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You've Got This, Mama - The Podcast, is a weekly reminder of just that! You do GOT THIS! Parenting takes a village, right? Well, here we are! From best selling author, and Clarity Coach for Mamas, Sabrina Greer, expect shame-free, judgment-free, telltale, #truthbombs about all things motherhood. It's raw, unedited, un-Pinterest-worthy and more refreshing than a cup of coffee after a night with no sleep. Sabrina shares her parenting wins (and f**k ups), interviews specialists, and other inspiring mamas in hopes to empower your motherhood and prove that you are NEVER alone!

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You've Got This, Mama - The Podcast, is a weekly reminder of just that! You do GOT THIS! Parenting takes a village, right? Well, here we are! From best selling author, and Clarity Coach for Mamas, Sabrina Greer, expect shame-free, judgment-free, telltale, #truthbombs about all things motherhood. It's raw, unedited, un-Pinterest-worthy and more refreshing than a cup of coffee after a night with no sleep. Sabrina shares her parenting wins (and f**k ups), interviews specialists, and other inspiring mamas in hopes to empower your motherhood and prove that you are NEVER alone!

    e045 – Your Kids and Social Media with Lisa Pedersen

    e045 – Your Kids and Social Media with Lisa Pedersen

    Lisa is a social media coach who is passionate about helping female business owners shine online, with social media plans that are smart, simple and stress-free. Lisa left the corporate marketing world 9 years ago to work as a freelance social media consultant and community manager and loves being her own boss. She has had the honour of appearing as a speaker and panellist on the topic of social media and blogging at various conferences. She lives in Toronto with her husband, two kids and dog - who are all huge Marvel and Star Wars fans!

    Sabrina has worked with Lisa before as a professional social media coach, but today's topic is on kids and social media, from introducing them online to protecting them from the pitfalls social media has. What about social media should we allow our kids into, and what does it mean to cultivate a healthy online presence? Lisa says the best way to teach your kids responsible internet habits, is by modelling a responsible relationship with our phones. If we take a moment to think, a pause while we scroll, are we modelling good behaviour for our kids? The next thing that's important is to teach them how to use social media. Isolating them and keeping them offline keeps them from learning how to properly use social media. Eventually, they will get access, and if they aren't given the tools to know how to be safe, it could be a nightmare. One of Lisa's common rules amongst families is that if you wouldn't say it to a person's face, you shouldn't say it online. Lisa will engage her kids and even share articles she finds on her media and show them the emotions and power behind social media and the ability to share stories and information.

    One problem with social media is that there is always a new platform or new technology, and staying informed on the best practices while trying to teach your kids best practices? Lisa started allowing her 9-year-old daughter to text friends and family using iMessage. The devices are owned by the parents and they have full transparency with spot checks. Lisa will log into her daughter's Instagram account and will check new message requests, follow requests, and will ask her daughter who they are. Lisa is very transparent that she is not reading what the messages contain, but is checking who is reaching out. But Lisa is also transparent about the risks with her daughter and will discuss the predators and harm that has happened through social media. By being transparent about what the checks are and what she is looking for, it establishes trust in the relationship, and her daughter will come to her and ask questions if there is ever any interaction that seems suspicious.

    Both Lisa and Sabrina talk about the importance of trust in the relationship with your child, and to enforce boundaries that have been established in the household. They have to be consistent and enforced, however, they look for your family. Boundaries do not just exist for kids, however, and setting intentions around your screen use is reflected in your kids. Sabrina even suggests introducing intermittent fasting for screens, at least an hour before bed and not having it be the first thing you do in the morning. Lisa suggests setting times when no electronics are on, for everyone in the family. As in, not during dinnertime or at a restaurant. Have a family meeting and everyone comes up with the rules and they can all work together to abide by them. The kids want a little bit of autonomy and a bit of privacy while talking to their friends and engaging online. As long as the trust and the rules are being met, with proper guidance and transparency on who they are talking to, good habits can be encouraged.

    Social Media Addiction is a problem. Lisa has introduced social media and online tools to her children as early as 6.5 years old. From the beginning, Lisa has encouraged the boundaries and r

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    e044 – Finding Funny in Motherhood with Jenna Kim Jones

    e044 – Finding Funny in Motherhood with Jenna Kim Jones

    Jenna Kim Jones is a clean stand up comedian who performs regularly nationwide. Jenna has three comedy specials which are played regularly on Sirius XM. She was the featured comedian on Sirius XM’s Channel Laugh USA in September 2016 and August 2018. Jenna also released a video special with Dry Bar Comedy called “Jenna Kim Jones: Fun to Hug” that is available to stream on Amazon Prime. Jenna is the co-host of the television series Random Acts and has a daily podcast she hosts with her husband called Couple Friends!

    As a mom of two, Jenna is no stranger to the chaos and with a 4 and 2-year old, she is busy. Jenna brings fun and brightness to the grey areas of motherhood, the areas that get swept under the rug and dismissed. How does Jenna find the humour in motherhood? Sometimes it is difficult. Jenna shares with us one of many episodes in motherhood where nothing goes right. Bubbles, a newly crawling baby and a door locking toddler inspired Jenna to start seeing that there can be laughter found in the most stressful situations and sometimes all you can do is laugh at the impossibility of it. All of these hard moments can be hilarious. By focusing on the outrageous, she can laugh at the hardest days. By searching out the humour, it can lighten the heavy work of motherhood.

    Finding her mom friends helped her learn to let things go. That it doesn't matter if you don't know what you are doing half the time, because they don't know either. By having mom friends that compare each other or compete with the milestones. Kids don't remember the small stuff like when they were potty trained or bottle-fed, kids remember the love, and parents that do everything in their power to make sure their kids are happy and healthy. Sometimes we just have to let it go.

    Try every day to laugh with your kids. Some days just feel like everyone is grumpy and combative. Jenna checks in to see if everyone has laughed together. Kids should know what it feels like to just laugh. We all have those days where it feels like every other minute is a time out or a mess. We should do whatever it takes to make them laugh, silly clothes, silly faces whatever is needed to laugh, even on the really bad days. Laughter always lightens the mood.

    It's important to teach our kids that it is okay to cry, it is okay to laugh, that feeling all the emotions is what a human needs to do. When we expect them to bottle all the feelings up they never learn how to regulate all of those big messy feelings. So when they cry just let it out. When they laugh, go big and be silly.

    Jenna has done stand up for a long time and self-released her own special right before getting pregnant with her first daughter. Her career started to take off as she started her family, and her podcast, Couple Friends, came out after shifting her direction and focusing on family and the transition to finding friends while parenting. Couples Friends is a short little pick me up that lets the humour in every day. It’s so hard to find couple friends. And then when you do they, like, want to hang out. Problem solved! Let Jenna Kim Jones and her husband #AL be your virtual couple friends. JKJ and #AL are the married couple friends you really want to see but, like, you’re also kind of tired and maybe we can do it another time? They get you. And you get them. Listen to them talk about nonsense, play games, and ramble on about life. They’ll never talk politics and best of all, they’ll never ask you to babysit their kids so they can go on date night.

    Couple Friends Podcast

    Instagram: @jennakimjones


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    e043 – Decisions by Design with Chris Atley

    e043 – Decisions by Design with Chris Atley

    This episode features a very special guest for Sabrina, her first ever personal coach, Chris Atley. She is known for her ability to help business owners reduce the overwhelm, and move through the obstacles keeping them from realizing their business dreams and lifestyle goals. Chris is an award winning coach, TEDx speaker and bestselling author. She has been featured on media outlets such as Bloomberg Radio, Fox, ABC and the Manhattan Neighborhood Network.

    The number one topic for women right now is self-care. Chris is convinced self-care is almost as important as breathing. And sometimes it is simply breathing. It is hard to separate out what is self-care when we are marketing images of spa days and chocolates. It may be a bit of a buzzword right now, but it is about honouring yourself and doing things that make you feel happy and more at peace and calm. We need to fill up our cup in this way first, so we can give to other people. Appreciating and honouring ourselves so we can provide to our families. It could be daily habits, once a month massage. But finding a ritual in your day will help alleviate the stress that wears us down. Start scheduling self-care as an appointment. You wouldn’t skip a doctors appointment- don’t skip one for yourself. Make sure to plan it for a time when you are energized and excited. Mornings give ample opportunity for time to yourself, enjoy coffee and set a good foundation for your day. If waiting until the end of the day, it gets pushed off from being tired, rushing through bedtime routines, etc. Sabrina and Chris have faced all of the excuses from not being a morning person, to not being able to wake up that early and more. It could start with walking the dog each morning, or getting out of the house. Self-care needs to work for you. If you really are not a morning person, try it at night. Make this work for your family and your schedule. Work with your support network and trade off time, ask your partner, a friend, whatever resources you can pool.

    Balancing little kids sleep schedules and a solid self care routine in the mornings don’t always align, but the key is to make sure your needs, including sleep are being met. Try nap time, or involving the kids in your meditations or affirmations like Sabrina did.

    Chris focuses her coaching on building an abundant mindset in her clients. She focuses on what our thoughts and beliefs are deep down so that we can see how we are showing up in life. Chris helps people manifest their biggest dreams and goals by shifting their mindset into a nurturing, flexible growth. As moms we are told we are “just a mom”. Between the full time work of the invisible motherload, on top of the children and losing our identities when we become mothers, we can lose focus on ourselves.

    Following a path on how thoughts shape our reality and focusing on the study of miracles, Chris has developed a podcast on One Simple Truth, a deep dive into the study of miracles in a nondenominational way. She focuses on how to remove the roadblocks in our way. By breaking down the complex ideas behind these mindset shifts, it makes the practice more approachable and accessible, and you learn how to apply this on the practical level. You can understand it on a higher level, but applying it practically can take more understanding.

    How to start your mindset journey:

    Get clear on what we want and believing it's possible. Look to someone else who does believe if you’re having trouble believing it. Find a role model and believe its possible.

    Get clear on what your beliefs are deep down. If you are not where you wanna be, there is a belief somewhere that is affecting how you are showing up. If it has not shifted emotionally or in our subconscious, it will be manifesting in our day to day. Analyze how you feel about success. What do you really believe?

    Be ready to rec

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    e042 – Motherhood Inspired with Jackie Rockwell

    e042 – Motherhood Inspired with Jackie Rockwell

    Jackie Rockwell is your Crunchy-Mama BFF, here to support you on your journey to feeling your best as a confident mom. She is a coffee lover and a dancing queen!! She lives in Oregon with her Sexy-Rexy husband and three kiddos who are often found roaming around the neighborhood. She is the founder of Motherhood Inspired, an intentional platform that encourages mamas to prioritize their self-care through small things like eating meals while they’re still hot and through larger things, like regularly scheduled time to do what they want (hello snuggling up with a good book and a glass of wine!). She believes it is important to spend at least as much time caring for yourself as you spend caring for everyone around you. She’s on a mission to ditch #momguilt and banish the mom-shaming. She believes that moms don’t have to feel stuck in their motherhood. And she offers private coaching to busy moms who are ready to feel confident and balanced in their motherhood.

    We all have the power within us to live full and abundant lives and learning to manage your personal finances is a major portion of that. She is the creator of the online budgeting course, The Confident, Wealthy Mom which teaches moms how to stop putting things on the credit card without pinching pennies!

    Self-care has been a topic that has really started gaining more awareness. The more you repeat things and hear it from other people, the more it resonates and sinks in, and starts to make sense. Jackie is a bookkeeper by trade and started looking at her family’s finances when she had children. She wanted to help other women and she also saw how self-care affected her life and her family’s life after becoming more aware of it. She has always scheduled a weekly time for herself, and her kids see her prioritizing herself. Instead of placing everyone else before her, she began prioritizing her well being, with yoga and nutritious meals. Something Sabrina agrees with is that self-care is often something you need to book like an appointment that you cannot miss.

    So what does self-care look like? It is not just bubble baths and cake. It can be setting boundaries, having a cup of tea, or choosing water over soda, and there are lots of ways we are already implementing self-care. Instead of feeling guilty for not doing enough, we should be appreciating what we already do to take care of ourselves, and also growing that and discovering how can we be intentional about doing more.

    In Sabrina’s Boss Mama Mastermind, they devote an entire week of the curriculum to self-care and have a worksheet that breaks down each section of time into mind, body, and soul. Mind, something that stimulates and inspires your mind like listening to a podcast or reading a book. Body is anything physical, like yoga or dancing or going for a walk. Soul is focused on your prayer, journaling or meditating, something more spiritual that connects you to your heart space. So when you break it down in this way, it makes it much more approachable when blocking it in your schedule.

    30 Easy Self-Care Ideas from Jackie breaks down what self-care can look like and is sorted into blocks of time, whether it be 5 or 45 minutes. Having a guide available gives more direction when looking for things that inspire you. What did you use to enjoy before the daily grind took the opportunity away? Self-care is not just for mamas of young children either, there are constant phase changes that accompany raising humans, from daycare to school to leaving the home, we need to keep our focus on who we are as people. Things can always change, so we need to nurture and give ourselves grace and keeping our capabilities in mind while we focus on our core values. It is important to follow that inner voice.

    The Confident Wealthy Mom is a budgeting course that walks moms through how to create an ideal budget for their fam

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    e041 – Farm to Table with Danielle French

    e041 – Farm to Table with Danielle French

    This episode we are talking farm life and parenting on a working farm! Danielle French and her family live at South Pond Farms in the Bethany Hills of Southern Ontario. She is the founder of South Pond Farms, a culinary destination for weddings, farm to table suppers and workshops. Danielle was born in Germany, grew up in Vermont, and came to Canada via McGill University in Montreal. In 2006, looking for a simpler way of life for her four daughters, she moved from Toronto to a farm. Danielle wanted to connect to a rural way of living. She met her partner, Shawn, when searching for someone to help her rebuild the old barn on the property. Danielle loves to create unique settings and menus for the many events she offers at South Pond Farms. Danielle is also the host of a television series called Taste of the Country, formerly on Netflix in eleven countries now on YouTube and the Cottage Life Channel in Canada, where she shares her tips and secrets, trials and tribulations of life and work on the farm.

    With four daughters ages 5-12, Danielle wanted to bust out of the "urban path" that she found herself stuck in while living in the city. She wanted to embrace a different kind of world while farming and growing your own food. While going through a divorce and managing the busy shuffle, she had to totally shift her perspective on life and spending time alone while leaving her life and friends behind. She found farm life to be insulated and insular and had to reflect on how to be happy within herself. Sabrina finds her boys have been able to go outside and explore and play and have thrived when given the opportunity to grow up on a farm. Danielle found the stress of the divorce and other factors that were physically manifesting in her daughters, and she had to let go of the need for control during the changes. One of the reasons Danielle started her business from home was the provide a chance to change the focus to growing things, instead of micromanaging the transition.

    South Pond Farms was started out of a desire for Danielle to learn how to make cheese. Owning a sheep dairy farm, Danielle went to Vermont to take classes on cheese. Noticing they were making bread for farm suppers, which they hosted and sold out all season long, Danielle shifted her focus on to creating more than just cheese, and look into dinners and breads. She started a meal delivery service that could be ordered every week and delivered on Fridays. Her children watched her excitement as the business grew with deliveries to Toronto. Danielle continued to develop her skills running a business and working with customers and food in general. She knew she needed a proper kitchen to handle the growth of her business, and that led her to meet Shawn, who understood barn structures and how to renovate and even inspired more growth. People began approaching her for weddings and other events on her beautiful land. She continues to add more food and more recipes and space to her farm while looking at the broader picture of her land. Now, 12 years after moving there, she still continues to expand and prioritize breaking bread with friends and family.

    Danielle did not want to sacrifice family time and meals with her daughters and being home with them after school. The impact of weekends being booked and having guests over were an adjustment and the kids had to adjust to having to help the business and having guests come to their space and their home and sharing their life. But Danielle continued to share her stories from the day to day operations and included her children along the way. Her oldest daughter is now studying sustainability and Danielle believes the creation of this business has inspired her daughters to be proud of her accomplishments. With mom-guilt always on our brains, we sometimes feel the time we have to sacrifice for the business is taking aw

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    e040 – Kids and Kindness for the Holidays with Maran Stern-Kubista

    e040 – Kids and Kindness for the Holidays with Maran Stern-Kubista

    Maran is the founder of My Kindness Calendar - an innovative new tool to actively engage kids and support parents in practicing kindness together. Maran is passionate about empowering families to raise kind, compassionate and empathetic kids in an easy and accessible way, as she aims to do with her two kids at home. In her pre-mom days, Maran worked in senior leadership at one of Canada's leading social enterprises focused on youth empowerment and social justice, and as an intellectual property and entertainment lawyer in Toronto. She's also been an opera singer and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, and plans on lots of similar adventures with her kids as they grow up.

    While on maternity leave with her second, Maran found the holiday season was too focused on the 'getting' aspect. Celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas, her 3-year-old daughter was preoccupied with what toys and gifts she was going to receive. When December came, she decided to create a "Kindness Advent calendar" and DIY'd a list of nice things to do for loved ones on colorful paper to surround a tree they crafted on the way. Rather than a toy or a chocolate, she wanted to balance out the conversation without taking away the gifting. It prompted many conversations from how to be a good big sister, a good friend and what it meant to be kind. Other friends and family members would visit and see the project and wanted to replicate the conversations that were happening. Maran decided to recreate this project so people who didn't have the time to DIY this project like she was able to, making it accessible and easy, and reusable. Rather than focusing on the punitive "Santa is watching!" Sabrina and Maran wanted to focus on giving back and how it does feel good to be able to offer and give things and actions for other people, rather than focusing on what we get.

    This is a reusable, premium fabric-based deco that is super durable and can be used every year. And it gets played with, scrunched up and stuck places it's not necessarily supposed to be stuck. Every aspect of the design was meant to remove barriers and also be beautiful since it is being on the wall of your home. It grows with the children and isn't a kiddy design. This calendar has been sent all over the world, and knowing that the advent has spread internationally gives Maran the drive and passion to continue to grow.

    Maran receives lots of positive feedback, especially on the conversations that come from focusing on the giving rather than the getting. She hears a lot from parents that it even reminds them to be kind to themselves as well. She can approach other situations and people with kindness. Starting a business as a mother often comes from things we want from and with our own children, and we want to replicate and give those opportunities to other parents. Getting the daily reminder to focus on those things like kindness and sharing, rather than another toy.

    Sometimes we think that gifts of kindness are time-consuming or depends on resources we may not have access to, like time and money. But when it comes to acts of kindness, the small things count too. Maran wanted to capture a spectrum of things you could share kindness, whether its in your family, your neighbors, and yourself. The most popular kindness act is baking cookies for neighbors. Especially in the city, we can find ourselves isolated from our community. Another popular one is to tell someone why you love them, and why they are special to you. There's also some environment-friendly ones, like have an electricity-free night. It even starts conversations about issues on a global scale. Being kid-focused, most of the acts of kindness are executable without needing to invest money. There is even a 5-minutes or less sets, that focus on time friendly acts like holding open a door or picking up trash. It doesn't have to be complex, it is m

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Heard about you they momfidentaf. Amazing podcasts . Thanks for brightening my day

Love love love your podcast on decluttering, stress and well all of them

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Thanks for keeing it real!

There's SO MUCH judgement, and comparing to a perfect, unrealistic and completely made up standard for moms- it's refreshing to have a podcast that keeps it real and reminds us that we are in this together! Thank you Sabrina. -Tanja x

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Loved the insights both Sabrina and Shayla shared. Their tips are great for men too! Shayla is a true champion in our business and in life. Even more than described in her podcast. Great job helping people ladies!

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