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On the Espresso English podcast, you'll learn English grammar, vocabulary, phrases, idioms, and more. Espresso English lessons are clear and practical, making it easy to learn the language quickly and effectively.

Visit http://www.espressoenglish.net to get English courses and e-books that will help you learn faster!

Espresso English Podcast Shayna Oliveira

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On the Espresso English podcast, you'll learn English grammar, vocabulary, phrases, idioms, and more. Espresso English lessons are clear and practical, making it easy to learn the language quickly and effectively.

Visit http://www.espressoenglish.net to get English courses and e-books that will help you learn faster!

    12 words in which we DO pronounce the final "E"

    12 words in which we DO pronounce the final "E"

    You probably know that an English word ends in -E, the -E is usually silent; we don’t pronounce it - like in the words date, cheese, fine, spoke, and rude.

    But there are a few exceptions!

    Many of these words came into English from other languages and so they don’t follow the typical trend of a silent E at the end.

    Repeat after me to learn 12 words in which we DO pronounce the final -E.
    I know that English pronunciation can be SO confusing with all these exceptions to the rules!

    If you want to improve your pronunciation fast, come join my American English Pronunciation Course.

    Inside it, we’ll do lots of practice so that you can master the sounds of the language and say them clearly. And when you can pronounce things clearly, you’ll be able to speak English more confidently.

    I hope you’ve enjoyed today's lesson and learned something new!

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    NEW Advanced Vocabulary & Collocations Course!

    NEW Advanced Vocabulary & Collocations Course!

    Do you want to learn more than 1000 advanced vocabulary words, so you can speak and write like a master of the English language? Keep listening, because this course is for you.
    ⭐ Advanced Vocabulary & Collocations Course: https://www.espressoenglish.net/advanced-vocabulary-and-collocations-course/
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    If you’ve been studying English for a while, then you already have enough English to communicate. Your English is fine for most situations… but you might feel like your vocabulary is just a little too “simple.” You want to express yourself more fluently, without using the same basic words over and over.
    Maybe you’ve tried reading a lot to build your vocabulary, but progress is slow. You might read a whole article and only learn a couple new words. And most English-learning apps and online lessons are too easy for you because they teach words you already know.
    What if you could learn 1,000 advanced words in the next few weeks – by studying just a few minutes a day? You can do that inside our Advanced Vocabulary & Collocations course, which will teach you sophisticated vocabulary for speaking English at a high level.
    It’s Time To Take Your Vocabulary From “Average” To Amazing.
    This brand-new course starts on April 16, 2021, and if you register right now, you can save $15 by using discount code ROCKET.
    The Advanced Vocabulary & Collocations Course Will Help You:
    ✔️ Build your vocabulary with advanced words
    ✔️ Put words together naturally (the same way a native speaker would)
    ✔️ Practice your new vocabulary so you’ll actually remember it
    ✔️ Sound more intelligent and well-educated in English
    This course includes 45 lessons in video + audio + text formats
    You’ll receive a daily lesson for 45 days beginning April 16!
    Each lesson includes a quiz to help you practice and review your new vocabulary.
    And there’s also the option get feedback from a teacher on your writing – if you choose the version of the course that includes extra writing exercises, then you can send in your answers to get personalized feedback and correction from a teacher on the Espresso English team!
    Are you ready to advance your vocabulary to a higher level?
    Join the Advanced Vocabulary & Collocations Course and learn 1,000+ high-level words FAST!
    Remember, use discount code ROCKET to get $15 off the course when you register today.
    ⭐️ https://www.espressoenglish.net/advanced-vocabulary-and-collocations-course/

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    Learn 20 powerful verbs to SUPERCHARGE your vocabulary!

    Learn 20 powerful verbs to SUPERCHARGE your vocabulary!

    I hope you’re ready to learn some awesome words!

    You don’t want to use the same basic English words over and over... instead, you want to use interesting and powerful words to express yourself better.

    Today I'll teach you 20 verbs that will supercharge your vocabulary.

    That’s actually a good example – I could say “improve your vocabulary” or “expand your vocabulary” but the word “supercharge” is so much more descriptive; it creates a mental picture of getting a huge boost in vocabulary power!
    If you like this lesson, then you’ll probably love Level 2 of my Vocabulary Builder Course, where you'll learn 1,000+ words that will really enrich your vocabulary.

    Every lesson inside the course includes ways for you to practice - quizzes and short-answer questions to help you use these new words yourself.

    Come join if you’d like to supercharge your vocabulary even more!

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    How to think directly in English (step by step)

    How to think directly in English (step by step)

    One HUGE step towards fluency is learning how to think directly in English.

    This will help you speak with fewer pauses and express yourself better!

    But many students say...
    “It’s too hard! “I don’t know enough English words!” “I need to think in my native language and translate.” "I'm not advanced enough to do that." Today I'm going to show you 4 simple steps to help you develop the skill of thinking in English, without translating from your native language. If you practice these steps, you will succeed and you'll see a big improvement in your English :-)
    I hope you can see that you don’t need to be super advanced to learn to think in English – you can start today. Try one of the four steps this week.

    Thinking in English is a very important skill for fluency, but you’ll need a lot of other skills, too – like a strong vocabulary, clear pronunciation, listening comprehension, and the ability to understand common phrasal verbs and idioms in English.

    You can improve all your skills inside our courses at Espresso English, because we have courses that focus on each specific area of the language!

    Not sure which course is right for you?

    Here are two ways to find out:
    Take the quick "course finder" quiz
    Try free sample lessons from all our courses
    Wishing you the best in your English learning!

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    Learn 20 confusing collocations in English

    Learn 20 confusing collocations in English

    Do you know the difference between “making trouble” and “taking the trouble”?

    What about “having fun” and “making fun”?

    Today I’m going to clarify 20 confusing collocations with the words do, have, make, and take. The meaning often changes depending on which verb is used.
    If you want to remember these collocations better, I’d encourage you to try writing your own example sentences using each one – this will help establish the differences in your memory.

    You can learn even more with my e-book, 1000 Collocations in 10 Minutes a Day.

    It’s full of quick lessons and quizzes that will teach you tons of common collocations, so that you can expand your vocabulary and be able to express yourself better in English – and also avoid mistakes with collocations, avoid putting words together in a way that sounds unnatural.

    I believe this is actually my most popular e-book; everyone loves how easy it is to complete the lessons!

    Thanks for watching and I’ll talk to you next time :-)

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    How to pronounce 50 difficult words in English

    How to pronounce 50 difficult words in English

    Welcome to the final lesson in our pronunciation power-up mini-course!

    So far we’ve practiced 200 English words for jobs, food/drink, countries, and brand names – and I’ve saved the best for last.

    The theme of today’s lesson is difficult words to pronounce, so I’ve selected 50 of the words that English learners often find hard to say.

    If you’re serious about improving your pronunciation and you want to practice more with me, you can join my American English Pronunciation Course, which will help you speak English more clearly and confidently.

    Are you ready to try these difficult words? Let's jump in - listen and repeat!
    If you’ve made it to the end of this list, great job! Those words aren’t easy.
    A lot of students ask me, “How can I know if I’m pronouncing a word correctly or not?” and I always encourage you to check an online audio dictionary.
    For example, if you look up a word in thefreedictionary.com, you can click on these audio icons to hear the American pronunciation and the British pronunciation.
    Whenever you learn a new word – or if you’re just not sure how exactly to say any word – go to an audio dictionary, listen, and repeat. You want to get into the habit of using the correct pronunciation so that you don’t have to try to fix problems later.
    Another great way to evaluate your pronunciation is to get feedback from an English teacher or a native English speaker – someone who can tell you exactly what you’re doing well, and exactly what you need to change or improve.
    When you join our American English Pronunciation Course, you actually get a pronunciation evaluation included with the course!
    At the end of the course, you can send in two audio recordings of yourself speaking English, and a teacher on our team will listen to you and then send you detailed comments and any corrections on your pronunciation.
    Some teachers or schools charge around $100 just for a personalized evaluation like this, but you’ll get one included right inside the American English Pronunciation Course when you join. Don’t miss the opportunity!
    Thank you so much for joining me in this mini-course :-)
    I hope you’ve enjoyed this pronunciation practice - and just remember, your pronunciation training shouldn’t end here.
    Keep doing a little bit every day, and those small exercises, over time, will add up to a big improvement in your pronunciation and confidence.

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3 Bewertungen

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