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A podcast on the history of Germans.

History of Germany Podcast Acast

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A podcast on the history of Germans.


4.6 von 5
15 Bewertungen

15 Bewertungen

Nomen Nominatur ,

A good point to start...

I had To downgrade my review 😢
The Line:
„But where is the narrative? The podcast is stuck somewhere in the high-middle-ages.“
doesn‘t only still hold truth, it even got worse. The narrative still is not continued. And if the podcast was over all bad, that wouldn‘t be a problem. You’d just stop listening to it. The problem is, that the podcast has good stuff!!! Therefore it hurts to see new episodes with no connection to the topic what so ever.

There is a new Podcast „Podcast on Germany by Jacob Collier out here on iTunes. Let‘s give it a try.

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