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Exclusive insight and intelligence for airline boardrooms worldwide

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Exclusive insight and intelligence for airline boardrooms worldwide

    What will the airline industry look like when flying restarts?

    What will the airline industry look like when flying restarts?

    With talk in some markets turning to how airline markets might open up again as coronavirus cases peak, Graham and Lewis examine the current state of the industry and where it might be heading.
    Among the topics considered, they look at Virgin Australia’s demise and the moral hazard faced by governments around helping airlines. Could we see more state-owned carriers in future?
    They also discuss how airlines might deal with the demand for social distancing on flights – or, indeed, whether it is an issue carriers can solve.
    And they consider which markets might be first to return - particularly in geographic terms.

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    Grounded commercial aircraft around the world – in pictures

    • 40 Min.
    'Cash crunch' for airlines as majority of global fleet is grounded

    'Cash crunch' for airlines as majority of global fleet is grounded

    Graham and Lewis talk through the latest developments in the airline industry as the majority of the world’s fleet is grounded amid the coronavirus crisis.
    They discuss the prospects for carriers facing a cash crunch as revenues dry up – including whether the unprecedented circumstances might prompt consolidation as operators either collapse or merge with rivals.
    Having recently spoken to serving airline chief executives, Graham and Lewis also highlight the approaches being taken by Etihad and Air Baltic.
    Graham is then joined by Americas air transport editor Pilar Wolfsteller to discuss developments in the Americas, including tough decisions to be made regarding their future fleets.

    Airline traffic unlikely to return to pre-crisis levels before start of 2021

    Former airline chiefs on government role in airline survival and future shape of sector

    Tough decisions loom for fleets grounded due to coronavirus crisis

    Asia-Pacific order book haunts crisis-hit airlines, airframers

    How Etihad aims to manage through coronavirus crisis grounding

    US carriers race to shrink fleets as nearly 400 near-term aircraft deliveries loom

    • 35 Min.
    Airlines ground fleets as IATA gives latest impact assessment

    Airlines ground fleets as IATA gives latest impact assessment

    Graham and Lewis talk through the latest figures and thoughts from IATA as airlines across the world ground their fleets in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

    Graham is then joined by Asia-Pacific bureau chief Greg Waldron to talk through the specific impact on markets in that region – including some potentially positive developments in China.

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    Wizz warns full grounding a ‘distinct possibility’ as low-cost carriers pare back

    Week of 16 March in review: North American carriers reel from coronavirus fallout

    All tunnel, no light for Asia-Pacific airlines

    • 23 Min.
    Airlines reel from coronavirus impact, plus latest on Boeing 737 Max

    Airlines reel from coronavirus impact, plus latest on Boeing 737 Max

    Join executive editor Graham Dunn and managing editor Lewis Harper as they discuss the impact of the coronavirus, which has been described by IATA as a “crisis” for the airline industry.
    Graham and Lewis consider markets across the world, including Italy’s, which has joined those in Asia and elsewhere in feeling a strong impact from the outbreak.
    They also look at IATA’s latest estimates for the virus’s economic impact
    They then consider the recent collapses of Air Italy and Flybe – including the environmental dimension to any government intervention to rescue operators.
    Finally, Graham is joined by FlightGlobal’s Americas bureau chief Jon Hemmerdinger to discuss the latest on the Boeing 737 Max programme.

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    Cathay flags ‘substantial loss’ for first half of 2020

    Why strong Ryanair and Wizz February traffic offers few clues to coronavirus impact

    Which airlines are most exposed to mainland China amid the coronavirus?

    Spirited Flybe fails to conjure another great escape

    Coronavirus downturn raises questions about demand for new passenger jets

    Boeing’s new leaders may have what it takes to lead turnaround: analysts

    Congress slams Boeing and FAA for alleged 737 Max failures

    • 38 Min.
    Airlines grapple with coronavirus impact

    Airlines grapple with coronavirus impact

    The new edition of the Airline Business podcast is now available.
    Join executive editor Graham Dunn and managing editor Lewis Harper as they discuss a tough – and, at times, perplexing – start to the year for airlines.
    If the industry thought it was getting some respite from a challenging first couple of weeks in 2020, fortunes quickly dipped again as the impact of the coronavirus began to be felt by airlines in China and beyond.
    At the same time, however, fuel prices are helpfully low, and a moderating of capacity growth continues to benefit the yield environment.
    Graham and Lewis also discuss the latest happenings at ailing UK carrier Flybe, and the strategy behind LOT Polish Airline’s purchase of German leisure carrier Condor.

    Airlines cut back China flights as WHO declares coronavirus a global emergency

    Which airlines are most exposed to mainland China amid the coronavirus?

    What does LOT’s purchase of Condor mean for Europe’s airline market?

    Ryanair renews attack on Flybe rescue deal

    • 36 Min.
    End-of-year (and decade) review

    End-of-year (and decade) review

    Join Graham Dunn, Lewis Harper and Max Kingsley-Jones as they look back on 2019 and the past decade, and forward to what 2020 might have in store for airlines.

    Why IATA is sounding a more optimistic note for airlines in 2020

    Do high-profile failures tell the airline story of 2019?

    2019 airline year in review

    Key airline CEO appointments in 2019

    Ryanair chief Michael O’Leary on group CEO role, strikes, 737 Max and environmental scrutiny

    Hong Kong Airlines’ woes offer hard lessons

    • 47 Min.


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