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Official podcast for climate heroes from Citizens\' Climate Lobby. We\'re creating the political will for a livable world.

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Official podcast for climate heroes from Citizens\' Climate Lobby. We\'re creating the political will for a livable world.

    CCR 62 Hispanic Republicans with Geraldo Cadava

    CCR 62 Hispanic Republicans with Geraldo Cadava

    Geraldo Cadava is the author of The Hispanic Republican: The Shaping of An American Political Identity, from Nixon to Trump published by Ecco. He chatted with Citizens Climate Radio about the long history of Hispanics and the Republican party. He reveals what is often misunderstood about the political diversity of Latinos in America. The most asked question he gets is why any Latino voted for Donald Trump. He talks about this and a lot more. He also considers the question about Hispanic Republicans and climate change.

    Geraldo Cadava is a professor of History and Latina and Latino Studies at Northwestern University. He received a Ph.D. in History from Yale University in 2008, and he received a B.A., also in History, from Dartmouth College in 2000. His areas of expertise are Latino History, the United States-Mexico Borderlands, Latin American immigration to the United States, and American politics. 

    The Art House

    Over 10 years ago Elli Sparks was struggling to make sense of climate change. She said “…that summer in Virginia  was insanely hot. I remember being in the community pool and when I popped my head out of the water, the water evaporated so quickly I felt downright cold!  I also remember walking with coworkers to the cafeteria and thinking, ‘Why in the world are none of these people alarmed about climate change??!!’”

    She was really struggling, so she wrote a story for herself. Tell Me A Story is a conversation between a parent and a child, a story within a story. Elli, who is now Citizens Climate Lobby’s Director of Field Development, has shared the story with friends, fellow climate advocates, and at public gatherings. She gave Citizens Climate Radio permission to turn the story into a short radio play. Tell Me a Story is performed by Zeke and Anna Loomis-Weber. 

    Anna Weber-Loomis (she/her) just finished her first year at Sterling College in Vermont. She is studying outdoor education and sustainable agriculture. Zeke Weber-Loomis (she/her) just finished her first year of high school. She spends her free time drawing, playing ukulele, and running cross-country and track.

    You can hear standalone versions of The Art House at Artists and Climate Change

    Good News Report

    Hunter Thomas, a Latino and a Conservative Outreach Fellow for Citizens Climate Radio shares good news about productive meetings he is having with CCL’s Latino Action Team. He is excited about reaching out to Latino Conservatives, especially in promoting carbon fee and divided as a bold and effective solution that appeals to the Right and Left.

    If you have good news to share, email us radio @ citizensclimate.org

    Dig Deeper     

    Politico: Trump Didn’t Win the Latino Vote in Texas. He Won the Tejano Vote.

    Environmental Defense Fund Fact Sheet (pdf): Latinos and Climate Change 

    Psychiatric Times: The Effects of Climate Change on Hispanic and Latinx Communities

    We always welcome your thoughts, questions, suggestions, and recommendations for the show. Leave a voice mail at 518.595.9414. (+1 if calling from outside the USA.) You can email your answers to radio @ citizensclimate.org  

    You can hear Citizens’ Climate Radio on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher Radio, SoundCloud, Podbean, Northern Spirit Radio, Google Play, PlayerFM, and TuneIn Radio. Also, feel free to connect with other listeners, suggest program ideas, and respond to programs in the Citizens’ Climate Radio Facebook group or on Twitter at @CitizensCRadio.


    • 29 Min.
    CCL Training: En-ROADS Update & Hosting Climate Simulations

    CCL Training: En-ROADS Update & Hosting Climate Simulations

    Join CCL Education & Engagement Director Brett Cease and CCL Michigan Liaisons Coordinator Lisa DelBuono, MD, for a training that will review the background, details, and how to host a simulation event with Climate Interactive's climate policy simulator, En-ROADS, built with MIT Sloan. Lisa demonstrates two sample presentations using the tool to help groups explore the power of a steadily rising price on carbon through policies like the Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act as well as other strategies to address climate change to highlight complementary climate goals including the impact of changes in energy, land use, consumption, agriculture, and other policies.

    Skip ahead to the following section(s):
    (0:00) Intro & Agenda
    (2:25) En-ROADS Background
    (8:01) How To Use The Simulator
    (13:26) Example Carbon Pricing En-Roads Simulation For Progressive-Leaning Audience (stand alone version: https://youtu.be/awyp495Ran4)
    (28:25) Example Carbon Pricing En-Roads Simulation For Conservative-Leaning Audience (stand alone version: https://youtu.be/162gInMuJws)
    (40:06) Next Steps In Your Outreach
    (44:22) En-ROADS Training Updates!

    Presentation Slides: https://cclusa.org/enroads-update
    En-ROADS Simulator: http://en-roads.org
    En-ROADS Training: https://learn.climateinteractive.org/
    What's working for you? Share on CCL Community’s Forums: https://community.citizensclimate.org/forums

    • 48 Min.
    Take Action on a Price on Carbon in the Senate

    Take Action on a Price on Carbon in the Senate

    Join CCL Executive Director Mark Reynolds, President Madeleine Para and Vice President of Government Affairs Danny Richter for a special CCL webinar for all-leaders because now is the time for a big push on the Senate.

    Review the Senate legislative landscape as context for this campaign, understand how CCL will amplify our asks to both Democrat and Republican Senate office, and take action to help ensure a price on carbon is included in the reconciliation package.

    Skip ahead to the following section(s):
    (0:00) Intro & Agenda
    (1:28) Opening Remarks
    (2:27) Legislative Landscape
    (9:29) Campaign Actions To Take
    (14:26) Role Play Example
    (19:19) Q&A Discussion

    Take Action on A Price on Carbon in the Senate: https://cclusa.org/senate
    CCL Crunch Time For Climate Policy: https://citizensclimatelobby.org/climate-policy-in-budget-reconciliation/
    Presentation Slides: https://cclusa.org/price-carbon-senate-slides 
    Questions? Ask on CCL Community’s Forums: https://community.citizensclimate.org/forums 

    #climatechange #climate #reconciliation #priceoncarbon #carbontax

    • 28 Min.
    CCL Training: Engaging With CCL Community

    CCL Training: Engaging With CCL Community

    Newer to CCL and excited to make a difference? Be sure to join us for the beginning of our next cycle of Core Volunteer Training, a series specifically created to support you in becoming more active with CCL and answering any questions you might have across a wide range of topics. This initial training focuses on helping participants navigate our websites and opportunities for harnessing the talents, experience and interests you bring to CCL with Tamara Staton, Greater Pacific Northwest Regional Coordinator and Education & Resilience Coordinator.

    Skip ahead to the following section(s):
    (0:00) Intro & Agenda 
    (3:26) Reviewing Our Websites
    (8:30) CCL Community Walk-through
    (8:59) Logging In
    (10:00) Your Dashboard & Homepage
    (12:33) How to Get Help 
    (14:28) Glossary & Terms
    (16:15) New Volunteer Page
    (16:55) Setting Up Your Profile 
    (18:41) Connecting with your local CCL Chapter
    (21:41) Action Teams
    (26:08) Community Forums
    (28:25) Exploring Resources and Training

    Presentation Slides: http://cclusa.org/engaging-with-ccl-community 
    CCL Community Training Page: https://community.citizensclimate.org/topics/core-volunteer-training/engaging-with-ccl-community 

    • 32 Min.
    CCL Training: COVID & Service Grassroots Outreach Updates

    CCL Training: COVID & Service Grassroots Outreach Updates

    Join CCL Program Director Don Addu for a training that will provide volunteers with important updates to how CCL is supporting chapters transitioning back to in-person outreach with the best available recommendations regarding COVID-19 as well as covering an update to how CCL is incorporating the important element of service within its third lever of political will.

    Skip ahead to the following section(s):
    (0:00) Intro & Agenda
    (1:42) COVID-19 Update
    (5:37) The Importance of Service
    (9:45) Service To Rotary Groups (Alan Anderson's Story)
    (14:48) Service To Community Groups (Princella Talley's Story)
    (20:37) Service To Coal Country (Jim Probst's Story)
    (28:08) Final Steps

    Presentation Slides: http://cclusa.org/grassroots-service

    CCL Community Event Page: https://community.citizensclimate.org/events/item/24/7349

    • 30 Min.
    Allie Kelly | Citizens' Climate Lobby | July 2021 Monthly Meeting

    Allie Kelly | Citizens' Climate Lobby | July 2021 Monthly Meeting

    One of the virtues of carbon pricing is that it will spur technological innovation. What kind of innovation? For a glimpse of that potential, we turn this month to Allie Kelly, Executive Director of The Ray, a nonprofit that is reimagining our roadways to be greener and safer. The Ray is working on a living highway test bed to develop ways to capture solar energy, charge electric vehicles and provide a drive-through tire safety station. Allie has over 15 years of experience working in public policy, including founding Georgia Watch in Atlanta, Georgia’s only consumer watchdog organization.

    Skip ahead to the following section(s):
    (0:00) Welcome
    (2:27) Allie's Presentation
    (21:45) Q&A Discussion
    (30:59) July Updates & Actions

    The Ray: https://www.TheRay.org

    Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/LinkedIn: @TheRayHighway

    Email: contactus@theray.org

    CCL's July Action Sheet: https://cclusa.org/actionsheet

    July Pre Call Video: https://vimeo.com/573156478

    Conservative Climate Caucus https://curtis.house.gov/conservative-climate-caucus/

    Americans for Action on Climate Fund website at https://afaocf.org 

    Carbon Pricing Ad: Let's Get Back to Work America: https://youtu.be/STSb8eo7lHA 

    Fareed Zakaria's GPS Segment: https://twitter.com/FareedZakaria/status/1406686510259314690 

    • 42 Min.

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