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    One morning, I walked down the path to my car and right into a huge spiderweb that had appeared overnight.
    I felt foolish for not having seen it, rid myself of the web tendrils, and went on my way.
    The next morning, the very same scenario occurred, and I felt even more foolish.
    On the third day, I was careful to look for the web—the spider had rewoven it, but this time off the path in the bushes.
    How humbling to realize that the spider and I had learned the exact same lesson in the same amount of time.

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    Close your eyes for a moment. You'll know just who I mean here, and it's okay.
    You don't need to say his name aloud. Maybe you're married. Or he's married. Or both. But you've envisioned a parallel life -- one you will never live, and won't ruin your perfectly wonderful life for -- with this one. And this is no idle daydream. It's just a little bit dangerous.
    When your eyes meet, you both feel it. Some small part of you wants to know what it would be like to be with him. You find yourself thinking: what harm could there be in a stolen afternoon? Of course you know the answer to this. So you need to keep your distance. A friendship doesn't feel safe or possible.
    Dear reader, you need to lose him. You can't keep him around. Okay. Now open your eyes. And count your blessings.

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    1. You will optimize your brain power
    This shouldn't come as a shock, but studies suggest reading makes you smart. Unlike watching television, which requires no thought process, reading is an active learning experience that will keep your mind sharp (even in old age).
    2. You will increase your odds of success
    The more books you read, the more knowledge you will have, the more strategies and resources your brain will store, the more likely you will succeed.
    3. You will immerse yourself in a new world
    Sometimes our daily life can start to feel dull, dry or depressing -- I know it, you know it, we all know it. At times like this, I like to dive into a good fiction book for a much-needed escape into another world, where I can forget about whatever problems are stressing me out. Whether you want to travel to the land of the Hobbits, a galaxy far away or a tropical destination in a steamy romance novel is up to you. You'll come back refreshed after your mini-vacation to a fresh and exciting place in the world of words.
    4. You will improve your vocabulary
    The more words you're capable of using, the better you will become at expressing your thoughts and feelings. I couldn't imagine how I would write articles like this if I didn't actively aim to expand my vocabulary, because using the same few words to express myself would get awfully boring in a hurry (don't you agree?).
    5. You will have things to talk about at parties
    Reading more books will enable you to say the sentence, "Did you know ______?" more often, making it easier to start conversations with strangers (or, as I like to say, "People who aren't my friends yet").
    6. You will entertain yourself for a low price
    If you're looking for entertainment on a budget, you can't beat books. Thanks to the popularity of electronic reading devices like the Kindle6 and re-selling websites like eBay, it's never been easier to entertain yourself for hours at a time, for the low cost of a few dollars.
    7. You will discover surprising new ideas that are interesting and engaging
    Reading introduced me to concepts like mindful eating, relaxation exercises, and the importance of loving yourself. If I didn't read, I wouldn't even be aware of these ideas, which have defined my entire coaching philosophy. If you don't read, you could be missing out on intriguing ideas that would likewise re-define your personal purpose or business philosophy.
    8. You will eliminate boredom during down-time
    Have you ever found yourself stuck in a waiting room, bored out of your mind, with nothing to read but gossip magazines? If so, you should know that it is wise to keep a book in your purse or car at all times, as you never know when you'll find yourself with some time to kill. Even if you just take a few minutes to read a chapter during your commute and lunch break every day, those minutes will quickly turn into hours if repeated consistently.
    9. You will strengthen your patience muscles
    We live in a s

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    【英语美文诵读】Words,Wide Night 无言的暗夜

    【英语美文诵读】Words,Wide Night 无言的暗夜

    Somewhere on the other side of this wide night

    and the distance between us, I am thinking of you.

    The room is turning slowly away from the moon.

    This is pleasurable. Or shall I cross that out and say

    it is sad? In one of the tenses I singing

    an impossible song of desire that you cannot hear.

    La lala la. See? I close my eyes and imagine the dark hills I would have to cross

    to reach you. For I am in love with you

    and this is what it is like or what it is like in words.

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    【英语美文诵读】Master of Your Thoughts 掌控你的思想

    【英语美文诵读】Master of Your Thoughts 掌控你的思想

    Master of Your Thoughts 掌控你的思想
    You talk when you stop being at peace with your thoughts. When you can no longer dwell in the solitude of your heart, you will talk, and the sound becomes a pastime. And in much of your talking, thinking is half murdered. Thought is like a bird, and once in a cage of words it can unfold its wings, but not fly.
    There are people who talk ceaselessly for fear of being alone. And there are those who talk, and unknowingly show a truth about themselves which they themselves do not understand. And there are those who have the truth within them, and know it, and for that very reason don't try to put it into words.
    When you meet a friend on the road or in a market, let your spirit move your lips and direct your tongue. Let the voice within your mind speak to the ear of him. His soul will keep the truth of your heart, just as the taste of the wine is remembered when its colour is forgotten.
    当你在路边或市场遇见你的朋友时,让你内心的思想控制你的嘴唇,指挥你的舌头。用你内心的声音说给他的耳朵听。 因为他的灵魂会记住你内心的真话,正如美酒的味道会被记住而颜色却会被淡忘一样。

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    If you're single, there's a good chance you're hitting the gym more often than your married peers: A 2011 study found that men and women who have never been married exercised more than people in any other marital category (including currently married men and women, as well as divorcees and widowers).
    You're also more likely to maintain a healthy weight. Multiple studies have found that men and women tend to pack on the pounds after they get married. One study found that married men are more likely to be overweight than their single peers, while another found that women who lost weight in preparation for their weddings had a tendency to gain weight in the six months following the ceremony.
    It should come as little surprise that sharing a bed with another human being can affect how much sleep you get. After all, having someone tossing and turning, snoring, and talking in their sleep beside you can affect even the deepest sleepers. Being single cuts down on nighttime disruptions and can help you get a more peaceful night's sleep.
    If you hate doing chores, single life might be right for you. A 2008 study found that single men and women spend fewer hours a week doing basic housework than their married counterparts.
    5. THEY'RE CLOSER TO FRIENDS AND FAMILY. Single people are the glue that keeps families together. According to one study, single siblings are more likely to keep in touch with, and reach out to, their siblings than those who are married. Another study found that single people also spend more time with friends than those in long-term relationships.
    Being single doesn't just benefit your waistline and social life: It also benefits your wallet. Researchers have found that married people have more credit card debt than single people, and people who are married with children have the most debt of all.
    Staying single can help you prevent certain kinds of stress and depression. One 2014 study found that marital stress may make couples more prone to depression, while couples who experience severe, ongoing5 marital stress were less able to enjoy positive experiences.
    Staying single now can benefit your romantic relationships in the future. In general, people who wait longer to get married have lower rates of divorce.
    For people who truly hate conflicts, staying single can have real psychological benefits. According to a 2015 study, people who are conflict-averse (those for whom relationship fights and arguments can cause severe stress) may experience less anxiety when they're single.

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