants were. After growing her VA business from a one-woman show to a team of talented professionals who provide all areas of back office virtual support over the last 10+ years, she is divulging her secrets to success, covering work/life balance, strategies for outsourcing, remote work and everything in between. People often ask her, ‘Can you be an entrepreneur and still have it all?’ The answer is a resounding ‘yes’. Rachel finds time to home school her 4 children, run a 6 figure business, host a podcast, and perform in theatre and film…. all through the power of outsourcing. If you want to make a larger impact in your business while working fewer hours, find out how with Checking Off Your List with Rachel Luther.

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    WHR 3.9 : Matilda Morgan

    WHR 3.9 : Matilda Morgan


    Good Note : While helping clients improve their image, you get to see them light up.
    Bad Note : Trying to do too many things at once and be everything to everyone.
    Jam Room : Set up as the brand that I want to be
    Gathering Fans : Present yourself in a way that your target market will be comfortable with, but also see that you have just a little bit more than they do so that they are inspired to follow you.
    Learning From the best : Takes something that I would have fumbled through for 20 years and taken it to 1 year.

    Appearance matters. Especially in the world of business.
    We all know this intuitively; it’s why applicants dress formally to job interviews, and why CEOs don’t come to work in sweats.
    But what’s equally important to understand is that dressing for success isn’t always aone size fits all strategy. If your brand is fun and casual, for instance, the professional dark pant suit likely is not going to communicate that to potential clients or partners. It is a rare leader indeed that not only recognizes the importance of their own image to their professional success, but also understands how their clothes can themselves serve as branding for their business.
    This is where Matilda Morgan and her company Impact Driven Style comes in.

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    WHR 3.8 : Michael Yeung

    WHR 3.8 : Michael Yeung


    Good Note : Started as a Veterinarian, discovered a way to build a coaching business and took the plunge
    Bad Note : Burned himself out trying to run his first business online
    Learning from the best :  Knowing the difference between courses and mentorship
    Instruments of choice : Trinkets and a plain old written calendar… learn how Michael puts that to work for him


    Michael is a High Performance and Business Coach with a mission to help 100,000 business owners achieve their most ambitious goals while working 20 fewer hours per week. With the help of his mentors and by applying his own principles to productivity & performance, Michael managed to grow his coaching business to multi-6 figures within 12 months, and has helped clients from 7 different countries and 5 different industries to scale up their income AND freedom.

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    WHR 3.7 : Jordan West

    WHR 3.7 : Jordan West


    Good Note : Big Growth throughout 2020 
    Bad Note : When looking to buy a business, make sure that the business has the potential to turn it to profit
    Practice Makes Perfect : Track and test what you are doing so you can quantify and improve
    Jam Room : Jordan got rid of the distractions by building separate home office in his back yard
    The Band : Know your own strengths (take a strengths finder test) and focus on them.  Then find people who fill in the gaps 


    When I was 23 I decided to buy a Taco Del Mar restaurant… I knew I had made a huge mistake at 2pm the first day when only 3 customers had walked in… (and two of them were my parents haha)
    For 5 years I worked hard to grow sales every way I could think of and in the end, tripled our revenue which still didn’t seem to matter on the profit side. (I lost a lot of money)
    The one thing that I seemed to be the best at in the restaurant endeavour was the marketing and getting people in the door.
    Fast forward to 2014 when my wonderful wife Carmen (definitely my better half) started a modest baby clothing line and was selling at craft markets. I asked if I could test running a few ads on Facebook… and the rest is history. I learned every up and coming strategy and tactic and helped grow the small start-up to a multi-million dollar company and still growing!
    Over the years I have realized what I am good at and what I’m not.
    What I’m good at… Marketing and helping others scale their businesses. Which leads me to now.
    In 2019 we started the podcast “secrets to scaling your e-commerce brand” which is now in the top 50 business/marketing podcasts in multiple countries including Canada and the United States.
    On top of that we founded Mindful Marketing Co. to help scale brands, stores and makers using paid marketing. I love to see brands grow and founders shift from grinding to scaling… it’s what gets me out of bed in the morning!

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    WHR 3.6 : Rafael Eliassen

    WHR 3.6 : Rafael Eliassen


    Good Note : Putting out consistent youtube videos leads him out of his janitor job to a huge business
    Bad Note : Trying to help everyone for free
    Practice Makes Perfect : Getting good a video content takes practice…  Know your client avatar, then make a list of topics to help them
    How to get Fans : Find channels that are in your niche and try a collaboration
    Keeping the Hat Full : Make sure you are tracking your return on investment… Focus on your highest ticket item

    Rafael Eliassen is a personal growth and business coach from the North of Norway. As a kid Rafael could often be found talking to adults about their life problems and what they were doing to improve in their lives.

    • 34 min

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5.0 out of 5
11 Ratings

11 Ratings

This Guy Knows His stuff!! ,

Working From Home Is The Future!!

This podcast is exciting for numerous reasons. 1st being Tim himself, I have the priveldge of knowing Tim and understanding that he truly has insights and strategies that work in real life. He comes from a place of genuine desire to see our world and the people in it, succeed in life and business.

2nd is that Tim is well connected and can attract guests that share real life tips, tools and strategies for anyone looking to escape the rat race and work from home.

3rd Tim has the personal experience and success to leads us into a place where we can work from home and live our passions! What else could you ask for in a podcast??

Simply Top Notch!!!

Mosaiccanada ,

Much Needed Info!

I’ve been working from home for over 14 years and there hasn’t really been much information of this type until now. Tim is a great interviewer - funny, engaging and gets some great content from his guests.

EdgeMotivationScotty ,


This Podcast is beautiful! Tim is an excellent host and his guests are both knowledgeable and exciting. As someone who is making the journey from employee to entrepreneur: this podcast gives me a ton of insight into the world I'm entering! Love it!

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