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This is the podcast for all educational materials associated with CRIM3430 "Forensic Psychology"

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This is the podcast for all educational materials associated with CRIM3430 "Forensic Psychology"

    Sundays with Shortland FINAL(E)

    Sundays with Shortland FINAL(E)

    In this video we go through everything you need to succeed in the final for forensic psychology!

    For specific sections, the timestamps are:

    00:03:01 - Qualifications

    00:04:55 - Purpose of report

    00:11:49 - Sources of Information

    00:17:57 - Body of report

    00:29:07 - Conclusions


    Good luck!

    • 34 min
    Week 12 Reading

    Week 12 Reading

    In this video we actually look at one of my readings!

    I study the personality correlates of police decision-making which is critical if we are going to start understanding, predicting, and potentially changing the types of decisions that are made when police officers face challenging situations on duty.


    I hope you enjoy my work! 

    • 25 min
    Week 12 lecture

    Week 12 lecture

    As we speak, the United States is suffering another round of riots in response to the police shooting of Daunte Wright.

    How do we, as forensic psychologists, understand the process of high-stakes decision-making and how can we know the degree to which someone is culpable?

    This is not an easy topic but it is one we MUST explore. In this weeks lecture we look to a case from the military to begin our understanding of the immense complexities of diagnosing decision-making.

    • 1 hr 21 min
    Week 11 Lecture

    Week 11 Lecture


    This week we have the FIRST ever lecture from the "long awaited" TA duo of Presley and Hope!

    Presley and Hope talk you through the psychology of the crowd.

    There is no time in history when they study of the crowd is more important!

    So enjoy this lecture - and we have a lot more to learn on Thursday!

    • 1 hr 18 min
    Sundays with Shortland Week 10

    Sundays with Shortland Week 10

    In this weeks Sundays with Shortland we

    (1) Outline the upcoming Quiz!

    (2) Discuss the case of Kendrick Jackson

    (3) Talk about BURNOUT and how I avoid it!


    For more on the case of Kendrick I would recommend these links: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWp8XXwEbb8

    • 17 min
    Week 11 Reading

    Week 11 Reading

    In this weeks reading we explore Stott et al., (2008) who studies football hooligans. In this study he seeks to understand why the 200 Euros involved so much football violence, but the 2004 Euros were viewed as a great success! Its interesting theoretically and methodologically!

    • 23 min

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