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CGP Grey explains videos.

CGP Grey CGP Grey

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CGP Grey explains videos.


4.9 von 5
31 Bewertungen

31 Bewertungen

Greg and Friends ,

Very informative! Like it a lot!

I like that youtube is not the only platform offering eductional content for free and that there is no advertisement and no (less?) nonsense videos!
I like the way you explain stuff and that it is scientifically funded (at least I like to think so).

Thank you for the time you spent on making those videos. could you make a video about your reserch and recherche strategy? How do you start such a project?

uhb66dog ,

Very Impressive Work.

Contains information (even) i have never known of, and i’m usually really well-informed. Possibly one of the very few must-hear podcasts that exist.

Federfluegel89 ,

great videos from the first to the last

really informative videos and I like Grey's voice; videos are so much better with a good narrator

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