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Podcast by Epiphysis

    Epicast Volume 3 - Justice for Sammy Edition (Kickradio.co.uk)

    Epicast Volume 3 - Justice for Sammy Edition (Kickradio.co.uk)

    Epicast Volume 3 is the next Epiphysis Dj Set played live On Air by Adam Schock at the Justice for Sammy Fundraiser event by Kickradio.co.uk


    Original KickRadio.co.uk event info:

    ***The Kick Radio family would like to extend our condolences to the family of Sammy Baker who was fatally wounded by several bullets, fired at him by Amsterdam police forces under dubious and highly questionable circumstances. We encourage you to visit and to share the (frequently updated) website https://www.justiceforsammy.com/?lang=en in order to learn anything about the case that ongoing legal proceedings allow to be publically disclosed;
    Sammys family has also set up a donation account that will exclusively cover legal fees and court costs (https://www.paypal.com/pools/c/8rP5QdMkrH );
    Since good legal representation is highly cost-intensive, the family is grateful for any monetary support!
    Please help us to raise awareness for this cause!
    Thank you very much for your time and empathy. Please continue reading below for event details, full line-up and timetable on the very bottom of the page***

    Some of you may have heard about it in the news at the time, a tragic day in august of 2020 when young German influencer and fitness coach Sammy Baker met an untimely death in Amsterdam on his birthday vacation, brought upon him by local authorities using what many consider to be excessive force (https://bit.ly/3aSKr7C ).
    Kick Radio has close ties to the case by virtue of veteran member Adam Schock being immediately and personally affected by the fateful events that unfolded last summer (https://bit.ly/3tTbhpa ), so we naturally would like to support Sammy Bakers family on their quest for justice for their son with the tools that we have on our hands:
    ° with two days of extra awesome music all across the range
    ° with an amazing lineup of Kick Radio Allstars
    ° with an extra-busy chatroom (we rely on you!)
    and of course,
    ° with the underlying current of generating some traffic for https://www.justiceforsammy.com/?lang=en in order to raise further awareness for an incident of police brutality that resulted in an unnecessary loss of life.
    Please join us!

    • 1 Std. 7 Min.
    Epicast Volume 2

    Epicast Volume 2

    Epiphysis - Epicast Volume 2
    mixed by: Adam Schock(Epiphysis)

    • 58 Min.
    Epicast Volume 1

    Epicast Volume 1

    Epiphysis - Epicast Volume 1
    mixed by: Adam (Epiphysis)

    • 57 Min.


5,0 von 5
7 Bewertungen

7 Bewertungen

h a n n i ,


Sooo good ❤️

MeinFasan ,

Electronic music for body mind and soul


Adam Schock ,


Music for your Body, Mind & Soul ❤️

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