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the podcast where we're absolutely sure we don't know everything

Confidently Insecure Kelsey Darragh

    • Gesellschaft und Kultur
    • 4.9, 29 Bewertungen

the podcast where we're absolutely sure we don't know everything


4.9 von 5
29 Bewertungen

29 Bewertungen

imaselfie ,

Real, raw and unpretentious

Kelsey and her guests share their experiences without sugar coating anything and I love it! Highly informative, yet entertaining, she discusses topics that I have at the back of my mind but do not have the guts to talk about. You’re my spirit animal, Kelsey!!!

limariemi ,


I enjoy Kelsey‘s great humour and at times almost childlike curiosity and that she isn’t afraid to talk about what’s on her mind or ask questions about things she doesn’t understand. So many people are too afraid to ask basic questions in fear of not coming across intellectual enough and it’s a shame, because it makes the conversation so much more interesting (even though as a person from Germany, I’m a bit worried what people from the US learn or rather don’t learn in school..sorry Kelsey). The recent episode on sobriety was especially enjoyable.

Rakkelismus ,

Great and important content

I loved Adult Sh1t and I’m so glad Kelsey is back with her own podcast. I love the topics she chooses, it’s always interesting, important, funny and very educational.
However, one thing that drives me crazy is her always interrupting others while they’re sometimes still mid-sentence. I feel that she doesn’t give her guests enough room to finish their thought and contribute their own ideas into the conversation. I get that you need someone to present and lead the conversation and that she is doing that also. But I feel that she takes up too much room in the conversation from time to time and doesn’t leave enough for her guests.
Other than that: great podcast!

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