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A podcast for Zwift fans

    Ep 76: The Minterview . . . Zwift CEO and Simon in conversation

    Ep 76: The Minterview . . . Zwift CEO and Simon in conversation

    Simon sits down with Zwift CEO Eric Min for the now traditional “ask me anything” annual interview, covering a huge range of topics from the health of the company to, yes, the possibility of a velodrome. The conversation provides deep context and background on why some things happen, and why others don’t . . . . plus quite a bit on the pace at which things happen, or don’t, on the platform.
    We hope you listen to the whole of the interview, but if there’s one subject in which you are particularly interested, maybe you’d like to skip to that first. So here is a log of where to find the topics covered.
    00:00Hello and a word on transparency
    01:45 Zwift’s new London office
    02.45 What’s made Eric happy in the last year?
    04.30 Pace of development for Zwift
    05.40 Peak Zwift and growth
    07:15 Fun is Fast marketing campaign
    09:40 Is eSports a massive, risky bet?
    15.20 More on pace of development, specifically Game Development
    19:50 Zwift’s new Hardware division
    27:15 Trainer Difficulty confusion
    29.30 Juniors’ Racing
    32:00 Race Categorisation/Sandbagging
    38:30 Is eSport in danger of diminishing general user experience?
    43:00 Family Pricing Plan
    45:30 Zwifting for people with disabilities or different abilities?
    47:20 Is Zwift listening to the community?
    51:15 Steering
    52:45 FutureWorks
    54:00 Ghost Rider/PB Bot
    56:25 World Switching Expansion
    57:15 Workout Mode
    60:15 Allow Saving Without Exiting Game
    62:15 Hang out after end of ride
    63:35 Velodrome
    64:55 Can remote racing ever be credible?
    68:15 What’s the next new map?
    69.30 When will Zwift be profitable?
    70:25 Future of running
    73.05 Effects of lack of direct competition for Zwift
    75:45 Marks out of ten for Zwift’s potential
    77:55 Zwift’s carbon footprint

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    Episode 75: Peak Zwift (or is it?) Tour de Zwift and all the Zwifty Chat

    Episode 75: Peak Zwift (or is it?) Tour de Zwift and all the Zwifty Chat

    The Zwiftcasters welcome in 2020 with the first episode of the new decade - and kick straight off with a discussion of what’s become a landmark in the Zwift calendar - Peak Zwift.
    You can hear which one of the Zwiftcasters, along with special guest guessers, got it right.
    The podcasters go on to discuss whether the second January in Tuesday really will be Peak Zwift this year. The game has a few initiatives upcoming which may see the current record broken. Stay tuned.
    Is the update which restored  climbing cadence on Zwift from 80rpm back down to 70rpm a victory for the Zwiftcast? The boys are claiming it!
    The Tour de Zwift is a huge event - more than 120,000 Zwifters took part last year and this year’s event has been eagerly awaited. The podcasters discuss the importance of these events to the community. We also have a feature with Zwift’s VP Media, Nina Caplin, who explains the aims behind the series of live streamed shows which run alongside the TdZ this year.
    And we have a velodrome? Actually, we don’t. We have a running track. Simon talks to Zwift’s Mr Running, Stephen Cousins on how important the 400m track is for our running colleagues - and whether they might one day let the cyclists in!
    We hope you enjoy listening.

    • 59 Min.
    Episode 74: Crit City + review of 2019 and hopes for 2020

    Episode 74: Crit City + review of 2019 and hopes for 2020

    Simon, Shane and Nathan convene for the final Zwiftcast of 2019 in both reflective and expectant mood. There’s plenty of looking back on what brought the podcasters Zwift joy in 2019 and a little on what they’d like to see for 2020.
    There’s also reaction to Zwift’s pre-Christmas present of a new map - it’s short, but it’s fun. Crit City looks designed to appeal to the e-Sport crowd but should also please anyone who races on Zwift. The Zwiftcasters give their initial verdict and speculate on what they’d like to see added.
    We hope you all enjoyed listening in 2019 and will join us again in 2020. Happy Holidays!

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    Episode 73: The One for Runners

    Episode 73: The One for Runners

    This is a special episode of the Zwiftcast, dedicated to those who run on the platform. Some of you might ride too, but the focus here is wholly on running.
    Mike McCarthy is one of the original Zwift execs who was a very early hire to the company when it was first set up.
    Known as talented and successful cyclist, at Zwift Mike concentrated on a senior Business Development role, but recently he has been made VP of Running.
    It’s fair to say Running has got off to a slow start on Zwift - so what does this appointment mean for Zwift’s Second Sport?
    I hope the wide-ranging interview provides some answers. Hope you enjoy listening.

    • 30 Min.
    Episode 72: Special from DC Rainmaker's Pain Cave in Amsterdam

    Episode 72: Special from DC Rainmaker's Pain Cave in Amsterdam

    Simon, Shane and special guest co-host Ray Maker, also known as D C Rainmaker, are together in person in Amsterdam to discuss all the latest Zwiftiness.
    The three podcasters are gathered for Ray’s annual Winter Open House event where sports tech geeks get together over a few beers to discuss what’s hot and have fun.
    Simon spends some time amongst this well-informed and enthusiastic crowd asking two questions: What’s Zwift doing well and where could it improve?
    Elsewhere in this episode there’s a nice long chat with The Girl, Ray’s life partner and now business partner, on how the family and the blog is settling into life in Amsterdam.
    Simon, Shane and Ray discuss the implications of Ray’s scoop story about Zwift starting its own hardware division and Ray gets to join the Zwiftcast’s Guessing Club on Peak Zwift.
    The trio discuss just how much work remains to be done for eSports on Zwift to be successful and, after an interview with Peter Lago from Elite on whether the Italian company is a bit behind the pack in the Smart Bike race, the episode wraps up with Simon talking about his recent big decision: to get an e-Gravel Bike.
    We hope you enjoy listening.

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    Episode 71: Rumble in the Jungle, Whither the Rivals and all the latest Zwifty chat

    Episode 71: Rumble in the Jungle, Whither the Rivals and all the latest Zwifty chat

    Simon, Shane and Nathan reconvene to discuss and analyse all the latest Zwift news and chat.
    The podcasters get things going with a new take on the age old Kickr vs Neo debate, updated to the KickrBike vs NeoBike dilemma. If you have 3k plus to spend on a smart bike this will be of interest to you . . . . .Shane is one of the very few people in the world with saddle time on both, so what’s his verdict?
    The Zwiftcasters move on to consider the demise of VirtuoGo, one of the rivals to Zwift. It has just announced that its number of subscribers is too low to be sustainable so the issue for discussion is: Can any of the rivals live with the well-funded, well-established, heavily-promoted Zwift?
    Next it’s the Rumble in the Jungle - no significant game update would be complete without some Zwifters having a bit of a mona. Is the long-is lists of complaints about the increase in rolling resistance justified? The podcasters try to put it all in perspective.
    Meanwhile, Simon has a problem with the stand-up/sit-down threshold changing to 80rpm . . . . has Zwift got this one right.
    Along with a few more tidbits of Zwift stuff - including a review of the Keep It Together Group Ride functionality bu experienced Zwifter Christian Nistri - this is a busy edition of the podcast for Zwifters.
    We hope you enjoy listening.

    • 1 Std. 13 Min.

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