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A skincare psy-op. New episodes every week.

Get in touch: dewydudes@gmail.com

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A skincare psy-op. New episodes every week.

Get in touch: dewydudes@gmail.com

    74. Hell's Itch

    74. Hell's Itch

    The fellas digest a puzzling NFT week before answering some listener voicemails about hotel-soap breakouts, cleansers under $25 and the hype around Biologique Recherche. The hosts also chat about SPF failure, encountering Aesop's Queer Library, Thé Noir 29, hell’s itch, silk pillowcases, Agent Natuer, The Light Cream, carcinogenic cunnilingus, alienating your audience, "Pep" Guardiola Sala, and much, much more. 

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    73. Step Zero with Jolie

    73. Step Zero with Jolie

    The fellas record poolside with Jolie founders Ryan Babenzien and Arjan Singh to discuss America’s clean water problem and its effects on our skin, hair and wellbeing.

    But before diving deep into water, the gang unpacks the founders’ Aesop and Kevin Murphy-heavy top shelves, Tiger Balm and what they’ve been up to at Camp Jolie in Amagansett.

    Listen to Ryan and Arjan break down their beauty company’s skincare-inspired filtered showerhead, proactive versus reactive skin and haircare approaches, the challenges of creating a beauty brand while educating consumers, hard versus soft water, New York’s best-in-class water myths, oyster filtration, America’s overall water quality, Mountain Valley Spring Water, and much, much more.

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    72. Spurting Out La Mer feat. Celebrity Book Club with Steven & Lily

    72. Spurting Out La Mer feat. Celebrity Book Club with Steven & Lily

    The boys welcome comedians and podcasters Steven Phillips-Horst and Lily Marotta of Celebrity Book Club with Steven & Lily to step through their top shelves while reminiscing on teen acne and grading semen consistencies against those of skincare products. From revealing Arca’s skincare secrets to imagining Kamala Harris as a beauty brand, discussing dermal dick filler (once again) to soft launching a boyfriend, beefing with a goddamn TikTok teen to rounding out the episode with the greatest Dewy Rude segment of all time, this episode tests the limits of what a skincare podcast can be.

    Tickets to see Celebrity Book Club live are here:


    Follow Steven and Lily here:




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    71. SKKN in the Game

    71. SKKN in the Game

    The fellas are BACK. Topics this week: dating advice, Long Island MDW, glizzy guzzlin’, Monkeypox, Kim Kardashian’s skincare line SKKN, penile dermal filler, Emily Weiss’s stepping down at Glossier, the girlbossification shift, Chet hanks, Avatar 2, and much, much more.

    • 57 Min.
    70. Because I'm Goofy

    70. Because I'm Goofy

    The boys review Starface’s unreleased SPF and discuss intō wet’s Draper-ass product copy before diving into Pete Davidson’s Met-Gala spray tan, Jack Harlow’s alleged chin implant, The Liver King, testicle tanning, and the gd state of masculinity.

    • 51 Min.
    69. Talkin' 'Bout Practise with Gill Mils

    69. Talkin' 'Bout Practise with Gill Mils

    The fellas kick off a new way to podcast in their first-ever on-pod facial conversation with friend of the show and downtown esthetician Gill Mils (Gill Milberg) at Kristyn Smith’s Practise© studio. In this skincare-heavy ep, Gill drops some of her hottest esthetician takes, all while giving Emilio a god-tier facial. Listen to the boys get schooled on lactic acid peels, micro-needling, fine lines, seed oils, cow secretions, vitamin-A, Korean sunscreens, NUFACE, lymphatic drainage, budget face lifts, Bella Hadid, Gua Sha, algae, antioxidant treatments, botox, and much, much more. 

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4,2 von 5
5 Bewertungen

5 Bewertungen

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