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Adam Fleming and the BBC’s politics team bring you the essential guide to the 2019 UK general election.

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Adam Fleming and the BBC’s politics team bring you the essential guide to the 2019 UK general election.


4.8 von 5
65 Bewertungen

65 Bewertungen

Chr.Alex ,

Quality journalism at its best

What a wonderful podcast. Found it some days ago. Its not only highly informative but really fun to listen. The very best for all questions about and around Brexit.

Seb9306 ,

Highly addictive, entertainingly informative and a must-listen to podcastlovers

I’ve discovered Brexitcast when Brexit didn’t happen in March. I’ve since been listening back to all episodes in chronological order to make sense of what is happening.
Apart from getting first hand intel from Westminster and Brussels, it’s pure comedy gold mixed with a-list journalism.

Art4DK ,

Entertaining, informed - BUT, unfortunately, ever more one-sided

The increasingly annoying thing is the - probably unsurprising - tendency of the London-based journos to not really take in, seemingly, what the Brussels lot are saying. Example: Will the EU move on the backstop? Answer: No. In x variations. No. Reply: But, but, but U.K. politics!? Note: UK political pressures do not amount to pressure in 27 other Capitals, no matter how expensive no-deal is. I realize a lot of this podcast is just speculation, imagining possible scenarios, but while it does a lot of last-minute deal-brokering, the EU isn’t known for caving on fundamentals. So maybe don’t let too much #Brexiteer wishful thinking seep into your expectations... ? Moreover, the general inability of the BBC to grasp that “balance” doesn’t mean confronting someone who argues that 2+2=4 with someone who claims 2+2=22 unfortunately applies here, too. Hence their complete inability to call out the outrageous lies & bully behavior of the disgraced PM & his cabal. And no, there are NOT ppl on both sides doing that. So, only for ppl who think the banter is worth the blithe willingness to go along with anything.

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