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Conversations with leading business executives in China.

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Conversations with leading business executives in China.

    The China-Indonesia Trade Relationship

    The China-Indonesia Trade Relationship

    When you look at the actual origin of investment flows, China is now the biggest investor in Indonesia. And two macro trends are currently at play in the trade relationship. Chinese (and other) manufacturers are diversifying out of China and finding relatively young and affordable Indonesian labor attractive especially as other countries like Vietnam become saturated and more expensive. And Indonesia as we know has become a major potential market for an investment opportunities by Chinese technology companies, and Chinese capital in general.
    We talk with Liky Sutikno, Chair of the Indonesia Chamber of Commerce in China (Inacham) on this and other issues. Liky explains how Indonesia has been shifting its focus to use its abundant labor and natural resources to attract overseas investment on the condition that Indonesia does more and more value-added processing work, not just resource extraction and export.
    We also dive into major trade zones and infrastructure projects and the role for Chinese players there. We further get into the role of the Chinese-Indonesian business community in bridging the two economies. And finally we discuss opportunities for Indonesia companies starting out in certain niche industries to expand into the Chinese market directly. Have a listen and please remember to subscribe on your favorite podcast channel.

    • 24 min
    How Chinese companies succeed in India

    How Chinese companies succeed in India

    We interview Lishuang Chen, Founder & CEO at A&J Consulting International.
    On the challenges and opportunities for Chinese companies doing business in India. 
    ·       Branding – how are Chinese brands viewed in India in these tense political times?
    ·       Management styles – how much do Chinese companies localize and how do management styles need to adapt?
    ·       Regulatory challenges – how do Chinese companies navigate India’s historically difficult regulatory environment?
    ·       What has made Xiaomi in particular so successful and how is it seen today in many ways as a local brand not a Chinese brand?
    ·       As Chinese manufacturing companies diversify production out of their home base, how do Chinese companies recreate their manufacturing process and supplier ecosystem in India? 

    • 22 min
    The Future of Foreign Investment in China

    The Future of Foreign Investment in China

    Our Roundtable format continues with predictions for whether new foreign investment will increase, decrease or continue to flatline in the next 5 years.
    Our panel includes:
    Paul Lin - Brand Marketing Consultant at Xavor Corporation and Chair of the Marketing Committee at Amcham Shanghai
    Nico Bahmanyar, Senior Consultant at LEAF, a French law firm in China
    Tommy Greb, Partner at Olivar & Greb Capital Management
    We dissect the consumer, tech, and financial services sectors and give feedback based on what we are seeing with our actual clients here in China. We also unpack the latest Amcham Shanghai China Business Report and try to explain the reasons behind the trends in business climate satisfaction and concerns multinational companies are voicing here.

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    The Ant Financial IPO

    The Ant Financial IPO

    What could possibly stop a seemingly unstoppable Chinese fintech company? Let's get into it here on the upcoming Ant Financial IPO.
    A roundtable edition of Ganbei with special guests:
    - James Hull, Founder of Hullx and co-host of the China Tech Investor Podcast
    - Brian Fleming, Member at Miller & Chevalier, co-host of the podcast EMBARGOED!
    - Jemma Xu, Co-Founder at RedBlock Capital
    James helps us break down the business units of Ant, their competitive strengths and how the company got as big as it is today. Jemma walks us through China’s new digital currency, DCEP, and does it pose a direct challenge to Ant and its Alipay mobile payment duopoly with Tencent’s Wechat Pay? And what does it say about the intention of the central bank PBOC to potentially box in Alipay’s growth in other verticals?
    Brian, our previous guest and formerly of the US Justice Department explains some of the past failures of Ant to expand into the US with the blocked acquisition of Moneygram in 2018 and the potential impact if Ant is placed on the US Commerce Department’s “Entity List” akin to Huawei, as has been rumored in the last month.
    You don’t want to miss this one.

    • 53 min
    A Deep Dive on the Huawei Restrictions – Part 3 Impact on US Tech

    A Deep Dive on the Huawei Restrictions – Part 3 Impact on US Tech

    A Deep Dive on the Huawei Restrictions – Part 3 – The China Response and the Impact on US Tech
    ·       Can China afford to escalate to a tit-for-tat fight on technology?
    ·       How China’s rules are written on the surface never to target any particular company
    ·       Will US technology suppliers to Huawei be successful again in applying for license exemptions to the new ban?
    ·        Does the US intervening in technology licensing and services do more harm than good in the short and long-term?
    ·       Are some buyers in China and elsewhere starting to deem US suppliers as too risky to work with?

    • 19 min
    A Deep Dive on the Huawei Restrictions – Part 2 Effect on Huawei’s Biz & Tech

    A Deep Dive on the Huawei Restrictions – Part 2 Effect on Huawei’s Biz & Tech

    A Deep Dive on the Huawei Restrictions – Part 2 – Effect on Huawei’s Business and Technology
    ·       Potential effect across all business lines – handsets, networks, etc.?
    ·       Can Huawei survive this ban as a business?  Could it be stronger in the end?
    ·       What obstacles stand in the way of China building an independent semiconductor technology ecosystem? 
    ·       How long will it take to build the next generation of these local champions?
    ·       Will it be too late for Huawei and 5G?

    • 16 min

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