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Podcast by Hannah Marie Oliva

    How to Create A Brand That's Authentic to You with Sarah Salaverria

    How to Create A Brand That's Authentic to You with Sarah Salaverria

    Does your brand lack the strategy and consistency you need to grow your business?
    Then it’s time to go back to the basics! On this episode, we are joined by Sarah Salaverria, branding expert and founder of Digital Decorist. With over 10 years experience working for companies like BuzzFeed, Disney, and YMCA, she has narrowed in on exactly what design knowledge you need to create a brand unique to you. Whether you just started your business or need a brand revamp, she will show you how to create a brand that attracts the clients you want to work with!
    Tune in to learn all about
    * The value of effective branding (and why you can’t just skip past it)
    * How to build a solid brand identity
    * Creating strategy around your brand visuals
    * When it’s the right time to switch up your branding
    Learn more about Sarah on her website! https://digitaldecorist.com

    • 29 Min.
    How to Write Website Copy That Converts with Micah Lambert

    How to Write Website Copy That Converts with Micah Lambert

    Is your website copy missing that magic touch it needs to incite your audience to take action? On this episode, we are joined by Micah Lambert, a copywriting powerhouse who will help you transform your website copy in no time. With years of experience working with clients of diverse needs, she has mastered the formulas and strategies that will take your website to the next level and turn your prospective clients into loyal customers. She’ll teach you how to swap out the clever words for greater clarity and magnify your message to your ideal clients!
    Tune in to learn -
    *How to craft a website roadmap that boosts your conversion rate
    *How to present yourself as the best solution for prospective clients’ pain points
    *The difference between features and benefits (and which you want to emphasize)
    *Where SEO fits into copywriting

    • 40 Min.
    The Basics of Website SEO with Kathryn Kosmides

    The Basics of Website SEO with Kathryn Kosmides

    Does SEO feel like a necessity for your business but you don't know where to start? Let's fix that! On this episode of the podcast, we chat with Kathryn Kosmides, a long-time entrepreneur and activist who will help demystify SEO strategy while giving you tangible tips that you can apply to your website immediately. Tune in to learn all about -
    * Her secret recipe to ranking #1 on Google 👀
    * How to start using keyword strategy to optimize your content
    * The best way to format your writing so it ranks well
    * Other methods that will drive traffic to your website
    About Kathryn
    Kathryn is the founder and CEO of Garbo, a nonprofit tech company that provides an online background check designed to prevent gender-based crimes in the digital age. Not only is she an activist, she has also worked with dozens of startups to help launch and scale their marketing efforts. She's been published in Forbes, Huffington Post, as well as many others and has generated a repeatable yet highly personalized formula for success through the many blogs, landing pages, articles, case studies, and more that she's strategized and executed for her clients.
    Check out the Garbo website: www.garbo.io

    • 36 Min.
    Creating Alignment in Your Life and Business with Hannah Deindorfer

    Creating Alignment in Your Life and Business with Hannah Deindorfer

    Do you feel like you’ve lost the passion for your work and business?
    On this episode, we are joined by Hannah Deindorfer, a holistic business coach, who gets candid on why you may be out of alignment with your business and how to get back to doing what you love (without sacrificing your success). 
    Tune in to learn...
    The warning signs of not being in proper alignment with your business How to reframe your mindset around outsourcing  The importance of trying new things and failing to reach your own success About Hannah
    In 2018, Hannah decided to leave her corporate job with a dream to start her own business as a life coach. She felt the grind every day of her first year, coaching clients for next to nothing while in a constant state of overwhelm. Then something just clicked for her. Once she realized business doesn’t have to be all about the hustle and grind, her business began to soar. Since then, she has worked with over 100+ six- and seven-figure online coaches and has helped them all align the essential ingredients of their businesses in order to grow.

    • 33 Min.
    How to Pitch Yourself and Be Comfortable Being Seen with Sam Cartagena

    How to Pitch Yourself and Be Comfortable Being Seen with Sam Cartagena

    Do you wish you had a publicist to manage your brand but you aren't quite ready to invest in one?
    Well on this episode of the Female Founded Podcast, our guest Sam Cartagena, a PR expert with over ten years of experience, will teach you how to become your own publicist in the meantime. Not only has she worked with global brands on award-winning digital marketing campaigns before, she has also consulted countless startups and is passionate about helping entrepreneurs learn how to advocate for their work. 
    You'll leave this episode with a fantastic where-to-start strategy for do-it-yourself PR and insight into how you can build your self-trust and get comfortable with being seen. You won't want to miss out on this one - listen now!
    About Sam:
    Sam knows what it's like to suddenly be thrown off course in your life. When she was suddenly laid off, she didn't know what path to follow or what to do next - until she started listening to herself and her intuition. Now, she's created an amazing community of women focused on building their self-trust and learning how to be their own publicists by advocating for themselves. With 10 years of experience in PR, Sam delivers amazing insight to her clients and is passionate about the work she does to transform lives and emphasize the alignment between one's inner and outer worlds.
    Check out Sam on her website www.ambitionandmischief.com or on IG @sam.cartagenaa

    • 34 Min.
    Turning Your Big Idea Into Reality with Dani Sheriff

    Turning Your Big Idea Into Reality with Dani Sheriff

    Do you ever have an amazing business idea but get stuck wondering how you’re going to pull it off?
    In this episode, we are joined by Dani Sheriff, project planning expert, a self-love artist, and an essential part of the Female Founded Community. She channels her creativity and drive as she breaks down the steps to help turn your big dreams into reality. Although planning any project can be a daunting task, Dani takes us through the whole process: from the bare bones to the feedback to the bigger picture (and sometimes, back to the drawing board.) Ready to take the next intentional step towards your goals? Listen now!
    About Dani
    Dani is a writer, illustrator, YouTuber, and, of course, a skilled project manager. She passionately illustrates “real women,” in order to foster self love, and help women shift focus from their bodies to doing their greatest work. On her Youtube channel and blog, her goal is to create a community of self acceptance; encouraging women to place their energy where it really matters, open their minds, and learn new skills to reach their lifelong goals. 
    Find Dani here!
    @danisheriff on Instagram
    Dani on YouTube

    • 22 Min.

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