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Awakening to Awareness is hosted by ICF Credentialed Coach, Author and Speaker, Eric Tonningsen. His show provides “chronologically gifted” people (a.k.a. Baby Boomers) with timely information as they approach or are transitioning into life’s Third Act. By focusing on passions, possibilities, and purpose, you’ll learn ways in which to embrace choice, gain clarity about your intentions, and shift your life from traditional measures of success to one of even greater significance.

Awakening to Awareness Eric Tonningsen

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Awakening to Awareness is hosted by ICF Credentialed Coach, Author and Speaker, Eric Tonningsen. His show provides “chronologically gifted” people (a.k.a. Baby Boomers) with timely information as they approach or are transitioning into life’s Third Act. By focusing on passions, possibilities, and purpose, you’ll learn ways in which to embrace choice, gain clarity about your intentions, and shift your life from traditional measures of success to one of even greater significance.

    "Giving Back by Making Discounts Count" with David Harrison

    "Giving Back by Making Discounts Count" with David Harrison

    David S. Harrison is a senior lecturer emeritus at the Evans School of Public Affairs at the University of Washington. He taught policy analysis and nonprofit program design in the Evans School's Masters in Public Administration program. From 2011-2013, he served as chair of the Nancy Bell Evans Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy.
    Harrison's career has been devoted to creating bridges between the policymaking community, policy researchers, nonprofit organizations and citizens. He came to the Northwest in 1986 to found and direct the Northwest Policy Center, which for many years provided policy assistance on economic vitality issues to governmental leaders throughout the region. In 2003, Washington Governor Gary Locke named him chair of the Washington Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board. He was reappointed by Governor Christine Gregoire in 2005. In 2011, the workforce training system presented him with a lifetime achievement award.
    Harrison holds a Master's degree in Public Administration from Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government. He is the chair of the Bainbridge Island Land Trust and Washington Nonprofits, the nonprofit association of Washington State. In 2013, he, his wife Cynthia and five other community leaders from Seattle and Bainbridge Island founded Boomerang Giving, to devise new approaches to enable those over 65 to redirect or “Boomerang” their senior discounts for nonprofit support. The new organization has been called “a brilliant idea--- a fresh and inventive way to give back” by Marc Freedman, founder of Encore.org

    David's message and story with Boomerang Giving is about a new way of giving back to non-profits; about caring, community engagement and having a positive social impact. People aged 65+ can voluntarily redirect discounts for which they can then support local activities as well as being effective philanthropists. Think goodwill on a personally manageable scale.

    David also talks about where this initiative could be in five years with the possibility of "retirement registries and mortgage burning parties at which time people could consider how they might like to engage in positive giving opportunities.

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    "Finding Your Way: A Conversation for Navigating Life's Third Act" with Ron Chapman

    "Finding Your Way: A Conversation for Navigating Life's Third Act" with Ron Chapman

    Ron Chapman, first and foremost, is a full-time, all-time student of life. This allows him to approach any discipline, principle or practice in a search for valuable ideas to incorporate into his life. It also presents continual challenge, an opportunity to shatter old perspectives and ideas which no longer serve well.

    An integral part of the role of the student is to seek. And for this Ron has become an adventurer and wanderlust. Who knows what places, events or circumstances may hold for any one of us. Yet we must commit ourselves to such experiences.

    From a developmental point of view, Ron values a notion described by the American philosopher Ken Wilber as “transcend and include.” Essentially, this is to incorporate everything new in a way that allows you to elevate your practice in the world, no matter what form it may take.

    More important is the need to use knowledge and experience for the benefit of others…to find a way to make a contribution that is larger and provides greater value.

    Ron discusses life transitions, what he's learned from working through his, the concept of 'metanoia,' his work in the areas of healing and forgiveness and, the fact that - as boomers - our vital years are not waning but beginning.

    Ron talks about stepping out of comfort zones and "leaning into" and getting comfortable with discomfort as well as convincing ourselves that doing so can be in our best interests; better preparing us to create breakthroughs and turn our lives into new directions. We learn how Ron's work and experience is transformational.

    Ron can be contacted via: www.SeeingTrue.com

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    "Communicating & Leading: A Powerful Combination" with Jana Barnhill

    "Communicating & Leading: A Powerful Combination" with Jana Barnhill

    Jana Barnhill, DTM, was elected Toastmasters International President at the 77th annual International Convention held August 2008, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She was only the fourth woman to serve as the top officer of the organization.

    Jana has been recognized for her speaking skills, being a five-time winner of the District 44 International Speech Contest, and going on to place 3rd in the World Championship of Public Speaking in 1993 and 2nd in 1996. In 1997, she became only the fifth woman in the organization to earn the coveted Accredited Speaker designation.

    Professionally, Jana is a speaker/trainer for L.I.V.E. Speakers, Inc., a company she owns with her husband. She conducts seminars throughout the United States on management topics; including communication and leadership, team building, managing change and personality traits. She delivers keynotes and also serves as a speech writer and coach to other professionals.

    Jana is no novice to staring trials in the face, while continuing to keep a smile on hers. Jana is a small plane crash survivor, suffers from a neurological disorder and her husband is battling ALS. She loves spending time with friends, theater, shopping, Christmas, shopping, movies, travel, anything fast, Disneyland (has gone at least once, sometimes three times a year since 1991), entertaining and…shopping!

    On this show Jana shares how she never really sought a leadership role; how community, culture, connection and contribution thrive in Toastmasters; how boomers can offer their wisdom and experience to help guide members of younger generations and; how listening is such a critical element of effective communication.

    She shares two personal stories specific to being inspired and how mentoring builds confidence. She explains how "people are her oxygen" and help to sustain her energy and positivity. She advocates for no matter where one is in their life, it is important and valuable to work on your communication skills.

    Interested in Toastmasters, visit www.toastmasters.org

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    "Drawing out Your Inner Self" with Elizabeth Preston

    "Drawing out Your Inner Self" with Elizabeth Preston

    Elizabeth Preston attended Ohio State University and Chicago's College of Education and obtained her Master's Degree in Theories of Learning and Behavior at National Lewis University in Chicago, with coursework also at the Claremont Graduate School. After a career in teaching at the elementary level (and raising three delightful children along the way) she retired in 2001 to concentrate on her second career, as an artist, having studied art since 1972 under a variety of well known painters. She opened her own art studio in 1994. A chance encounter with an art therapy session spurred her interest and started her third career, as a counselor who helps people move toward healthier lives.

    As well as painting and teaching art, "Elizabeth's Art Studio" is also her home base for holding workshops in an art therapy-based counseling method created by Dr. Lucia Capacchione, an internationally known psychologist, licensed art therapist and author. Elizabeth was trained and certified under Dr. Capacchione in 2003.

    Elizabeth has 22 years experience teaching and counseling adults and children who have ADD, ADHD, Autism and Asperger syndromes, mainly in developing communication and social skills, in both the educational and private counseling areas. She lives with her husband and business partner Robert in Mt. Baldy Village in the San Gabriel Mountains.

    Elizabeth describes how she made a conscious choice to reinvent herself and transition into her work with "Expressive Arts Therapy" and Creative Journaling - a sort of brain balancing. She speaks about the increasing number of people who are turning to and becoming chemically dependent. And she discusses her work with Mental Health Professionals and her healing techniques used with cancer sufferers and related support groups.

    In a 'nutshell,' Elizabeth speaks passionately about her Creative Journaling work/process and how it allows participants to be honest, open, and to embrace life. Her contact information is provided on the Awakening to Awareness web site.

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    "Tips for Writing & Publishing a Book" with Karen Strauss

    "Tips for Writing & Publishing a Book" with Karen Strauss

    Karen Strauss has worked in book publishing since 1981, when she started at Bantam Books as a senior publicist. She then moved on to The Free Press division of Macmillan (now Simon and Schuster) to become its Director of Trade Marketing.
    In 1991 she founded Strauss Consultants, Inc., which was originally conceived to service small publishers who needed representation into the large chain and wholesaler book accounts around the country. With the advent of Print on Demand technology and e-books Karen is now working with Self-publishing authors and micropublishers to help them develop a publishing program that would give them an equal level playing field with the traditional publishers.
    In Sept. 2012 she co-launched RockStar Publishing House, a hybrid publishing company, primarily built for entrepreneurs who write books to further their business to help people succeed in all aspects of life.
    Since then, Karen has launched several branded publishing companies for organizations.
    On the show Karen talks about the lightning speed with which the publishing industry has changed, highlighting the shift from “print-on-demand” to “e-books” being the most significant. She shares advice on why and what people are writing about: 1) a passion of theirs; 2) something they have accomplished/advice they want to share and/or; 3) that great novel they have always had in mind. If you’re going to write, she recommends being disciplined and write something every day.
    Karen reconfirms the need for quality, not only in writing but with how you choose to publish your work. She elaborates on the three ways to publish in today’s market: 1) self-publishing; 2) traditional via big publishing houses and; 3) with a hybrid publisher – particularly one with national and international distribution.
    She also discusses a broad range of costs to publish, package options from ala carte to one stop shopping solutions, to why it’s important to have a marketing plan for your book before you publish and subsequently distribute your book.
    In addition to her company website www.straussconsultants.com Karen can be reached via email at karen@rockstarpublishinghouse.com

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    "A Pioneering Leader Who is All About Having Fun" with Bobette Reeder

    "A Pioneering Leader Who is All About Having Fun" with Bobette Reeder

    Bobette Reeder is Past President of the International Coach Federation (ICF), the global professional organization that represents personal and business coaches. She has been a professional Coach since 1995 and was among the first 20 coaches to receive the distinction of ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC). She also holds a Masters Degree in Communication Disorders. Bobette received her coach specific training at CoachU, where she has been a senior trainer.

    Her clientele has included a wide range of individuals including CEO's, CFO's, CIO's, High-level Executives and managers, members of the clergy to a tennis pro in the Netherlands-Antilles, the National Motorcycle Racing champion of Spain, small business owners to exciting corporate refugees, and mentoring senior and "newbie" coaches. Her coaching voice has been heard by hundreds of clients in 41 U.S. states and 10 foreign countries.

    Bobette's experience in serving the ICF has been extensive and varied, culminating in her leadership as ICF President. She is also active as a Partner for Serendipitous Events and a Co-Host/Co-Producer of the first invitation-only event for Master level Coaches,"Conversation Among Masters" (CAM).

    Bobette has been married for 42 years and has two married children, four grandchildren and Murphy the Wonder Dog! In her personal life she has been President of Miami Children's Hospital Foundation Community Council and a member of the Board of the Greater Miami Wellness Community, a support facility for cancer patients. Her style both personally and professionally is all about having fun and seeking the positive side and opportunity in everything life brings.

    On the show Bobette shares how and why professional coaching can be of considerable value to baby boomers; how the word "pause" and its practice is significant; why it's important to know who you really are; why playing and having fun, especially when in a life transition, is key and; the need for both a coach and 'coachee' to have chemistry or a "fit" for the partnership to be productive.

    She addresses continuous learning; having a positive impact and 'giving back'; how coaching helps to create new awareness and; the ICF's role in training, credentialing and supporting the coaching profession ( www.coachfederation.org ).

    Bobette can be reached via the following:

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