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This is my English podcast

Anas‪'‬ Anas Fikri Hanif

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This is my English podcast

    AEC Podcast

    AEC Podcast

    Hello my beloved AEC friends, let me introduce my self. My name is Anas Fikri Hanif, you can 

    call me Anas. Actually my homemates often call me Hanif, but I want different nickname in my 

    school and university ‘cause i just bored with my childhood nickname. 

    I born on May, 16, 2002 at the small city named Pati. My city also has some nickname that 

    make its famous, one of them is “Hogwarts van Java”. Ya! Maybe you have familiar with name 

    “Hogwarts” because it’s the name of witch school at Harry Potter. Of course my city called 

    “Hogwarts van Java” with a reason. In some place of my city the mystical atmosphere is feel very 

    strong and you also can find thousands of shamans in my city. I’m sorry, I think it’s too long about 

    my city telling. 

    Now I’ll tell you about my hobby. Actually I like playing badminton. But it’s very unfortunate 

    that on this pandemic era I can’t play badminton ‘cause it’s forbidden by local government. So, lately 

    I just spend my time to watching TV and YouTube. 

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