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The Lead Like a Woman Show, hosted by Andrea Heuston, features top women leaders who share their inspirational stories on life and leadership.

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The Lead Like a Woman Show, hosted by Andrea Heuston, features top women leaders who share their inspirational stories on life and leadership.

    Getting Unstuck

    Getting Unstuck

    Erin Pheil is the Founder of The MindFix Group, a coaching company delivering programs to help entrepreneurs eliminate the mental roadblocks hindering them in their journeys. As an entrepreneur, she founded and managed an award-winning and nationally ranked web agency, where she worked with clients, including world-renowned philosophers and Fortune 500 companies. Erin’s work has been featured in books, magazines, podcasts, and webinars. She also delivers keynote speeches, workshops, retreats, and presentations on human behavior and rapid transformation.
    In this episode… Countless women battle anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and imposter syndrome. They manage their symptoms through talk therapy, visiting doctors, and consuming drugs and alcohol, but these methods don’t address the source of the issues. How can you dislodge toxic thoughts and transform your mindset?
    After struggling with chronic pain and deep-seated anxiety and depression, Erin Pheil discovered a way to thwart negative thoughts before they start. She identifies the three origins of mental stress as harmful beliefs, unprocessed memories from the past, and stagnant identities. Eliminating negativity involves correlating the pattern to its source and extracting it to shift your mindset.
    On this episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show, Andrea Heuston hosts Erin Pheil, the Founder of The MindFix Group, who shares her transformational journey to eradicating toxic thoughts. Erin talks about the concept of rapid transformation, the programs she offers, and how to overcome stagnation.

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    You Are Powerful Beyond Measure

    You Are Powerful Beyond Measure

    Bethany Inez is a Life Coach at Splendor, where she helps people reconnect with their authentic selves and unlock their true potential. As an intuitive guide and healthy living expert, she encourages people to release fear and connect to love. Having spent 20 years owning hair salons and serving as a stylist, Bethany became immersed in the human experience and dedicated herself to life coaching.
    In this episode… Many women sell themselves short and don’t always recognize their full potential. If you’re struggling to propel your personal or professional life forward, tune in to hear insights on self-transformation.
    As a hairstylist turned transformative life coach, Bethany Inez discerns two distinct parts within the mind: your ego and your true self. The ego overpowers your authentic self, so reconciling these components requires developing positive affirmation habits that merge the conscious with the unconscious mind. With countless women trapped in an endless cycle of subconscious negativity, Bethany says to relinquish the fear associated with transformation to elevate yourself to a higher position.
    Join Andrea Heuston in this episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show as she interviews Bethany Inez, a Life Coach at Splendor, about acknowledging your full power. Bethany shares the four steps of manifestation, the impact of mindset on success, and how to cultivate a positive mindset.

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    Listen Better!

    Listen Better!

    Jane Hanson is the Founder and CEO of HHH Productions, LLC, a consultancy helping clients elevate their speaking engagements. As an Emmy award-winning television journalist and media coach, she has spent over 30 years teaching people to enhance their communication skills. Jane has hosted programs on cable channels and private satellite broadcasts and has participated in events, including the New York Emmys, Toys for Tots, and Race for the Cure. She has been an anchor and correspondent for NBC New York Live.
    In this episode… Research shows that 78.8% of people fear public speaking more than death. This is especially true for women who view themselves as 30% less capable than their peers. How can you gain the confidence to elevate your speaking and communication skills?
    When breaking into the media industry for the first time, women had to be assertive and aggressive to compete with their male counterparts. But renowned media speaker Jane Hanson says that women can be authoritative and compassionate simultaneously. Approximately 80% of communication is nonverbal, and 38% relies on voice and tone. The key to confident communication is to hone your messaging by refining your body language, tone, and voice.
    Join Andrea Heuston in this episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show as she chats with Jane Hanson, the Founder and CEO of HHH Productions, LLC, about becoming a confident female speaker and leader. Jane describes the nuances of media communications, evolving trends in public speaking, and how she empowers women in media.

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    Just Put Your Power Earrings on and You’ll Be Fine!

    Just Put Your Power Earrings on and You’ll Be Fine!

    Amy Prosenjak is the President and CEO of A to Z Wineworks, which was acquired by Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, where she serves as President of the company’s Oregon business unit. Under her leadership, A to Z Wineworks transitioned from an 80,000-case winery to one of Oregon’s largest wineries with the production of 400,000 cases. Amy is a member and the past chair of the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) Oregon chapter and works with numerous other organizations focused on education, outreach, and cultural diversity.
    In this episode… Traditionally, women only apply for jobs when they meet at least 85% of the qualifications. How can you gain the confidence to take a leap and say “yes” to every opportunity?
    After job searching on winejobs.com, Amy accepted a position at a winery, sold her sizable house, and moved across the country into a small condo. Her determination allowed her to work with a team of women leaders to build and franchise a renowned wine brand. Despite the accomplishments arising from Amy’s enthusiasm, female leadership involves various expectations and shifting roles, often causing imposter syndrome. Communal support and reinforcement are key to elevating women’s confidence and encouraging them to advance to the next level.
    On today’s episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show, Andrea Heuston invites Amy Prosenjak, the President of Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, to talk about the value of a “yes and” attitude. Amy explains her leadership style, her experience with imposter syndrome, and how she facilitates female leadership in her role.

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    Avoid the A******s

    Avoid the A******s

    Beth Knox is the President and CEO of Seattle Sports Commission, which attracts and hosts premier sports events in the Greater Seattle Region. With 35 years of event production experience, she has organized large-scale, special events as a producer and consultant in the sports and live entertainment industries. Beth has received numerous awards and recognitions, including the Puget Sound Business Journal Woman of Influence. Before Seattle Sports Commission, she held leadership roles in iconic event productions like the Special Olympics 2018 national competition.
    In this episode… Women face tremendous retaliation when breaking into male-dominated industries. This can lead to imposter syndrome and feelings of inadequacy. How can you break the glass ceiling and challenge the status quo?
    As a trailblazing leader in sports and live entertainment, Beth Knox has broken gender barriers and cultivated strong community connections. Women often hold themselves to high standards and believe that others are more equipped for a particular role. Instead of reinforcing these negative ideas, Beth recommends trusting your skills and abilities to channel your energy into productive endeavors.
    In this episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show, Andrea Heuston welcomes Beth Knox, the CEO of the Seattle Sports Commission, to talk about making history in male-dominated careers. Beth emphasizes embracing challenging opportunities, staying true to yourself, and creating a lasting legacy.

    • 40 min
    Feeling Graceful in Life

    Feeling Graceful in Life

    Kara McKeage is the CEO of Pepper’s Personal Assistants, which provides household outsourcing services to help career-driven mothers with errands. After working as an administrative assistant and sales support professional for 20 years while balancing motherhood, Kara founded Pepper’s Personal Assistants to allow busy mothers to focus on their careers. She is also a board member of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO).
    In this episode… Women are expected to embody two roles: motherhood and working professional. This duality places pressure on them to excel in both areas simultaneously, leading to guilt, shame, and feelings of failure. How can you abolish the stigma of working mothers?
    Entrepreneur and career mother Kara McKeage emphasizes the value of outsourcing personal home assistants. These attendants perform household tasks like errands and chores to minimize workload and pressure. Through relationship-building and support, women learn that not every task has to be accomplished concurrently.
    In this episode of the Lead Like a Woman Show, Kara McKeage, the CEO and Founder of Pepper’s Personal Assistants, joins Andrea Heuston for a conversation about balancing motherhood and work. Kara shares her experiences during the start of her business, how she hired the right people, and the impact her business has on working mothers.

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