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    conference championships picks

    conference championships picks

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    Is The Brent Grimes Week Of Drama Finally Over?

    Is The Brent Grimes Week Of Drama Finally Over?

    Joel shares Rick Stroud's recent column on the Brent Grimes drama & reflects on the general ineffectiveness of the 2018 Bucs, Why wasn't Grimes moved at the Trade Deadline (a 3-4 record means the season is in doubt, maybe not lost - but really in doubt) and ranks the local teams (Bolts, Rays, Bucs) in terms of overall success.

    • 16 min
    SportsShuffle 12 31 2018

    SportsShuffle 12 31 2018

    Joel and Flyin Ryan are back on a regular irregularly basis! The 2018 Year In Review/Black Monday special is ready to roll:

    1 Levon Bell/Kareem Hunt
    2 The Arron Rodgers Drama
    3 Bucs: At Least Koetter Lasted 4 Years & Almost Made The Playoffs Once
    4 Dolphins: At least we'll always have “The Miracle”
    5 Pats: WHEN can we Say the Dynasty is done?
    6 The Josh Gordon Drama
    7 Marvin: YOU'RE FIRED – AT LAST
    8 Shuffle Audibles: Who do we want to coach out teams (Ryan) Dolphins Joel (Bucs)

    The 2018 MVP Sports Award/The Up Yours Award

    Final Thoughts!

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    Go Bolts

    Go Bolts

    Just a quick update, Go Bolts and send Ovi golfing!

    • 1m


    Joel talks about the horrid hockey day Saturday (Bolts loss, USA getting blown out, Cam Talbot rant) Bummer Baseball late night (Odo traded to Twins, Dickerson DFAed) and finishing up on a positive note with odd news.

    • 21 min


    Slap Shot Saturday! Joel talks Usa/Russia game, quick Lightning look ahead to tonight, Weird Hockey Celebrations

    • 12 min

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