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Monthly drum n bass podcasts from Odyssey Collective DJs and guests.
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Monthly drum n bass podcasts from Odyssey Collective DJs and guests.
Odyssey Recordings Releases are available from
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Odyssey Recordings Email - Odysseyrecordings@hotmail.co.uk

    The Liquidsoundzuk Podcast #37 ( Sid Nar )

    The Liquidsoundzuk Podcast #37 ( Sid Nar )

    Sid Nar aka Narkotix (Owner of Odyssey Recordings) has been an avid listener of all forms of dance music from a young age. This progressed into a Love of Drum&Bass (dating from back to the early 90’s through to this day). Throughout the years I purchased vinyl as a hobby and have grown a vast collection since, this then led me into mixing, Spinning the Wheels of Steel as they say. Drum&Bass has been a key music genre in my life from jungle to intelligent Drum&Bass. I was a big part of the rave scene and attended all the classic raves back in the 90’s e.g. Quest/Dreamscape/World Dance/Progression Sessions to name but a few. Having listened to and after watching the DJs play their sets, it inspired me to further my mixing skills. I chose to mainly mix intelligent drum and bass a style of music which I feel was catered for a certain ear back then. I then started my own mix tapes ‘Odyssey’ from which I started my own underground parties for close family and friends. In 1997 I delved into sound engineering to understand the fundamentals of sound which progressed to starting my own promotions ‘ODYSSEY‘allowing me to organise events in Wolverhampton City Centre. This allowed me to work a long side Nu Directions in 2000. My intension throughout the years was to perhaps one day, start my own record label and after gaining a certain level of knowledge, In 2008 I began to work on music production. Therefore as a result I produced many tracks (influenced by the music I grew up around i.e. Traditional Indian Music/Dance/Drum&Bass) This has & will be showcased throughout my record label ODYSSEY RECORDINGS. In addition, I plan to showcase a variety of talented producers both from the UK and Abroad. I also run an internet radio station with mixes running on rotation and go live every Saturday. Odyssey Music Box Radio. Link - www.odysseyrecordings.co.uk You can catch Odyssey Recordings current and forthcoming releases on the following links: https://twitter.com/OdysseyRecords https://soundcloud.com/odysseyrecordings https://soundcloud.com/odysseymusicbox


    1. Essence Of Aura - Soul Temptation

    2. A state Of Mind - Liftin Spirits Remix

    3. Fugitive Part II - Substance

    4. Renegade - Murderous Style

    5. Paul Z _ Yea

    6. The Resister - DJ Krust

    7 Smokyey Jo - Special Request

    8. Chronic - 1

    9. The Criminal Minds - Jump The Gun

    10. Strictly Underground (Dub Selector)

    11. The Candyman - You aer The One

    12. Micky Finn - D-Pressed

    13. Bruck Wild - Silent Voice

    • 59 min
    The Liquidsoundzuk Podcast #36 ( SoulStructure )

    The Liquidsoundzuk Podcast #36 ( SoulStructure )

    Hailing from Bolton (UK), brothers John & Dominic Crossland formed SoulStructure in late 2012 and have quickly become synonymous with ambient, jazz and old skool infused drum & bass.

    With a ten year age gap the brothers have had different journeys to get to this point….

    At the age of 11, under the guidance of the duo’s older brother Iain and friend JB, John started to build his record and mixtape collection; developing an early passion for breakbeat and jungle techno. Influenced by the sounds of Omni Trio, Nookie & Peshay, this led to the logical progression of learning to DJ a couple of years later. As time went on and the music developed, John became more enraptured by the prospect of music production and emulating his idols…. PFM, DJ Pulse, Intense, Artemis et al. He saved up what money he could to buy an Akai sampler, Roland synthesizer and computer sequencer. John started to experiment with sounds and established a large sample library which would serve him well in later years.

    As time went on he maintained his burning passion for the music but became preoccupied with playing football and progressing his professional career as a recruitment manager. The dreams of calving his own identity in the music production world went on hold. However, John remained influenced by jazz, hip hop & soul and continued to build a substantial vinyl collection and quietly hone his song writing skills.

    Dom developed an eclectic taste in music from a young age. From indie rock to techno, he soaked up different influences; always keeping an open mind. Coupled with a passion for avant-garde and world cinema, Dom became a vessel for all things abstract and cult. He invested in a pair of Technics 1200s and, alongside close friend Will, began mixing hip hop and drum & bass for hours on end; back-to-back sessions that would go on to the early hours of the morning. After enrolling on a music technology degree, Dom's production skills developed very quickly. Under the name Release, he soon had music signed by a variety of labels. His solo project has become known for razor sharp drums, grinding bass lines and sic-fi samples. He continues to release music under this moniker and has established a reputation for his technical ability and engineering skills having released music through Horizons & DJ Trace’s DCI4 imprint.

    n the midst of establishing his solo project, Dom sent a track to LTJ Bukem that received heavy support. Due to sample clearance issues it was not possible to release, so Danny asked what other music he had available. At this point the brothers decided to work together and revisit some of the projects John started over a decade earlier. The boys went on to sign a handful of tracks to Bukem’s Good Looking Records imprint and SoulStructure was born. Unfortunately the label folded before the tracks could be unleashed to the world. However, Paul SG was quick to swoop and sign the duo to his growing Jazzsticks Recordings label in 2014.

    John & Dom’s first release was a remix of Paul’s underground classic ‘Rhodesomes’ followed by the critically acclaimed Origin EP featuring collaborations with Pulsaar, Jrumhand and the legendary saxophonist Molly Duncan in early 2015.

    The boys have since released the single ‘Brooklyn Belles’ and the PFM inspired tribute ‘Progressive Future Music’ on Repertoire’s Full Repertoire Vol.1 compilation. Over the last year the duo have been collaborating with a variety of artists and working on the SoulStructure debut LP ‘Time & The Truth’, which should see a release in March/April 2018.

    The SoulStucture sound will guide you through ambient soundscapes scattered with jazz samples and underpinned by solid steel classic drum breaks. Unashamedly influenced by mid-90s drum & bass, John & Dom’s DJ sets are no different. Let your mind drift and your body sway.

    Universal T

    • 1 hr 39 min
    The Liquidsoundzuk Podcast #35 ( MSDOS )

    The Liquidsoundzuk Podcast #35 ( MSDOS )

    Chris K. ,also known as MSDOS, is the world's largest Greek representative in Liquid Drum'n'Bass scene.
    His style is influenced clearly by classic vintage soul/jazz sounds from movies back in 60's and 70's
    and he has releases (digital and vinyl format) in some of the major companies of the scene such as the
    legendary Good Looking Recordings, Liquid V Rec, Phuzion, Fokuz, the German Have-a-Break as well as the
    Greek labels, Timewarp, and Boombastic Jam. His tunes have been played on BBC Radio 1Xtra, Ministry of
    Sound Radio, Bassdrive and by djs such as Ltj Bukem, Fabio, Bryan Gee, Dj Patife, Bailey, Jumping Jack Frost,
    Ez Rollers, Marky.As a remixer, he has reworked the superhit of the 90's, ‘’Technova’’ by Towa Tei (producer
    of the legendary Deee- Lite ) which was launched in 1995 with remix from the Wink. He has also remixed classic tunes,
    like "Only You" by Nookie and one of the largest jungle hits from the ' 90s "The Razor's Edge" by Steve C & DJ Monita
    which will be released in anniversary edition of 20 years from its first launch. As regards the Greek cooperation,
    he has remixed tunes of Basement Freaks and Timewarp Inc.Finally, as radio producer, starting in the late ' 80's,
    has passed between the brackets of the National Hellenic Radio of Aegean and the Kiss Fm Mytilene. In 2008 began one
    of the most popular podcasts with more than 400k d/ls within 4 years.

    SUPPORT by
    LTJ Bukem, Dj Patife, ,Mr Joseph, A-Sides, Nookie, Jumping Jack Frost, Atlantic Connection, PaulSG,
    Random Movement, JayRome, Bachelors Of Science, AshAtak, Command Strange, Lm1, Greg Packer, Future Thinkin,
    Muwookie, Telmo A, Phil Tangent,Overfiend, Stunna , Jason Magin


    1. dBridge Vs Artificial Intelligence - Odessa (Exit Records)
    2. Big Bud - White Widow (Sound Trax)
    3. Commix - All You Need (New Identity Recordings)
    4. Laroque - Sublime Intervention (GLR)
    5. Total Science - Soul Patrol (Feat Mc Conrad) (C.I.A)
    6. D Kay - Serenade (Brigand Music)
    7. Electrosoul System - Lifeline (New Identity Recordings)
    8. Alaska & Seba - Back From Eternity (Arctic Music)
    9. Bungle - Good Times (Liq-Weed Ganja Recordings)
    10.Muffler - I Go (Commercial Suicide)
    11.Dice - Days (Nu-Directions)
    12.Calibre - Is it U (Signature Records)
    13.Greg Packer - Organ Revisited (GLR)

    • 1 hr 15 min
    The Liquidsoundzuk Podcast #34 ( Turnz )

    The Liquidsoundzuk Podcast #34 ( Turnz )

    DJ Turnz / AXO / 30th April 2016 The Queens Head Redditch.
    DJ Turnz/
    Dj and Producer, DJ Turnz is a veteran in the game of music, they call it olskool.
    His knowledge of music is outstanding and is no stranger to the Drum and Bass scene. Following big labels such as GLR and more his library of vinyl also grew... influences from Hip Hop,DuB,Jazz and more... He also has a number of releases on Advectionmusic.
    DJ Turnz will be setting the mood with an opening set of subtle melodies and synths transporting the crowd into pure euphoria. All this on the Classic SL1210 Technics Turntables. Yes you have guessed it, a vinyl only set!
    The things we we want and disregard are only realised by what we learn and those from who we learn... Don’t let your minds be wasted and visions impaired by those who choose not to learn the history of drum and bass... This Set will blow you away so please arrive early to endure what is the most meaningful dance music of the moment.

    • 59 min
    The Liquidsoundzuk Podcast #33 ( Sid Nar )

    The Liquidsoundzuk Podcast #33 ( Sid Nar )

    Sid Odyssey Nar I have been following the scene since the early 90’s i.e. Quest/Fibre Optic/Pandemonium following through the progression in to World dance, Dreamscapes, Progression Sessions (Good Looking Records). I started mixing at the age of 19 buying records from the historic local music store Ruby Red Records. My style originates from jungle through to atmospheric, jazzy and chilled out drum & bass. I am currently producing music for my label and organizing Odyssey events.


    Infinity Odyyssey
    Pure Vinly Mix - History Lesson - You Are What You Hear

    Saint Eitenne The Sea – PFM
    Stormfields - The Invisible Man
    Rebound - [Nookie Remix]
    Sax Lick - Tight Control
    Pure Alchemy Part 2 – Shogun
    Outland - Funky Technicians
    The Pulse - Two Plus One
    Remix By LTJ Bukem – Promo
    Promo - Renegade Recordings
    Scarlet Lake - Future Engineers

    Compiled and Mixed By Sid Nar - Odyssey Recording Organisation

    • 1 hr 5 min
    The Liquidsoundzuk Podcast #32 ( Pariah )

    The Liquidsoundzuk Podcast #32 ( Pariah )

    The Pariah studio had been assembled and music was being crafted in their individual, futuristic style which first caught the ears of Doc Scott and Blame. The first release came through Wolverhampton’s Urban Flavour Records and received heavy support from Fabio, Doc Scott and Dr S Gachet. In the few years that followed music was released on labels such as; Funk 21, Nu Directions, Inperspective Records and Covert Operations. During this time Blame had been guiding and mentoring Pariah to the point of releasing tracks with his 720 Degrees imprint which hadn’t gone unnoticed by LTJ Bukem a firm relationship with Good Looking Records followed up until 2004. In 2010, work meant a short break was needed. Now, in 2013 Pariah returns with new compositions that have that futuristic edge and a drive to push the boundaries of the Drum and Bass sound with Odyssey Recordings.

    EZ Rollers - Synesthesia
    Pariah - Catalyst (720 re edit)
    Deep Blue - Thursday
    Pariah - Trancer
    EZ Rollers - Quantum State
    Pariah - Re-Program
    Future Engineers - Shattered
    Odyssey - Ritual
    Solution To Sound - Essence
    DJ Solo - Pressure
    Photek - One Nation
    Digital - Spacefunk 2
    The Funky Technicians - Sound Trak
    Pariah - Aqueous
    Codename John - Warned
    Matrix Vs Dilemma - Dub Mix
    Lemon D - Break It Up

    • 1 hr 46 min

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